Can i somehow "travel" to equestria?

Started by francoglop1, 2015 Jun 09, 00:27:30

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This is something it's been going around my mind for a long time, and i need an answer.

Can i mentally travel to equestria?

Everyone knows you can't really just physically go to equestria and simply become a pony/zebra/bat pony/griffon/etc, so i was wondering if somehow i can at least "simulate" in a peaceful enviroment im in a happy non-violent world where i can happily fly as a pegasus in the skyes.
One thing that i have in mind is the use of an audiovisual element to dream in in the night, dunno if possible tho.
Anything helps.


There is a technique called lucid dreaming. Those who learn how to do it are able to exert control over the content of their dreams. I've heard of at least one person who used that to dream they were in a place like Equestria.
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You might be able to try meditation or even hypnotism, but I feel like lucid dreaming is probably the most effective way to go about it.

For Lucid dreaming it helps if you wake yourself up in the middle of the night (preferably while you're in the middle of REM sleep) and then writing down everything you remember dreaming about in a dream journal. (drinking water before you go to bed might wake you out of a sound sleep, or you could set an alarm)

Eventually your memories will become more vivid, and at some point you'll probably have full control of your dreams. Google can probably provide you with more info :)

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