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Introductions / Hey new to forum stuff
Last post by Redstar6 - Today at 20:23:30
 :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  lol
i love mlp and when i saw this site over 3 to 4 ,i guess, years ago i was interested to play it. when it finally open to public as beta i play for 3 days and i can say is really good game it just needs a lil bit more mechanics. possibly in the future i could volunteer to help out but right now i am studying and i just want to relax and play on my free time  :3  :3  :3 .

my favorite character on mlp is:

pinkie pie :D

(specially)rarity <3   ;)   <3

all types of changelings(reform and un-reform)

the specie of draconicus

Princess luna  :luna:

and nightmare rarity from the comics  <3
Original Characters / Re: My OCs
Last post by LunarDusk - Today at 19:00:31
Video Games / Re: What are you currently pla...
Last post by McClaw - Today at 16:35:22
The Blockheads had an update to version 1.7, with a lot of new and revised features.
So this might be kind of a long post.  Got a few announcements and a story.   ^-^

First of all is an OOC type thing.  I probably won't be on LoE a ton in the upcoming weeks.  I mean I'm going to plan to be on there as much as I can and I want to.  I'm just moving soon and will need to be packing and dealing with life more and more as the date approaches.   What can you do? ono

Second, an LoE announcement for kind of a last minute thing but I'm throwing a special party tonight in honor of my friend and fellow party pony Fluffy Cloud who has just been feeling down lately and needs a boost.  Just feel free to stop by SCC this evening (US time, sorry my overseas friends) and say hello.

And finally, I keep intending to share the story of Midnight Roulette, but it's kind of difficult for me since it was traumatic.  I did sort of almost die.  But my friends tell me that pony has been sighted in Equestria again and I want everypony to know the story so they can be prepared.

On February 14th following my Hearts N Hooves Day Party, I was suddenly transported by magic to a dark place, trapped, and alone.  A black coated unicorn with a mane of firey red and gold appeared and introduced herself to me as Midnight Roulette.  She told me I was a mistake.  That my existence was a threat to the stability and peace of Equestria and that she was going to make sure that I couldn't hurt anypony.  I didn't understand what she meant.  I only want ponies to be happy and to celebrate friendships with each other.  I could never hurt anypony.  But Midnight insisted that as long as I was alive and in Equestria there would be problems, ponies would be disconnected from the world, there would be times when the entire world blinked out of existence, and finally the world itself would cease to exist.  I was then and am still afraid that what she told me might be true.

But this Midnight pony liked to play games and she gave the other ponies of Equestria a chance to save my life.  She appeared in SCC and provided riddles leading to places where she would meet the ponies who played her game and she would answer a question each night so that they could learn why she was doing this.  For four days she played this game and if on the final day they managed to solve her last riddle she would provide my location to them.  What they didn't know is that she was merely stalling for time, hoping that my strength would run out before they finished the game.

A group of ponies stepped forward to fight against this wicked game: Watermelon Zest, Jet Black, Nightdust Glow, Starburst, Tide Pod Pony, Slash, Gloomy Feathers, and Marshmallow Cactus to name a few (and if you were there and I've forgotten you please please please remind me because I want to honor you too).  Midnight's riddles lead them to the Roof of the Crystal Castle, The Rainbow Factory, The Carousel Boutique, and finally to her lair among the Dark Rocks in the Heartlands.  Each of these places chosen for symbolism to what she was trying to warn the ponies about. 

They asked about her motives and she explained that I was a mistake she was trying to correct.  She pleaded with the ponies to see her perspective but in the end they would not listen and she attempted to have the naiads of the Heartlands destroy the ponies for her.  In the end, Slash threatened to end her life and only then she revealed that I had only minutes remaining where she had left me among the Poison Joak fields of the Evershade Forest.  Midnight was able to escape as the ponies scrambled to save me, promising she would return to finish her work.

And it seems now she has.  I have foals now that I am worried for and a growing family.  I don't know how to protect them all from this wicked pony who seems to think that I am somehow responsible for all of Equestria's problems.
Original Characters / Re: OC: Master Masher
Last post by Master Masher - Today at 10:00:35
I am not sure what options we have to do that because i am using a school laptop that has restrictions.I am the only student to use it which is a bright side to it. I am horrible at Role playing. I don't care if i am bad at role playing.
hay with it.


What's the difference between a horse and a pony?
Thread Games / Re: ask a question and and get...
Last post by SparkleChord - Today at 00:44:13
Quote from: GaryHappyPony on 2018 Jan 15, 04:40:58I guess you're a fan of tough guys who always say that word

How to make a cat sing?

like this:

best horse?
Original Characters / Re: My OC's (Major update)
Last post by Nightshade Star - Yesterday at 18:06:02
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2015 Jun 09, 06:16:30TBH, I made her before you joined here. Then again, I've seen other OCs called Azure, and they're fine with it. I didn't know anyone else had that name.
*changes my OC into a changeling that's the daughter of Chrysalis and hates Chrysalis*
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