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Doesn't this Q character seem somewhat familiar?

Correct-O-mundo. For those who don't know. John delancie who does the voice for Discord played a character name Q on Star Trek the next generation. Q, like Discord is a omnipotent villain who enjoys spreading chaos and making the protagonists go on silly adventures.
(Captain even uses the word Discord in an episode)

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Already knew. Sorry. :P

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Somebody made a comic parody of this scene a while back, good to know Delancie was practicing to be a chaotic being way before becoming Discord  ^-^


The whole discord ,and startrek thing is already widly known its even a meme...


I am only one who hears Flim's voice instead of Discord's in this video?

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I took pictures of John de lancie posing at Bronycon.  x3
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I knew the idea for Discord came from Q  from  Star Trek  but never bother watch any clip from the show but now I see the resemblance.

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