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I have to say, I haven't played LoE in a while (I've been here since the LAR), and the experience for new players looks a lot more polished....

But I have to say I think something is wrong here. LoE never really worked super great with Hi-DPI monitors, and I have to say, that was probably fixed, because this bug seems to be a problem no matter what resolution I put the game into... The action bar seems to be a rather tiny 20-or-so pixel high thing I can barely see in the bottom left corner.

Could someone direct me to the place to report bugs again? I forgot what the website was called, and the game is seriously unplayable in this state. (Never mind, found it.)

A real shame, as everything looks great, and there's plenty for me to play with. (Like finally having the Pacify functionality I've been waiting for since forever!  :D )
Derped eyes is something I would love, though I would understand not wanting to put it in, due to so many players wanting it, and how rare it is in the show (only Ditzy/Derpy/Muffins having it). And having it as a wearable item instead of just in character creation would be... a little offensive, like a pony wearing something as a parody of the condition rather than the character actually having a lazy eye.

I fully support adding things to character creation like hoof coloration and perhaps coat coloration, as long as it looks natural (and not like the old Pony Creator stuff). Freckles are something that definitely is along this vein, and is almost impossible to abuse.

Unfortunately, while common in fan art, colored primary feathers are not something that the show uses. If LoE completely overhauled their character creation system to include more realistic horse colorations, then more realistic BIRD colorations would be definitely a fun thing to have. As it is, though, I see it as something that would be hard to code while not having much basis in the fantasy world of MLP.

On the other hoof, while I would understand that new models would be required (not a small undertaking), making the character creator more complex like that would be a worthwhile endeavor.
Also, while they may never be playable, changelings are definitely confirmed in the LoE universe!

(I'm probably making this out to be a lot bigger than it really is.)
Definitely excited for the upcoming mining update, no matter how long it's going to take. (I noticed that bit of dialogue with Resonance.)

It'll make getting materials for crafting about 500 times easier.
Quote from: Cyan Spark on 2018 Aug 15, 05:35:01When you start drinking water 👀

Wait, there is a proper food system now? Where is this documented?
Ummmm.... why do cockatrices now have dragonfire? That CAN'T be intentional, right?
Are the skills with TP costs of 500 and 1020 intentional? I mean, the only way to get those skills is to level up 25 times without using any skill points, or even 51 times, which is literally impossible.

Of course, I understand that the 1020 costs are to make sure nopony gets the skills before they are actually implemented, but what about the 500 ones?

Just making sure everything is as it's supposed to be.

And some things, like Triage, are now 500, even though I'm pretty sure they worked before.
Not only is this a great way to have immersion, it's well beyond my expectations. Great job.

And there was some hints that makes me even more excited.

Customizable armor? Sign me up. And it seems there is a lot more varieties, even if color isn't one of the things that is customizable.

Or maybe the new even replaces the current version. I wonder what existing Sun and Moon armor translates to? And even if it remains as is, what crafting quality would it have?
This sounds great, and I'm glad things like this are being addressed.

The level cap always seemed kinda low to me from the beginning, and now I'm seeing why it might have felt that way.

Also, I've been waiting for more talent-related quests and things. Crafting seems like a great way of spending time as well, especially as combat grinding is more rewarding when looking for specific materials and items (rather than just "I need to get to level 50 to use the Sun and Moon armor")

It also looks like you've overhauled some combat elements that I wasn't really satisfied with (most importantly, targeting).

Anyway, this sounds like a great update. Though if I were to suggest something for the future, more quests and non-quest goals can be enhanced by alternate or "sneakier" ways to complete them. It helps those certain people whose personalities tend toward "hacking." Like me. (I would never hack in-game now, but that attitude helped me find bugs in the LAR.) Finding secrets, especially ones that are beneficial, is something a lot of gamers enjoy.

Though I already see some promising things in some of the quests, and based on what you are fixing, I have no doubt you know what you're doing.
1. If they can really animate something so detailed, I really like the second designs as a whole. Still, overall, the sixth designs I think are actually my favorite, oddly. I like how different they look, yet still capturing the personalities of the different ponies. And the lack of cutie marks is both intriguing and hopeful that they have plenty of new and original ideas for the series.

2. Twilight as an earth pony, when I first found out, seemed pretty odd and worrying. Taking something so integral to her character away seemed like a foolish thing to do. In some of the art, she still has the magic cutie mark, so we might even see Earth pony magic. Though I could be just fine with a technology-based nerd Twi. There are plenty of ways to have an Earth pony with a bookworm personality. It does kinda help that I have a soft spot for earth ponies in the first place.

It's a big change, but I think that is something that can happen. The reason MLP has been in a decline recently is more due to new writers' ideas conflicting with old ones. (At least that's how I've been seeing it) And we don't even know if the same writers are working on this one.

