Anypony in Equestria

Started by Holly Dash, 2012 May 25, 08:03:45

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Holly Dash


Nala Valor

Any good looking stallion just to look at those gorgeous eyes of Rarity... ;) <3

Haned tom.

Umm... I don't really know.
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Chishio Kunrin

2012 May 25, 11:25:37 #4 Last Edit: 2012 May 25, 22:59:50 by Chishio Kunrin
Well, the answer to that is: a pony.
As for who I would be, I don't know. Derpy? :P

It really gets me that it says "What would you be?" Duh, I'd be a pony.

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Book Smarts

Just my oc unicorn since there aren't any particular male unicorn characters in the show that really match my personality :)

Teal Turken

[glow=blue,2,300]I would be Colgate![/glow]


I would be my OC Unicorn  :]

Night Pony

If I'm limited to cannon choices i want to be Luna...if not Twilight Sparkle.
If I'm not limited to cannon i want be Night Shine.

I want to thank all of the artist that have drawn my OCs.
Night Shine and Moon Violet


Pinkie Pie, duh.

Or Derpy, just for the lolz  :P

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