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Topics - Asriel

1. Which designs do you like the best for each character? Overall?

2. What are your feelings about Twilight as an earth pony?

3. What are your feelings about the other race changes?

4. Any other topics you want to discuss?
Or just some sort of system to like posts/replies.

There are plenty of situations where I agree with a topic or reply on that topic, but I don't have any further input on it. Showing support without clogging the thread with a reply is a feature that really would help.

This kind of thing is implemented in the main "MLP Forums" by letting users "brohoof" comments and posts.

While I don't know how easy or hard this kind of thing is to implement for the LoE forums, it would be a much appreciated feature.
As Generation 4 comes to a close, and the show starting to run out of the main friendship lessons seen in earlier seasons, what sorts of lessons would you have liked to see?

There have been quite a few surprisingly complex and mature lessons that MLP has taught, considering the target demographic. Now the show is coming to a close, and we don't know what the focus of Generation 5 is going to be. The Elements of Harmony might not even be a thing. This generation is called "Friendship is Magic," and we don't know if friendship is going to be as big in the new, rebooted show.

If you were a show writer, what episodes would you have liked to see? Please, no "I really wanted a Celestia episode" and things like that. Yes, I would have loved those things too. This is a focus on the life lesson/moral.

Though in your description, feel free to be detailed. Maybe you have a perfect lesson for a Celestia episode. That would be great.

Discussion on the role of life lessons in MLP are also okay/encouraged.
Forum suggestions / Reduce Bits Drop
2018 Apr 07, 11:11:11
Perhaps leave the Level 1 drops the same, but for the most part, the bits you get from combat should be seriously nerfed.

Even with most quests completed, it is way too easy to have each full set of armor, except bronze, way before you can even wear them. And a level 50 character has so many bits, they are practically worthless.

With the introduction of bit trading and banks, I find it relevant to voice my opinion on this matter finally. Before, it wasn't that big of an issue, since there were more pressing problems.

But when the bit reward of a quest, even when it is multiple hundreds of bits, makes you go "meh, I could get the same from a single enemy," you know it's unbalanced.

The nerf should be a 50-75% decrease, too. That's the only way that bits would start to matter to players anymore. They would have to work for things - all things, not just the armor.

And to make combat more fun, and give reasons for people to like grinding, I would suggest adding some more cosmetics that people like, only accessible through an uncommon or rare drop. Kinda like the Enchanted Ice Skates, except a bit less rare.

Speaking of rare, there should not be a difference in rarity between the Sunlight and Moonlight armor, unless you want to give one of them better stats or something. Either add them to the drops of the Pegasus Golems, or add a new mob specifically for the armor set. Dragons either don't spawn in a group, or the group they spawn in has a level 65 dragon that is practically unkillable without about 5 other ponies working together. And the armor doesn't even drop that much with them, either.

I guess my main point is, other than some weird things with the armor, while the combat system is really shaping up, the game is easy in areas that would make it boring. In the same ways cheat codes can make a game boring by giving you no challenges. Too much money is actually a more soul-crushing problem than too little.

And then we can make the grinding (the worst part of the combat right now) more fun by adding the chance of getting cool stuff not buyable with money.

Oh, and as an aside, the sell rate should be 50% at the least. Twenty percent is what games with microtransactions use to get you to buy more in-game currency or overpriced items, and I know you aren't about that.

Or maybe you did it to help the inflation problem, but it didn't do much other than make dropped items from early-game enemies worthless. Seriously, rubies sell for one bit each? Maybe two or three, once the rest of the inflation problem is fixed.
This is more of an eventual thing, but I think it would be great if a stealth mechanic was added to the combat of LoE.

Of course, I don't know the exact current mechanics of how or why a hostile mob notices the player, but having a way to either make it so mobs don't see you, or purposefully get their attention would be great.

Now, sneak criticals and things like that would be great, and are pretty common in games, but something less common, but just as useful is a mechanic for purposefully making noises to get a creature's attention.

With all the area buffs/debuffs currently in the skills list (like Regenerative Aura and Candy Shower), and the advantages of battling with a group of friends, a main problem comes with getting the attention of mobs to get them to come to you. Creating a stealth system that allows for both sides of the spectrum would be nice.

(I'm going to assume there might be a reason LoE has obscure creatures, but not certain ones from the show, like hydras and ursas. Though if those are a possibility, that would be great, too.)
The ultimate showdown!

Discussion is encouraged.

My personal favorite is Princess Cadence, at least personality-wise. They didn't really give her one until much later in Three's a Crowd, but that was probably because Hasbro probably wouldn't have let them at that point.

Oh, and if you don't already know about it, look up Shining Harmer. Princess Cadence seems to spend a lot of time disguised as a normal citizen.

As a Princess, I think I would pick Twilight. She doesn't have much experience yet, but she tends to think things through, and... she actually does stuff for Equestria.

(No hate towards Luna or Celestia. I actually like them a lot, especially in the comics or good fanfictions.)
With the advent of the holiday update, I noticed that you have quite the fun ice implementation going on there in the rivers.

While seasonal effects are pretty fun in general, it has come to my attention that the Crystal Kingdom is still in the Frozen North, even with in-game canon.

Also, in the quest "Crystal Inquisition," it is quite clear that the ice is getting close to the city limits itself.

Now that ice and snow textures definitely do exist, it would be great for the map to reflect the weather effects that are supposed to be there in game canon.

Of course, as always, I understand that other priorities may come first, but it would definitely help with immersion.