Incoming Update, XP Changes, And More!

Started by Ellowee, 2018 Aug 02, 20:06:29

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Pretty excited to see a new overhaul! Haven't actively played in months but will definitely log on to see what's cooking. c:

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Oooo this is going to be interesting. :D
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Super excited about that Archaeological site in the background! I remember watching videos of it being modeled back before LOE permanently opened to the public.
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Quote from: Stardust Dragon on 2018 Aug 03, 19:28:18I'm just hopeful the flight talent marks for pegasi start working. I've been unwilling to play my pegasus because of that issue...


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Everything sounds great! Thank you for keeping working on this game.

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If I am reading that right, it looks like with the update armor level retirements will be adjusted also. Which I hope is the case. Took me forever to get my sum armor.
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What happened to the new animation for cyclone? Before the update it lasted about as long as candy shower lasts after you cast it. Now it disappears immediately. Us airshow ponies were going to use it in the next airshow. Plus candy shower's cooldown seems to be slower which affects some of the routines.

 Would it be possible to have a 2nd set of the abilities just for displays? They couldn't be used in combat because they wouldn't affect mobs. They just provide a visual display. And the cooldown is removed for them.

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Quote from: ronante1 on 2018 Aug 17, 17:57:21when is the the update coming out????????? X3  :nod:

It already came out, you just have to download the new version on their download page or update it via the launcher.

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So that's what happened. Ah well, I will miss being lv 50 but I just have to work to get back there. Oh well it's for the greater good. Worth it to get loe working evern better. Keep up the great work~


I like the rebalancing now i can train more and loot more :D
It´s true you really fast got to the max level, now i have more motivation to level me up :3


I am a player that enjoys the stories and landscapes far more than the combat and the grinding so this revamped exp system kind of annoys me. I only got to 21 with my limited time to play before and now I'm back to 10.  >A< And i've done most of the quests with my main character already so that XP is lost forever?

Oh well I'll keep checking for content that appeals to me and exploring what already exists. (good thing she is a pegasus and can fly away from danger)

Keep up the good work.
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I wonder what the intended maximum level will be once the digsite comes out? Then again, the only dungeon I've been in is Evershade, and even then, not for that long.


is the server down? I can't get on and play the game?



2018 Nov 06, 12:09:45 #35 Last Edit: 2018 Nov 06, 12:12:25 by Rubik01
Quote from: ronante1 on 2018 Nov 03, 22:37:41is the server down? I can't get on and play the game?


Apparently I'm not the only one having issues. I'm new, and tried to play it yesterday, and again today, but I can't seem to get in. I can log in, but when I pick a server (Amareicas or Europonia), I keep getting the error "Failed to connect. Failed to establish connection-no response from remote host." Help?


Great! Fantastic! Thank you very much!
I have neither the place for gold armour (my bag is too small) nor an ability to wear sunlight or moonlight armour because I was kicked from 50 lvl to 23 lvl!!!! This game now looks like a WORK! Seriously, it shall be faster to make own 3D models of characters and buildings than to win 10 000!!!!! battles with golems, which can give you tiny 400 XP!!!
You really like that, gamers???
Okay, I only want to take 30 lvl for wearing that silly sunlight armour. 
Developers, you REALLY think that it is interesting to spent lots of months only for having an opportunity to pass bramblewoods with 2-3 friends, never mind that nobody is interested in bramblewoods. I wished to pass bramblewoods but now I must think that it is more impossible than was earlier. T_T
Also I was interested in costumes and new locations, but I have a ti-i-i-i-iny place for new costumes and I did not see anything interesting except a 2 tiny new locations.
So now I have not reasons for continue playing more often than 30 minutes in a year.


Granted that I'm NOT happy with the nerfing of being level 50 and dropkicked back to level 23 (seriously spent a lot of time to get to that point), I can see why it was done, but it could've been handled better with a raised level cap instead. 23 isn't far off from 25, so instead of dividing by 2 and subtracting 2, the cap should've been raised instead.
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