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Started by stoxeffie, 2017 Apr 14, 02:25:26

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I might be being too demanding here, but it seems like progress on the games development has stopped  DD:. Is there going to be another chance for players to actually play this sometime soon? I know they recently let in a couple people to test the servers and whatnot but is that going to happen again? Are we going to get any new updates on the game? I'm dying to play this and while the sock game is great, I'm hoping they didn't halt actual game development for it. Does anyone know anything? Is anyone dying to play this game like I am? ovO

Either way, I appreciate the time the team has taken to put this together, I'm just looking for updates on its progress as much as I can. I'm sad to admit I check this site weekly to make sure I'm not missing anything. I've waited years for this! :P I was so happy to see it making some headway

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It's close to being done, I suppose. If not, we still have these forums and roleplays. If you want to play something like this, look at the post Legends of SOCKqeustira. I haven't tried it, myself(cause I'm on mobile), but from what I've read, it's great!
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The game is close to being done, as stated above, and I'm fairly positive they're working hard on it, and I wouldn't be surprised if the testers were really enjoying it. I think the impression of no work being done on the game is just from the lack of blog or news about new features or what they're doing. For instance, AoE (the fallout equestria game thing) sometimes puts up news/blog posts of some features they're thinking about, working on, or planning for and sometimes just their thoughts on certain mechanics.

They don't post often either, though, so both could probably use a bit more news or update or something to keep interest peaked and remind everyone this isn't abandoned.

Patience, I suppose, is our best tool here. I played this game in the most recent mass-test and it was loads of fun. Even if the game was just released with that old build, I would put hours into it. And I hate almost every MMO I've played with a passion. This is like, one of two I actually like. Blame it on the flying horses, I say.
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"Done" is a relative term for digital games. How many as complex as LoE have you seen that were offered as "done" didn't have additional content or features introduced later?
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Quote from: McClaw on 2017 Apr 28, 12:03:26
"Done" is a relative term for digital games. How many as complex as LoE have you seen that were offered as "done" didn't have additional content or features introduced later?

Well, I don't think a game like LoE could be truly be 'done' (maybe years in the future, when development stops. If it ever does, I know games that are running on 12 years now.) but it can at least be 'developed enough to the point of release and play' at some point, and I think that's what people are referring to here.
"A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood."


It's been 5 years now since they opened these forums. I would hope they've made significant progress since then.


Well, I mean, as we've seen from previous Open Server Weekends the game is no longer as choppy as it used to be, and it has many new features!

As for, progress seeming to have stopped, just check the main website! Or our social media for that matter! We're always trying to show you that we are still alive, and kicking like mad mares!
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The game is being worked on for sure, but I'm not allowed to say any more than that!

I agree in that there ought to be more news/progress/posts that should be made. Don't wanna kill the hype train! I think that's a PR thing though.

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