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Started by Oshawottlovestacos, 2015 Dec 07, 18:22:08

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Hey I know im supposed to put this in the Help section, but it has this new thing in it, so I ran out of options.

I want to add a picture to my signature. How do I do that? X3

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The first thing you do is go to modifying your forum profile, and locate the signature text field

What you do then is type out these two tags [img ]http://[/img ] (Without spaces)

Copy paste the link of the image you want to use between the tags
[img ][/img ] (Without any spaces) will show this in your signature

Spoiler: This is just to reduce the size, this image is huge • show

I added the spoiler tags because the image I used is too large, you will see the actual image in your signature

If an image you use is too large, like the one I just linked, it will automatically be resized

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I noticed your signature, you need to remove the spaces from the img tags
[/img] instead of [/img ]
[img] instead of [img ]

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yay, it works!


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