Lullaby for a Princess (animation)

Started by Rikaria, 2015 May 31, 18:59:12

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One of my all-time favorite pony songs. This particular animation took three years to make (no, it's not mine).

If I'm not here, I'm most likely on Pokémon Shuffle's Miiverse community.


Try to sing along to this song without tearing up.. D:

Birds don't just fly they fall down and get up
Nobody learns without getting it wrong


That hit me in the feels... really hard.


If I'm not here, I'm most likely on Pokémon Shuffle's Miiverse community.

Icy Shield

The greatest mlp animations is aways has to do with our favorite royal sisters  :luna: and  :celestia:
Childrens of the Night, Fall of the Crystal Empire, Snowdrop (indirectly) and Lullaby for a Princess  :')

Let it snow!

Moon princess

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Oh wow, beautiful just beautiful. I could not help by cry ono when I got hit by those feels. Such a great reminder why I love this fandom, props and hoofs to the makers. /)  <3   Even made my roommate cry and hes not part of the fandom, not yet anyway x3

Aria BIaze

I love that animation!
Princess Celestia is my favorite princess from MLP and I think she deserves more kindness from the fandom.
It was really nice seeing a pastel colored princess animation. It was like a breath of fresh air because we're all so used to all these Luna animations.


 :D I love this song but it's so sad!
:c Poor luna, cele's a innocent monster  D:


Oh man, the feels! I can't get over how good that was!
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That was an amazing video! The song is spectacular too! ^-^

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