Ponified MMO Expansion names.

Started by Navybr0wnie, 2017 Sep 21, 20:28:10

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>Not a suggestion board<

The title doesn't really do the subject full justice, But basically the idea is to essentially make horse puns out of game expansions(preferably MMO's), I Got the idea for a little fun when I was thinking of WOW related jokes for LOE. Bear in mind, this isn't a suggestion board, Though I wouldn't be against the idea;) of anything happening. In seriousness, just a fun little thing to see what others think, hopefully it picks up, I'm adding impromtu key update specific details, to kinda detail how I'd feel the Fakespansion would play out.

**Mists of Dimondia(or Dimonddoglandia since we can't use actual horses places)
Expansion key points:

Spoiler: show
>Diamond Dog playable race
>Opens up Dimondia(Dimonddoglandia) From the IDW Horse comic.
>Increases player levels from 50 to 60
>Adds several new skills to the current 3 races based off the additions of Diamond dogs, like "Gem sense" which allows you to find Gems or Resources easier.
>Adds Mining, for the true work horse.
>Adds Jewelry making, For the finer unicorns.
>Adds Several hours of questing including a questline that takes you through all of Dimondia, the ruling castle and deeper.

**Fury of the Changing Queen
Expansion Key points:

Spoiler: show
>Changling (Bughorse) Playable race
>Opens up the Bug horse hive and parts of the badlands for exploration.
>Player level increase from 60 to 70
>Adds several new skills to the original 3 races based off the changelings, and 1 set of skills to Diamond dogs, like "Chameleon" which allows A pony to sneak out of a fight easier, or Get into a fight faster.

I'd love to see how creative others could be!

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