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Started by Griffon, 2015 Apr 28, 03:14:47

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Quote from: Guard120 on 2016 Mar 16, 10:19:35
I recently left mlp and the fandom because of Starlight Glimmer, but I still want to keep an eye on a few projects, like LoE for example. I won't be watching season 6, but if Glimmer isn't in the movie, I could be convinced to see it :)

I think you could enjoy S6 as long as you ignore NOT REDEEMED character.

But this choice is yours and yours alone.
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Quote from: LostSanity on 2016 Mar 16, 17:53:27
I think you could enjoy S6 as long as you ignore NOT REDEEMED character.

But this choice is yours and yours alone.

No, I am done. But thank you for the thought. :)


Quote from: Guard120 on 2016 Mar 17, 01:59:54
No, I am done. But thank you for the thought. :)

Very well. At least I tried...
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Yeah This Is Pretty Exciting Though..! I Mean Who Doesn't Like MLP In The Legends Of Equestria Community! [/font]
:P :o ovO


The movie is gonna have new characters too ^_^


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Quote from: Malphy on 2016 Jan 17, 03:43:30
Put all the bad OCs made by the community to make it perfect  ovO

Like the mass collection of mine I made up perhaps?  ovO

Quote from: Jet Streak on 2016 Jan 17, 16:07:33
To be honest, I'm an easily pleased brony so I pretty sure I'll love the movie even if it just seems like one double lenth episodes. ovO

I am as well, for the most part. I tend to like about 98% of the episodes that did come out. And I happen to like near 95% of the fan made stories that I personally read.

QuoteMy only worry is if they decide to make somepony act completely out of character just for the sake of the plot. (Example:Pinkie Pie growing an ego out of nowhere when Twilight offers her help in "Baby Cakes" :I.)

I tend not to question Pinkie's actions on the show too much. And it would not be the first time she got herself an ego over something. Like the time to flipped out over seeing her friends try to avoid her. How she would not leave Cranky the donkey alone despite his own insistent that she does. And the rather personal competition she had with Cheese Sandwich.

The one thing to consider when anyone may seem out of character, is to look for what may have triggered it. In this case, Pinky is just as old as the other girls (even if she dose not act it most of the times), and when something is challenging an inner struggle to identify one's self to others, it can flip a switch in some, none may have though was even there when it happens.

In the case of Pinkie, during that episode, she was trying to prove that she is grown up enough to handle taking care of the two foals on her own. She needed to prove it. And when Twilight challenged that notion, Pinkie snapped at the though that she still could be seen as incapable of handling the situation on her own.

Hell, the episode name alone 'Pinkie's Pride' tells that, yes, even Pinkie can have for herself some self pride. One that at times she may feel the needed to defend.

Look how exasperated she was getting when none would help her in getting what she knew was needed to lead away the para sprites. Though she was frustrated, she did not let it stop her in doing, even if on her own, what she knew was needed to be done.

I don't see so much Pinkie being out of of character when she got upset with Twilight, to Pinkie's mind, Twilight suggesting she could not handle responsibility on her own. I see it more as a chance to get to know a side of her not shown before. It to me does not fully make her out of character, but adds to what she can be like, when all the right buttons are pushed.

Take Fluttershy for example. She is shy and Kind to a fault. Though under the right conditions, she can be both brave and self sacrificing. She doesn't like to fight, but she fought Dash and got hurt doing so to help entertain the Crystal ponies. And she was willing to go off into the Everfree on her own to save a bunch of chickens. She even faced off against a monster of the Everfree to save the other three girls that followed her in. She did the same with a big Dragon when it was going to attack her other friends. And all of that from a pony who would normally hid in a corner shaking, when things get scary.

Though all Fluttershy has done, is very much a part of who she is, even if it may not seem like her at times.

