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General News / Re: Legends of Equestria Updat...
Last post by Mane 6 - Today at 15:39:51
Quote from: Indra616 on 2017 Oct 05, 02:29:36wait 125 stamina? how do i increase it?
You cannot increase it you only get that boost if you are an earth pony.
I can join whenever on that day, so time isn't an issue for me, even if it starts like very early in the morning.
Quote from: RainbowPegasus on Today at 10:06:37Extra note: Could a tablet run it? I'm pretty sure it can't, but it might be able to.

Probably not, unless the Tablet-Laptop I use counts as one :P
Quote from: RainbowPegasus on Today at 10:01:41You can target yourself with triage!?! I thought you could only target others. I've wasted so much money on healing pots

Welp, at least you know now lol

Spoiler: show
I think the NPC who's selling those healing pots will be really sad now that he lost you as a customer lol
I'm curious, is there a reason why you want a reward? Just seems kind of random that players would get a reward just for playing before 2017.
Introductions / Re: WoOP DeE dOo
Last post by Night Striker - Today at 14:40:52
Welcome to the forums, Zefortuner! Funnily enough, I rejoined the fandom a little more than a month ago when LoE releases, so i guess once you're a brony, you can never escape the ponies lol Anyways, glad that you seem to be having fun in LoE so far, so I hope to see you in-game later! ^-^
General News / Re: Legends of Equestria Updat...
Last post by Golden Sky! - Today at 14:39:22
I've had mixed success with this...sometimes, I'm forced to replace it with another skill instead of leaving a blank spot. Give it a whirl.
while I was playing today I came up with the idea of trying something with the resolution
I lower the resolution of the screen hoping that the game would be more fluid, but I lower it so much that i cant press the buttons well so when I wanted to press to return everything to normal I accidentally press "accept" and now I stay like this, the worst of all is that I trying to fix it was put in full screen and now I don't even see the option "setting"
i try to install the game again  but it still gets the same resolution and I can't play anymore

Please i need help
Art / Re: Shuri Cane
Last post by Kyoshyu - Today at 13:55:11

Oh hey, another Shuri Cane art.  ^-^
Quote from: Onyx Quill on 2017 Oct 13, 11:23:04Derpy deserves a stained glass window, at least. She was a BOSS!

I agree. How do we start a campaign for her? Would this work?

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