Season 5 Finale

Started by Aria BIaze, 2015 Nov 28, 19:09:24

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Quote from: McClaw on 2015 Dec 13, 08:40:09
You forgot a sarcasm emote. :P :/ 0:)

No emote looks sarcastic enough tbh :v


I'm going to say one last thing about this and then I'll try to stop talking about this once and for all.

Dictatorship jerk Glimmer's reasoning for what she did is pretty freaking horrible.

Apparently this idiot hasn't heard the saying "at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Or even the good 'ol mantra of "Never Give Up."

You lost a friend because of a cutie mark? Uh... seriously? Go make another friend then you idiot. You're just going to flat out give up when you fail at something like that?

Seems to me like someone takes failure too quickly and starts making the wrong decisions. Liking thinking everyone would be happier by being equal/being under a dictatorship. Oh yeah. That's the way to handle this. Totally.  >:/

Something like this should have been common sense. So apparently this idiot doesn't have any common sense either since she should have figured that out on her own instead of having Twilight explain it to her.

Sorry. Everything about this character is just idiotic and wrong. End of story.

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heres some things i kinda wondering about:

  • How can we TRUST starlight if we haven't seen her Actually having Friendship?

  • Are you sure we are really ready to let Starlight back to the Village with THAT magic? she could send her People back in time!

Spoiler: show
I liked the Bit where it showed her Past and How she was like this.and the Nightmare moon bit i like her Castle and Stuff.I do NOT like the bit where the Whole world was a Wasteland and Starlight Doesn't care
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Quote from: Mogeko on 2015 Dec 30, 13:42:08

  • Are you sure we are really ready to let Starlight back to the Village with THAT magic? she could send her People back in time!

I'm sure she can't travel back in time without that spell.
You know, the spell the map destroyed. (I wonder if the map is sentient and it simply got tired of their timetravel shenanigans :v)


Quote from: M4R10 on 2015 Nov 28, 22:05:41
I can only hope for her to be part of the mane  >A<
...and not dumped to a franchise/ark like Sunset  :c

  I don't think it would make much sense to add Starlight to the Mane 6. What I think hope for is that she becomes much like Discord, more of a consultant than a mane character.
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what happens if they were just doing it for merchandise? Hasbro you are so Sneaky
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disr is bai far der baest one i havs seen today

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