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Started by perrykt1, 2017 Sep 17, 18:08:48

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hey everypony if your wondering is there more elements coming and made up?,well here is your answer yes there is know new made up new elements than just the mane 6 i have all of them gonna be listed right in this comment right know!
writing :o
sun ruler :celestia:
moon ruler :luna:
love ruler <3 (cadance)
photo taker 8)
loyal chicken 0:)
true apple ono
fashion belle :s
ellowee mod :ellowee:
great powerful friend :/
yep nope all -.-
dr. of work (:
candy filly 8D
laughter :D
evil laughter ovO
sick laughter :x
funny loyalty :3 =P
mad kindness >:O
sleepy honesty :c
cry generosity D: DD:
blush magic X3
happy magic ^-^
cover magic :I
mad magic >:(
face magic :facehoof:
gasp laughter O:
muffin :P
cry kindness :'( :(
mad great powerful friend >:/
friendship powerful  :0 (ment for starlight but this has to do)
scream kindness >A<
shy kindness >.<
wink generosity ;)
upset honesty :l
bad honesty o_o
confused honesty :\
mad loyalty o.O
laugh loyalty lol
drop base  >:/ (ment for dj picture but this will do)
and thats it ^-^ thank you for me sharing and let me know what you ask me ok everypony?,thank you.

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