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Started by Onyx Quill, 2017 Aug 24, 13:44:17

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Onyx Quill

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 Name: Onyx Quill
 Type: Earth Pony
 Gender: Stallion
 Age: About 26
 Cutie Mark: A Quill and Inkwell

 From a young age, Onyx Quill was always fascinated by his grandfather's stories about fighting dragons in distant lands. His grandfather told stories of daring battles against long odds, and of fighting to protect his home. They provided a great way to pass the time on the small farm where Onyx lived.
 Little Onyx was always full of wanderlust and curiosity about the world. He often liked to run off from the farm and hop trains to distant towns and cities. This, of course, got him in big trouble with his parents. He also loved reading and, most of all, writing his own stories.
 At the age of 16, his family farm failed due to several bad harvests. They moved into a poor house in Hoofington. After a few months, Onyx left for Canterlot to find work there. After working a few odd jobs around Hearth's Warming, he saw a recruiting poster for the Equestrian Army. He enlisted, and was sent off to fight a war in a distant land.
 Onyx's experiences in that war left a deep impression on him. He saw friends die, and did things he regretted.
 When the war ended, Onyx came home. His parents were living in a small house in Hoofington now, and he lived with them for a few months until the urge to travel and tell stories came back.

 For several years, he has traveled Equestria as a wandering storyteller/writer. He keeps himself busy to avoid thinking about the war. He has slowly started to come to terms with his experiences, and may talk about what he went through in the war to close friends.

Onyx Quill

 When you first meet him, he comes across as friendly but shy. He's a bit of a jokester/prankster. As ponies get to know him better, they find out about his love of books, reading, and making new stories. Most of the time, he's happy.

Onyx Quill

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Onyx Quill

 This is what he looks like.

Onyx Quill

 Name: Selle de Femme
 Type: Earth Pony
 Age: About 17
 Cutie Mark: A Fleur de Lis.
 Talent: Art
 Appearance: Cream white coat, lavender mane.

 Young Selle de Femme hails from Prance (France). She's a recent immigrant to Manehattan, after losing most of her family and friends in the Great War between Prance and Germaney.

She comes across as shy, at first, due mostly to her discomfort with the Equestrian language. When speaking her native Prench, she's much less shy. Once you get to know her, she becomes incredibly honest about her feelings and opinions. Often abruptly so. She has a good sense of humor, and a generous spirit.

Onyx Quill

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Here's Selle

Onyx Quill

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(Can't get Selle's picture to show up))

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