CardCaptor Sakura's "Catch You, Catch Me" in 3D

Started by Rikaria, 2014 Apr 03, 14:38:43

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This is one of my most favorite animé of all time. Seeing this recreated made me fangirl SO much :3 (The last half of the video is just a comparison as well as all the stuff that was used, in case you're wondering.)
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Not only was this the first anime I ever watched, it's also my favourite anime of all time though surely due to nostalgic reasons alone.  I must admit it's rather impressive; Aside from a few stiff moments in the animation. 
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laffed so hard when i saw her dress ...i mean adorablw that dress fits her body  :s X3  0:)


That was the first anime I watched, it was on the kid channel when I ws six years old...
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