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Quote from: DeceptiveCadance on 2018 Apr 18, 06:14:24Also, putting Cogsworth as co-host for hide-and-seek!

Don't know how to feel about that. Honored, scared, itchy.
Unofficial, emergency backup, if no other pony is available: me.  :D
Quote from: DeceptiveCadance on 2018 Mar 04, 03:27:07I'm even worse. I forgot to attend the event and update the forum thread.

Well, while your here, update the forum.  X3
It is official, I am an idiot. Started panting Battletech minis, when I looked at the time it was 7:08. hopefully I will make next weeks, thou I may be late.
Quote from: Onyx Quill on 2017 Oct 13, 11:23:04Derpy deserves a stained glass window, at least. She was a BOSS!

I agree. How do we start a campaign for her? Would this work?

Is it weird that I want to see a conversation between Zecorea and Kettle Corn (haiku pony from Marks and Recreation).
Quote from: Optera on 2017 Oct 15, 02:18:05This needs a time slot for Europeans.
For example GMT 16:00 on Saturday.

Not to sound dismissive, but why not run one. Maybe on the Europonia server. That way ponies that can't make the 5 p.m. EST would get a chance.
lots of ponies and lots of fun today.

started in the Crystal Empire with the one hider and the seekers joining the hider when they found them.

later we moved to Ponydale, or to be more accurate Billow Pillow (hope I spelled that right) moved us, for a few rounds of regular pony hide and seek.

thanks to Optic Rainfall for helping run things
Don't forget everypony, this Saturday 5 p.m. EST, another hide and seek.
Never hurts to help... wait, wrong show, um uh. Your welcome. Yeah nailed it.
Also if you have a smart phone you can use the clock app. Mine has a world clock function, that lets me select different cities. Put in a city like New York and you can see the current time there and the difference to your time.
This was my first hide and seek, just never managed to make it during the weekend events. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one.
A: 9/10
S: 5/10. Because I know the history between him and Nikola Tesla.
PT: 8/10

How about that for an answer? Ok, I was game master for a Robotech RPG, after doing some work on a game I was in the mood to read some stories. So after some looking for Robotech fanfics I find one I enjoyed. Like many stories I like I checked out the author link for others. One of the author's stories was a Robotech / MLP crossover. I thought should be good for a laugh.

Well, no. The previous story I was familiar with the Robotech universe, and the author gave no back story for the ponies.

I had seen MLP advertised on Netflix so I figured why not watch the first show. Ok first is a two parter so I watch them and at the I am thinking "that was a lot less girly and a lot funnier then I thought it would be." So I watch the next " ticket master" when the ponies are chasing Twi around to the Benny Hill music I was laughing out loud and hooked.
Was hoping that it was something I was doing. I will try imgur tomorrow. Thanks.

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worked right off the bat with Ingur. Still don't know why none of the Photobucket links would  work.

thanks for the help.
Thanks for the help, but still no joy.
Resolved Issues / Profile pic won't work
2016 Aug 05, 07:43:44
Tried copying and pasting a number of links of the pic I want from photobucket, but none work.

Any ideas on what I am doing Wong?