3. The other race changes (Fluttershy and Pinkie) seem just fine to me. Pinkie as a pegasus is no Surprise (sorry, I had to), and seeing Fluttershy as a unicorn doesn't really change her all that much, honestly. And it's better than changing her into an earth pony, since it keeps her bucking the stereotype of her tribe. (Like I'm hoping Twilight will do for Earth ponies.)

4. There's been some rumors about Applejack becoming more "urban." Well, apart from the fact that G5 is still in planning stages, and nothing is solid, and that none of her designs here really show that she's anything other than what she was before...

I don't think I'd mind that much... if they also changed the other characters. Perhaps everypony, including Applejack, had the same personalities, but grew up in different situations.

This is a new generation. We don't know the history of this new Equestria. We don't know how magic works here. We don't even know if there are going to be Princesses, at least not in the manner we have them now.
1. Which designs do you like the best for each character? Overall?

2. What are your feelings about Twilight as an earth pony?

3. What are your feelings about the other race changes?

4. Any other topics you want to discuss?
Or just some sort of system to like posts/replies.

There are plenty of situations where I agree with a topic or reply on that topic, but I don't have any further input on it. Showing support without clogging the thread with a reply is a feature that really would help.

This kind of thing is implemented in the main "MLP Forums" by letting users "brohoof" comments and posts.

While I don't know how easy or hard this kind of thing is to implement for the LoE forums, it would be a much appreciated feature.
Forum suggestions / Re: Hoodies
2018 Apr 09, 12:36:42
I agree with this cosmetic.

Once the development team feels that a new cosmetic is a good priority (there's a lot that still needs to be done) this should be high/top on the list.
For my contribution, an episode moral I really wanted done well was about honesty. Specifically, how it can be incredibly inconvenient, and look like a bad idea.

In the end, though, being honest might hurt feelings or put you in awkward situations, but in the end, it holds a friendship together.

Applejack's key episode, the one with the Flim Flam tonic stuff, had the moral of "being honest when it isn't convenient, but I don't really think it was that much of a success. It seemed that the only reason she eventually decided to tell the truth was that her grandmother's life was literally in danger.

And cartoons in general, including MLP, use awkward lying all the time to get out of situations. It's a writing trope. Applejack did it herself in Party of One.

And think what would have happened if Applejack just told Pinkie "I'm sorry, I can't tell you." or "It's a secret." Just plain and simple. That would have defused the entire situation, since Pinkie has respect for that kind of thing.

Sure, in most episodes, it's used for plot points or for comedy, but of all the lessons on friendship, honesty when it is difficult isn't really taught explicitly. And as a main Element of Harmony, that's really underrepresented.

Just think of the "test" in the first episode. Applejack had no reason to lie that Twilight would be safe. And if she had explained herself with a few more words, Twilight wouldn't have panicked. If that "test" showed anything, it was just that Applejack trusted her friends enough to catch the unicorn.

(As much as it sounds, I'm not a particularly huge Applejack fan. I just value honesty quite a lot, and I know how misunderstood it can be, even among well-meaning and good people.)

For an episode plot, I'm thinking of something along the lines of "The One Where Pinkie Knows," except instead of just trying to hold in the great news, the struggle is with other ponies asking questions that are pretty innocent, but answering them would mean spoiling the secret.

In response to these questions, the character (not sure who - probably Applejack for the biggest impact) tells little white lies - ones that seem harmless but keep the secret hidden. But also ones that other ponies might see. Applejack then has to go through efforts to make them seem true to whatever pony/ponies she's keeping the secret from.

Near the end, she would be rushing all over the place, exhausted, as she tries to make sure all the different things she says on a whim both seem true to ponies, and work with each other. (Maybe elaborate means to keep ponies apart who she told different stories to or something.)

And right as she thinks she can't handle the stress anymore, she sees Big Mac (who is also in on it) say in about five words something that just makes ponies leave him alone.

Finally, whatever event/gift/etc. is revealed, the relevant ponies are sufficiently surprised and delighted, they shake their heads at the lengths she went to keeping that secret, and Applejack reflects on how easy things would have been if she had been brave enough to say "I can't talk about it."

(Let me know any criticism you have on the plot.)
As Generation 4 comes to a close, and the show starting to run out of the main friendship lessons seen in earlier seasons, what sorts of lessons would you have liked to see?

There have been quite a few surprisingly complex and mature lessons that MLP has taught, considering the target demographic. Now the show is coming to a close, and we don't know what the focus of Generation 5 is going to be. The Elements of Harmony might not even be a thing. This generation is called "Friendship is Magic," and we don't know if friendship is going to be as big in the new, rebooted show.

If you were a show writer, what episodes would you have liked to see? Please, no "I really wanted a Celestia episode" and things like that. Yes, I would have loved those things too. This is a focus on the life lesson/moral.

Though in your description, feel free to be detailed. Maybe you have a perfect lesson for a Celestia episode. That would be great.

