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Started by Violet Flare, 2017 Jan 12, 22:58:08

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Violet Flare

i know i''l probably be stopped from the start by most bronies here but...  i would like to see a option in the files where you can add at least mild amounts of less child friendly combat animations, such as bruises and real damage being done to the enemy. i know this will take effort but most bronies might not want to see the only mlp MMO RPG be a full fledged kids game, most of us our in our 16-30 range. so here goes a shot in the dark trying to make this game have more options.

-Violet Flare

Sweet Brew

That'd be straying from the show.

And we're all here because we want a game of the show.
So frankly this would just detract from the feel.
Just because most are 16-30 doesn't make it okay to break the rules.

I'm really getting tired of the "Most of us are older so..." excuse.
Just because we're older doesn't mean we want this kind of stuff, personally I'm here because I don't want that stuff and the type of people it attracts.

So even as an option that can be togglable I would be against it.

Sky Clouds

 Most of us here are about 16-30 (15 is like 16?), I know. It does not mean that, since we are older, we don't want kids stuff! There are people OLDER than 30 and they still like this!

My cousin used to watch the old mlp generations and now, he is about 27 and he still watches it. It is not THAT girly for small kids. It makes you remember when you were a kid.

  There are many reasons to like this. Even and teenagers are not so bored of the forum and game. It is always fun to play MMORPG games, in any generation. Everybody will always play games.

   I have a game for children who are younger than me. I understood that there are not only children - there are also teenagers and even adults, I think!

I don't want to seem rude. I only want to explain you that this site is for everyone and everybody can play a MMORPG game, like LoE. I hope you understood what I wanted to say.


Other replies aside, it would take great deal of extra effort to try and add detailed wounds or other animations to show damage or knockback during combat for certain moves or attacks. After all, it's an MMORPG, so combat is not usually paid-as-much-attention-to as the environment or stories.
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I like the idea of having a scuff or a bruise, but I'm not sure if there should be a full animation or a super detailed damage system. If you're low on health, maybe have a small, cartoonish # mark as a 'bruise'? Or maybe a bandage. Simple, non-graphic stuff like that has been seen on the show (If I'm correct, it's been a while since I've watched it.) so I don't see why it wouldn't be inappropriate for this game.

If not for damage, my OC constantly scuffs and bruises herself. Maybe add it as an option in creating a character? Not sure how it would work out, though.
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