The Hammers of Rockhoof (THOR) - LoE's 1st Artisan Herd!

Started by GoldenSky!, 2018 Aug 25, 19:13:02

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Welcome to The Hammers of Rockhoof (THOR)! Whether you're a Master Artisan, a non-Artisan seeking a quality armor set, or a fledgling apprentice, we hope that you'll find what you're looking for within our halls! (Our wiki page can be found here.)

These are the chief goals of our humble Herd:
1) Offer a centralized trading-house open to all players, both non-Artisans and Artisans alike.
2) Help players find and obtain the crafting materials they're looking for.
3) Help to properly train and level-up apprentice Artisans.
4) Field a trustworthy group of THOR-certified Artisans who promise to fill commissions and ask for nothing in return, except the necessary raw materials (if possible).

In August 2018, Legends of Equestria introduced a major update that introduced the Artisan Talent Mark. Although excitement was high, players soon realized that there was much to be learned about the Artisan way of life.

There are practical matters, such as where to find precious jewels and other rare elements. However, since this IS Equestria, Artisans also have a special gift for bringing ponies together through trade and filling commissions. Most importantly, we take our name from Rockhoof, the ancient Equestrian Pillar of Strength whose might in battle was matched only by his fierce devotion to helping his fellow creatures in need -- and this is what drives everything we do in THOR.

With all of this, we hope that we can help you enjoy Legends of Equestria even more! THOR certification is currently restricted to players with the Artisan Talent Mark, but ALL players are welcome to join our Discord server (click here for link) to take part in trading, treasure-hunting, and enjoying good company. We'll see you in the Great Hall!

FOUNDER: Silver Rush

MASTER ARTISANS (L40-50): Regal Thunder

EXPERT ARTISANS (L30-39): Dare Atrick, Mister J


FRIENDS OF ROCKHOOF: 14 additional ponies (and counting!)
Come visit the Waterfall Cave in Cantermore! We've got books!


To apply for THOR certification, you must first possess the Artisan Talent Mark (since Artisan products above Level 30 require this to be accessible to players).

If you have an Artisan Talent Mark, and you are sincerely willing to uphold the ideals of The Hammers of Rockhoof, then please list your Artisan character's IN-GAME name and your current Artisan level. Please also include a "selfie" screenshot of your Artisan character so folks know what you look like (and so you can get a sweet membership card)!

Once you have been approved, you will be added to the appropriate category in the member list: Certified (Level 0-29), Expert (L30+), or Master (L40+). Pick up your hammer and join us!
Come visit the Waterfall Cave in Cantermore! We've got books!


I don´t have the Artisan Talentmark but can level up Artisan, can i still craft a Harmoniuos Armor or is leveling worthless then?

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