When did you stop wating FiM?

Started by DustingtonZDX, 2016 Jul 29, 15:18:04

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I still watch it, but not the same way I used to. Often I'll wait a while, then catch up.

Mostly because I'm curious, or so I'll get references in the fandom.

I mostly focus on the community, or really good fanfictions. (Not that there is a plethora of those, but the ones that are are excellent.)

The show is still enjoyable, even though I don't consider it "canon" anymore. Which sounds strange, but take it about as seriously as I do fanfiction, due to some of the changes that have happened. (Flurry Heart, mostly.) But it's still a good show, if not the most amazing thing in existence.
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I really thought about it after seeing Flurry Heart. I mean, I had a feeling Twilicorn was happening thanks to that tiara and the whole Celestia's apprentice thing. Cadence was a stretch, but we got a good villain out of it at least.

The real downfall started when Twilight got her butt kicked by Starlight. I mean, yes, we've seen alicorns bested before, but at least their opponents were more than ordinary unicorns who happen to also be cult leaders. They started to...devalue the status of alicorn. Like it didn't really mean or change anything, throughout that whole season. The finale was just the cherry on top.

Then this sh*tty little... wrench through a stained glass window happened, and a baby was born with the same status as someone who had to earn it over a lifetime. Like a bad Mary Sue OC or self insertion fanfic. It was the first time I was genuinely butthurt about something on the show. It killed everything for me. I want to continue watching it, but I've lost all faith in it having a good story.


I'm still watching! I'm waiting for the next season (or the movie).. whenever one of those come out. :^)

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Still no desire to see it, especially since it was confirmed that Glimmer would be in season 7. No real desire to see the movie either.


Eh it's not that i'm not watching it so much as it is i'm not following it. I more stooped caring about release dates and preview hype


I've watched up to the end of season seven, and regretted every one after season two.  It fell into a slippery slope to being absolutely abysmal from season three onward for me.

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I'm still going with watching, but I lost most of the preview hype around season 6 (though 5 would have probably been the same if I didn't end up watching the premiere at BabsCON that year).  I'm probably going to keep watching for now, but I really lost a lot of approval to hear Starlight Glimmer was going to be hanging around.  I admit, I'm biased against her/for Sunset Shimmer because I just like her more.  The two started with too many similarities to keep me from getting invested in Starlight when she showed up a second time, and while I don't despise her character, I just don't care to see her around.  I was really hoping she'd shuttle off back to her old town at the end of season 6, maybe show up once or twice, but if she's going to be involved in multiple episodes...

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Quote from: RedsBone on 2016 Dec 10, 14:45:31
I stopped watching somewhere in the first half of Season 8.


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I'm still watching the show, but I haven't had much time to lately.  I'm think I'm somewhere in the middle of season 7, but I'm definitely planning on catching up soon.  I still visit EQD almost every day though! ^-^


I stopped watching it after the season's 7 finale. Because there is nothing else to watch for the moment :D (Ok, I watch EQG shorts, but that is not FiM lol )
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I guess I never technically stopped watching, but...

I lost the motivation to actually keep up with episodes around the beginning of Season 5.

Yet I have not lost any interest in the fandom itself, more specifically Fimfiction. Even if I wasn't a writer myself, I would have plenty of pony content, and good pony content at that.

Sometimes I might marathon the episodes that looked kinda interesting. Especially premieres and finales. Those give me some nice material.

But I treat the show as basically another fanfiction. Good animation, and hit-and-miss storytelling with a version of the characters I love.

Yeah... while it was nice to have the characters develop in the show, the Mane 6 have developed into blandness. Their continued faults aren't shown, even just the minor ones that come with their individual personalities.

That's why some of the best fanfictions are either set just before or just after the end of Season 3, depending on subject matter. Characters still had... character.

And the show took itself more seriously. It took the characters seriously, it took the canon seriously... just look at The Crystalling. That had the opportunity to develop alicorn canon, yet... it just destroyed it's OWN canon. And it is only amusing for the "princess with thousands of years of experience" to be shocked if it didn't happen every single big event that happened.

Seriously. It was hilarious for Celestia to look on in blank shock when Discord stole the elements, since she had never cracked before. But it was just annoying for both of them to have no idea how Flurry Heart was a thing.

Yet that isn't to say the show no longer has value.

For the movie (no actual spoilers here), I loved the animation, but it made everypony look sluggish, and there were so many problems with the plot, the gag character (you know who I mean), merchandising, and jarring 3-D models, where I don't actually believe I watched it to completion.

There probably was something to do with the fact that I was hearing identical voices with very different ponies, at least visually.

Anyway, rant over.

TL;DR - I love this community, and I might watch the show occasionally, but those two statements are no longer connected with any sort of firmness. I hope that G5 happens soon, and that it lives up to the G4 ponies. I don't want this show run so far into the ground that no-one wants to pick it up again.
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When I stopped paying for Netflix... Just got it back up so I will most definitely resume watching the show. Many new episodes I have not seen and so far I am loving what I see.
Old time player of LOE, just have not been active on the forums... till now.

Glad to help in anyway possible and just trying to enjoy the game over all.
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I fell off between Seasons 4 and 5 when it started becoming really hard to find episodes online.
Now it seems to be extremely easy, so I've caught back up again.
I'm back

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I still watch it and hope to until the end.  :D
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I stopped watching mlp:fim when Twilight became an alicorn, which was the end of season 3 I think? And I didn't stop watching because she became an alicorn, it's more that I got busy in real life so I decided to stop following the show at that point to focus on the things I needed to get done for school, but the show is slowly coming back to me, granted I won't do a marathon to catch up, but I will watch a few episodes every now and again.

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I believe it was the long wait time between seasons that turned me away from it, I love the show but it was just insane.
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I've officially stopped as of Season 8.  Season 7 was starting to lose my interest aside from 1 or 2 good episodes, but season 7's finale was the dealbreaker.  I gave the first few episodes of the new season a try anyways, but the writing has just become so bad i can't bring myself to sit through an episode anymore.  I still love the older seasons, but I honestly can't say I like the latest season.
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