QuoteMy mind exploded when I heard Derpy say "Muffins". Then you say that. I never even thought about that. Jeez, I'm was having enough trouble waiting as it was. Man, I wish it was 2017. D:

Yes! My mind did much the same when I saw how Derpy was during the 100th episode. I would love to see more of Derpy and the Doc together. When I saw them together as they where the 100th episode, and many of the other antics pulled off in the combined dream world Luna pulled all the ponies into, I thought was great! I would love to see some more moment like that in the movie.  :D

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Quote from: Princess Darcy on 2016 Mar 03, 17:46:59
As for this topic, the idea of an actual pony movie is awesome and I have been looking forward to it for some time.  I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

From what little I came across about it, it looks to me like it is going to be, and it's not going to be another EQG. If the roomers are correct, they are not only gong to show the first (not in a dream) male alicorn, but a not so talked about very powerful brother of the two royal sisters. One who controls the space beyond the Sun and Moon. It may tell that wile many think Luna control's the Moon and Stars, but it would seem her unseen brother controls the cosmos of stars beyond.

Don't quote me on any of that however. I don't really know. But it be quite cool to me if it was true.

I have a feeling that he may end up being like 'Time' was like the the Alice Through The Looking Glass movie. He may seem almost villain like in his unyielding to what others may think is important, but via what he controls, he may have a better insight into what is more important outside of the understanding of others. And not such a bad guy.

Quote from: FlashWing on 2016 Sep 27, 15:12:51
The movie is gonna have new characters too ^_^

So I have been told.  ^-^


I hope it'll be good considering that it'll be shown in Theaters and how long it's gonna be. It might be longer than a EQG Movie.
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It's also going to be in a new art style and its rumored that the ponies are going to transform again, everyone groaned at that one lol

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Wait I thought there was a season 7!
I hope ponies look more "real" in 2017. I don't really like their art style.

I bet there is going to be a main 7,  because they sometimes include Starlight into this. I hope they add more hairstyles to other ponies (except the main characters, Frosithya Derpy Hooves etc.)


Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2016 Mar 03, 07:15:09

From what I hear it's going to be similar to the pilot episode, but again, that's just hearsay.

Well, that actually might be interesting.

If they remade the pilot episode, and made it better (e.g. better animated, better characterized, etc.), that could make for a really good movie.

Maybe they could add a few plot points as well, to make it more interesting.
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I have to admit I want Sunset Shimmer to come back to Equestria for this, at least only for the movie.  I don't expect that to be the case, but that doesn't mean I don't want it badly.

Besides that, I haven't thought much about the movie.  I'm kinda just doing what I try to do with episodes and wait to see what happens.  I don't usually even look up the titles of an upcoming episode if I can help it, so following the same efforts I have utterly no clue what the movie is even about.  All I know is they're apparently using a new animation software, so I won't be surprised if art or animation style changes just a bit.


Wow, I just saw this post and now I want the time to pass quickly!

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I don't watch MLP a lot, anymore so, does anybody know when was out the last episode?

Today [29th of December 2016], we have only about two days for 2017, so don't worry - they are going to make the season and a new episode. I am upset, how am I going to learn to write 2017 and write s7 instead of s6, in MLP?

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Quote from: wingedpineapple on 2016 Mar 03, 12:34:30
Where were you when people were talking bad about EqG :v

Looong looooooooong time too late for me to reply but... I'm a rebel. B)
But yeah, I should stand up for EqG more.
I personally don't like anyone randomly insulting stuff, I just tend to be a bit more blind to EqG haters because I'm not as large of a fan of it as something like Star Wars, so naturally the insults for EqG fly right over my head.

So any news about the movie???
'Cause it's 2017 now, so it should be less than a year.


Seeing as how the toys look different (maybe even "better" at this point?) there may be a slight reboot, or even them taking it to a somewhat "next step"? I don't really mind whatever happens, as long as it's good and none of the main characters get booted.
I also want a reformed Chrysalis. :^)

Pastels and cute things...


I really hope I'll be able to watch it.

But my fandom is up in the air since the show is clearly expecting me like HORRID NOT REDEEMED characters.

So it's pretty much a waiting game as to if I'll watch the movie or not.


Quote from: Griffon on 2015 Apr 28, 03:14:47
Let's talk about the upcoming MLP movie that will be out in 2017.

Misty Fly

what are the chances that this movie will wrap up the show?


Quote from: Misty Fly on 2017 Mar 26, 05:01:57
what are the chances that this movie will wrap up the show?

slim-none, if anything, this will be the start of another spin-off.
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