Add a prompt telling you to verify your email--and how do I verify my email?

Started by Cyanthrope, 2022 Apr 23, 09:33:10

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I've run up against the game hanging on "logging in", looked for a solution here to find that it needs you to verify your forum account. I assume this works like in literally every other forum on the internet where you click a link in an email that redirects you to the forums, but it would be a lot more user friendly (especially for younger users who may not fully understand how technology works) if the game itself instructed you to do so instead of just logging in forever.

Also, I haven't gotten any such email, and I've checked spam and all that jazz. Forgive me if I'm just blind but I haven't found an option to resend verification email, if one was sent at all? How can I get a fresh verification email?

Cyan Spark

If the login screen is stuck on "logging in", it means that the server could not find your account username. Were you attempting to log in with your email address?

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