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I discovered this game through your mobile app publication. I've only played a few minutes, but clearly a lot of work went into this achievement. Great work! I'm very excited.
Introductions / Re: Hello everypony!
2021 Aug 15, 01:52:00
Hi! I'm a professional computer engineer with five years under me. I first encountered MLP FIM in college in my Physics class with a good friend. Season 2 was just coming out. My friend has passed now, but through that time, the fandom has been an escape for me into an idealized world of fantasy.

I installed the app tonight, and it was such a breath of fresh evening virtual air. It's beautiful.
Introductions / Re: Noobie pony
2021 Aug 15, 01:41:23
Hi! Also new user on the mobile platform. I'm also very excited to see where this road takes me.
Introductions / Hello World!
2021 Aug 15, 01:35:59

I've been enticed here via the Android app release. I read the news on Equestria Daily. It seems rather quiet on the forums. I hope I'm not too late to the party!  :P