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For some reason my screen shots is not working again. When I hit F12 I get the message in the chat box a pic has been added to the screen shots folded, but it is not there. At first I thought it was an update to my firewall, but I have gone through it and made sure the exemptions are all there, for the main file, the screen shot folder, and the LoE app file. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game, and have deleted the screen shot and app folders. I even tried turning my firewall off, but no change.

One interesting thing, when I deleted the app file, I lost my talent mark, my ponies flank had weird tan stripes on it. A function of the programming to super impose the mark over it I guess. It took three logins before the talent mark worked.

Could it be my internet? I had to switch to satellite and my ping went from 150 to 650. Would that affect screen shots?
Finally got around to seeing Best Gift Ever. I had to stop and rewind to make sure I saw what I did. At the very beginning there is a shot of Big Mac and Sugar Bell and in the back ground is Marble looking like she is upset.

One episode it was only hinted at that Marble and Big Mac might like each other.

Why put this in the show?
"I'am late, I'am late for a very important pony event."

How many times have you said that? Okay probably never, but it happens. So I found a interactive time zone map that may help event planers, and players figure out when they need to be on.

Just enter the time zone, date, and time, and it gives all the others. Then just copy the ULR and paste it in a link on you post.

For instance this would be what you get for the Hide & Seek November 10, 2018.

So no more trying to "Turn back time" because "Time after time" the time zone or daylight savings messed you up. Okay I will stop.

hope this helps.
Greetings and salutations my fellow creatures of Equstria. I have put forth a few ideas in phabricator to expand the inventory of craftable items of the Artisans, and thought we all could add some more here. So with no further ado, here we go.

Ever have to much stuff, stuffed in your saddle bags making them to heavy? You need something to help carry them. Introducing rocket assisted saddle bags.

Or when you are in to much of a hurry to peel your banana, try a steam powered banana peeler.

Or maybe you need a steam powered spoon.

And what about Shooo Be Doop? How long must this pony hold her breath? Obviously we need a steam powered mechanical gill.

Now don't think me mad, I realize that the boiler would have to be above water with the steam pumped down. Now I know what you are thinking, why not just pump air down? Well sure you could do that, but then what would you do with the steam?

(WARNING: This post made on 3 hours of sleep and should not be taken seriously.) ovO

(Unless you really want to) :D
Pony Off-Topic / TrotCon Columbus Ohio
2018 Jun 10, 06:38:55
The convention is July 20-22 this year. It looks like one of the smaller cons. I have never gone to it before, most i have gone to have been Star Trek cons. Is it good? Is it worth a Saturday ticket?
Some where my fire wall decided it was going to start blocking screen shots again. Of course I discovered this as I went to look at my pics of the Gala.

So if anyone has pics of me in my black coat and top hat I would appreciate them. Thanks.
Is it weird that I want to see a conversation between Zecorea and Kettle Corn (haiku pony from Marks and Recreation).
Resolved Issues / Profile pic won't work
2016 Aug 05, 07:43:44
Tried copying and pasting a number of links of the pic I want from photobucket, but none work.

Any ideas on what I am doing Wong?