Discussion on the role of life lessons in MLP are also okay/encouraged.
Forum suggestions / Reduce Bits Drop
2018 Apr 07, 11:11:11
Perhaps leave the Level 1 drops the same, but for the most part, the bits you get from combat should be seriously nerfed.

Even with most quests completed, it is way too easy to have each full set of armor, except bronze, way before you can even wear them. And a level 50 character has so many bits, they are practically worthless.

With the introduction of bit trading and banks, I find it relevant to voice my opinion on this matter finally. Before, it wasn't that big of an issue, since there were more pressing problems.

But when the bit reward of a quest, even when it is multiple hundreds of bits, makes you go "meh, I could get the same from a single enemy," you know it's unbalanced.

The nerf should be a 50-75% decrease, too. That's the only way that bits would start to matter to players anymore. They would have to work for things - all things, not just the armor.

And to make combat more fun, and give reasons for people to like grinding, I would suggest adding some more cosmetics that people like, only accessible through an uncommon or rare drop. Kinda like the Enchanted Ice Skates, except a bit less rare.

Speaking of rare, there should not be a difference in rarity between the Sunlight and Moonlight armor, unless you want to give one of them better stats or something. Either add them to the drops of the Pegasus Golems, or add a new mob specifically for the armor set. Dragons either don't spawn in a group, or the group they spawn in has a level 65 dragon that is practically unkillable without about 5 other ponies working together. And the armor doesn't even drop that much with them, either.

I guess my main point is, other than some weird things with the armor, while the combat system is really shaping up, the game is easy in areas that would make it boring. In the same ways cheat codes can make a game boring by giving you no challenges. Too much money is actually a more soul-crushing problem than too little.

And then we can make the grinding (the worst part of the combat right now) more fun by adding the chance of getting cool stuff not buyable with money.

Oh, and as an aside, the sell rate should be 50% at the least. Twenty percent is what games with microtransactions use to get you to buy more in-game currency or overpriced items, and I know you aren't about that.

Or maybe you did it to help the inflation problem, but it didn't do much other than make dropped items from early-game enemies worthless. Seriously, rubies sell for one bit each? Maybe two or three, once the rest of the inflation problem is fixed.
I can tell you're a Fallout Equestria fan. At least I think that's what it's depicting.


A:9.5/10 Very nice. 10/10 if you made it yourself.

S:7/10 Not my style, but pretty good with the general Fallout theme.

PT:4/10 I think context is needed for this kind of thing. Only because there are a lot of things that could be a factor that makes you say it's "one of those days." It requires explanation afterwards instead of standing for itself.
Quote from: Ferro_the_King on 2018 Mar 07, 21:15:04I wish I was born in English speaking country...

Granted, you have now been born in Sierra Leone.

I wish I lived in Equestria, born as Derpy (Ditzy Doo).
Thread Games / Re: Word Association Game
2018 Apr 03, 15:12:44
Laser Pistol
Hmm... it depends on the psychology and instincts of ponies.

For this scenario, I'm just going to suppose that the only difference between humans and these theoretical ponies is shape and magical abilities.

I am also going to assume that ponies can manipulate objects with their hooves, but maybe not as precise as hands.

Third, I am going to assume our current universe model - no geocentric solar system like in the show.

The last assumption I am going to make is that all three races of ponies start out living together. If they started separate, we'd get into Hearth's Warming territory.

Starting from the beginning of history, civilizations would be started a lot quicker. Surplus of food would have happened a lot sooner, due to the Earth Ponies, and things like droughts would not wipe out cities/civilizations, due to the pegasi. Unicorns would have provided sufficient defense, as well as artistic fine manipulation - useful enough for war not to be shunned by the others.

This relative ease of living would stagnate innovation, though. Some innovation would occur, though. Unicorns would discover healing spells, and perhaps Earth ponies would instinctively know which plants would help cure disease.

The first real problems would probably come with pegasi and unicorns. Both of the races have significant military capabilities, and since the Earth ponies would have control over the food, they would be mostly in charge of any government. I expect servile roles to come into place, as well as several bloody rebellions.

This will cause a split, and mistrust between all three races (Despite working together with each other to overthrow the earth ponies, the seed of mistrust against anything different than them will have already been placed.)

This split (perhaps not all countries, or even half, but significant enough) will cause those separated tribes to innovate in order to survive or keep their current standard of living. Each tribe will find alternate, nonmagical ways of doing the other races' jobs. Not as good as the original perhaps (several droughts/plagues kill thousands), but hardship cause the innovation that was so stagnant.

Eventually, as science, philosophy, and magic progress, the different countries exchange ideas, leading to more unified and advanced countries, but with continued tensions between the different races.

No one unified nation exists, and many countries of isolationists still exist, but the world is generally at peace... for now.

....Well that was fun.