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Introductions / Re: Can't log in
2023 Sep 01, 09:09:04
Hello! Remember to log in with your forum username and password, not email! If that doesn't work, try temporarily changing your password on the forum to something else and checking whether that works for logging in to the game.

Additionally, if you are playing via the direct download on Windows, ensure that you have extracted the .zip file before attempting to launch the game.
Video Games / Re: Steam deck
2023 Aug 27, 01:25:43
Hi Stormy, LoE is not officially supported on the Steam Deck, as our version of Unity does not support publishing to arm64 architecture on Linux.
Art / Re: ALL the art, ALL the horses
2023 Jun 12, 07:26:13
Introductions / Re: I need help.
2022 Jun 09, 10:56:05
Can you show a screenshot?
Are you logging in with your username? (not your email address)
You should be using your username instead of your email address to log in to the game.
If the login screen is stuck on "logging in", it means that the server could not find your account username. Were you attempting to log in with your email address?
Open your skills journal to the Partying page and drag the Pillow Barrage ability back to your hotbar to continue using it.
Introductions / Re: Greetings!
2021 Nov 18, 01:05:58
Use WASD on your keyboard for movement, not the arrow keys.
Introductions / Re: Hello World!
2021 Aug 15, 08:23:48
Hey there! Thanks for checking out the game. If the forum seems quiet, it's likely because most of the conversation tends to happen on the Legends of Equestria server on Discord these days.
Quote from: 6DPegasus on 2021 Jul 07, 15:14:12Is the team still looking for programmers?
If you're interested in applying but haven't sent an email yet, you should send one to [email protected]!
Use WASD as your movement keys. The arrow keys are reserved for the camera, for now.
Scroll up in the skills journal.
Re-download the current version of the game from the website and try again. This was a bug in the original release of 2020.03.01 that was patched a few hours in.
The link to the Discord server can be found on the right sidebar of the main website at

Alternatively, use this link
Right-click on the LoE application in your ~/Applications folder, then select "Get Info". Select the "Open in Low Resolution" option to disable Retina Display scaling.

Spoiler: image • show

What are the quests listed in your quest journal? Both active quests and completed quests.
It's not ready yet. The quest is still being written.
Hey there! I enjoyed watching your first impressions playthrough of Legends of Equestria on Twitch. If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask them in the official LoE Discord chat! It's a fair bit more active than the forums, and players sometimes organize activities there as well.
The game just updated; download version 2020.05.01 to fix it.