When did you stop wating FiM?

Started by DustingtonZDX, 2016 Jul 29, 15:18:04

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When did you guys stop watching FiM?

I stopped watching after the 5th season.


I haven't stopped, yet. I probably won't, until one of three things happen: The show's no longer being written by Meghan McCarthy, M.A. Larson or any of the other key writers; the show ends first; it somehow writes out any of the Mane Six.
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I still watch it and probably will until the end, whenever that is. I don't usually go back and re-watch episodes any more though and probably have equal (maybe slightly more) interest in fanfiction and fandom stuff as I do in the show itself.
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I stopped watching midway through season 5, but mostly because I lost interest. I have nothing against the show, so I might catch up one day.
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I still watch, but no longer as excitied and enjoy the new seasons. So bassicaly I could stopped watching at the end of S3, but I'm too addictive to this show and want to know how will it ends. Rarely good episodes do pop out sometimes, but most of the time I would say "meh" or don't agree with directions that they taking in the story of the episodes.

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I stopped watching only because I couldn't anymore.
But if it were my choice I'd never stop watching unless they did something against my greater morals.


About mid-season 4.

It's not that it turned into a bad show, but I didn't like the direction things were going and the overall world that was built. Schizo tech everywhere, and the fact that I only like 2 out of the mane 6 characters didn't help any. That and I saw the pride and joy of my absolute favorite character turned into a failed state (from my perspective).
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Season 5 or so. I watched a handful of episodes on Netfilx from Seasons 5 and 6.  The fact I need to wait for them to be available on Netflix to watch certainly put a damper on my desire to watch, and I'm so impatient I look up spoilers online then don't bother actually watching the episodes when they are available. :sigh:
The episodes seem to be... lacking something? The Mane Six have grown up, for the most part, and aren't making character growth, as they've already grown, so now it's just spinning wheels. Or something.
I still do make a point to watch episodes with songs, and can't wait for various soundtracks to be released. :)
tl;dr mid season 5, but still a fan of the show.


I still watch, although my hype for it has dwindled.  One thing I have noticed though is that with myself is that S4 (I joined the fandom right after S3 finale before EQG came out) was it had my favorite Two Part (S4 finale) and S5 had some epic moments in it (100th episode and CMC cutie mark episode).  So I was so blown away but those episodes (and a few others) that nothing much surprises me anymore.  So unless something happens to rekindle that spark, I honestly don't know how much longer I'll keep watching.  I still may because of the world building though.

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I stopped watching after the Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks movie, which came after the 4th season. That was the last thing I really enjoyed about the franchise for awhile now.
The show just simply jaded me, or maybe it was because of the fact that I missed The Hub so much, or it could be that it's downgrading and it's not the same show that we all used to enjoy. I don't know!  DD:


Well, I'm technically still 'watching' it, but I'm far too slow. I'm in season 4 somewhere, I think, but can't be bothered to find time to watch. The creativity of the community is more interesting to me.

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Quote from: DarkSpectre on 2016 Nov 22, 15:37:15
Well, I'm technically still 'watching' it, but I'm far too slow. I'm in season 4 somewhere, I think, but can't be bothered to find time to watch. The creativity of the community is more interesting to me.

Same thing here how ever I do want to continue some time :p


I originally stopped watching after I saw the Season 5 Premiere, the character writing just felt so off and Glimmer was just stupidly done. After about 3 months I begrudgingly finished season 5 and the finale turned me off the show completely. I saw 3 episodes of season 6 and switched it off for good.



I am sure you wish to get comments from those that actually stopped watching the show, as your question asks. But, as for me and others here who posted it, I have not stopped watching it.  :P

I started watching it during season two, and still watch it for the same reasons I started to. I just found it funny is all, and still do.

I don't try to rationalize if a kids show is going to have an awesome over the top plot (as some readers of fan made stories near demand that fan made stories should be, all the time), episode after episode. And I know the show will change, and not be how it started out as. But I am one who looks to see how it will change, and neither hope, nor expect it is going to be as it was in the start.

I would say, Twilight turning into an alicorn was one such change that made a split among the fans, as to if the show is going to be good anymore. It looked to me like the show possibly lost a lot of fans then.  :s

So long as the show continues to be funny to me, I likely will not stop watching it, till it is eventually over.


Still watching the show  :] ... Though, it's getting harder to find episodes online.. Especially in 720p HD and up, still looking for videos of the movies that go above 360p. Trying to archive each episode's getting rough.  :c

The show's definitely different than seasons 1 and 2, though I don't think it's gotten worse, especially when they're still pretty clever with the writing  X3 The musical numbers have been really spot on lately! (Not to say they weren't before, but I think 'charming and sugary' became 'mindblowing and hype-inducing')

Though, I do kinda' feel like Pinkie Pie was a deeper character earlier on, and kind of lost that in favor of just being wacky (i.e. she would only prank a pony if she knew they could laugh about it too and refusing to prank Fluttershy back then, vs laughing at Dash's pranks, even those in poor taste), but that's just my opinion. ^^;; She's still my favorite pony~!
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Well, back in the day I actually stopped watching after the season 2 finale. I can't remember why. I think cuz mainly I was like one of the last of my friends who still watched it. But eventually, during late season 3 I got back into it and I've been watching it since.

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I stopped it in season 4.I rarely watched it. I didn't watch them every day an episode was coming out. Some of season1, season2, season3, season4, season5, season6... I can't say that I stopped it in season4! It is like I have never watched it x3


I can't watch MLP anymore. I mean, I still can, but the motivation's no longer in me any more.

I used to watch the show for its world building. You know, all the mythical creatures, the Windigoes, the Changelings, the dragons... Heck it was mostly because, in the first and second season, they barely went anywhere within Equestria, and all of these magical creatures and stuff would be just around them. Better yet, they made sense. And for some reason, every episode was a new part of their world that'd be shown, or a part of the world's past. Heck, that changeling invasion was almost sad, if you thought about it. Creatures that had to feed on love to surivive--or maybe not. Maybe they just had to because of their queen. And wait, they've got these huge crystal caverns underneath Canterlot? They've got a pink alicorn princess? This day aria? I mean, heck, even the song caused interest to swell up in me. "This day is going to be perfect..." a "day I've dreamed about since I was small." Chrysalis herself was interesting. Fudge, it wasn't even just that invasion, the first season was incredibly interesting. The first and second episode was set up like an action movie. All in all, I think the quality and care was just better in the first, the second, and the (half of) third season. It made me want to learn more about that fictional world, it's characters, and their past! After all, they'd already set up the idea that that world was ginormous!

But, after Twilight's alicornization, they just... Stopped, and that upset me greatly.

I dunno how the show is anymore, as I couldn't bear to watch the fourth season or the rest. But, if I heard the show's got interesting again somehow... I'll probably watch it again. But for now... I'll just be doing other things. From what I've read in this thread alone, I don't think I'm the only one who feels exactly how I feel about the show.

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I stopped watching somewhere in the first half of Season 8.

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