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Started by Perry The Pony, 2012 Oct 29, 05:01:24

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Perry The Pony

2012 Oct 29, 05:01:24 Last Edit: 2014 Nov 13, 19:15:38 by Perry The Pony
Name: Perry The Pony


Education: Brunswick High School 2007, MCSA Program 2007, Associates Degree in Computer Network Systems 2009, Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Security 2012.

Fav Color: Blue

Current Projects: Legends of Equestria, Bronytoons, BronyChat.

Current Conventions:

Canterlot Gardens: Head of Registration, Security, Live Events, HR, Staff, Co-Con Chair, Co-Founder (2012-Present)

Ohayocon: Security (2006-2014)

Matsuricon: Head of Convention Operations (2013-present)
More info later if I feel up to it.

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