Make unicorns levitate things.

Started by GoldHorn, 2021 Dec 17, 10:29:04

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I would love for unicorns to have a new ability, which would be to levitate objects. It could be implemented in many ways and here I will leave some examples:
-When they hold something with their mouth like a torch, a water bucket, a lantern, etc... it levitates instead of being in their mouth.
-Make missions where they can temporarily levitate objects, like how pegasi have a massion where they can move a cloud.
-Make them able to levitate other ponies temporarily or that you have to enter a code to do so, like how pegasi do for carry a pony over, and fly with him/her.
-simply put objects on the map that only unicorns can levitate.
-As a fight skill, were they can levitate a monster temporarily (and only when its close to our level) in order to escape or something like that.
And many other ways, :D !!!!besides that when creating a pony, if you choose a unicorn, that you get the option to choose the color of your magic, and so when you levitate something or someone, it will shine or have an aura of the color you chose!!!!!!! :D . I hope you like my idea, it would seriously make the experience even better!!!!!!  <3  <3  <3

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