Is this a Brony-only sight?

Started by IsingMLP, 2016 Feb 01, 21:07:29

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Ok, this is something that has been bugging me for a long time. Everywhere I see "How did you become a Brony?" "As a fellow Brony" "Having been a Brony for such a long time" I see nothing relating to Pegasisters! Is this a stereotype that most of the forum members are female? Or is this actually a Brony alone sight? Because if it is, I will log out immediately and I bet several other members will as well. >:(


I sure would hope not, because I'm not even in the fandom anymore.

To answer your question, brony is commonly used as a general term for fans of MLP. There's a 1.5:1 split of male to female members.
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No, this is not a male-only website.  In fact, most of the other staff I know are actually female.  Brony is just a unisex term, since the word "Pegasister" had a very short-lived life - everyone knew the word "Brony" more, so females just conformed to using such a word.  This is the case with approximately 95% of brony websites, as the most commonly searched term for the My Little Pony fandom's name is "Brony". 

In short, Brony is the more popular word that everyone searches.  Because of such, nobody uses Pegasister anymore.


I apologize for this post. I was making the very assumption i accused you guys of. I am shamed :c


No need to be ashamed, dear - you'll honestly be surprised by how often I see this sort of thing.  Even on a couple brony websites I've administered myself has had it show up. 


I remember you asking about this in a different thread a while ago.
Quote from: IsingMLP on 2016 Jan 18, 12:53:57
Is this a brony only website? Because  I am a proud PEGASISTER!!!! >:( >:( >:(

Quote from: PrincessButton on 2016 Jan 25, 13:00:03
The term "brony" can be applied to anyone, it doesn't necessarily need to be gender specific.  Think about the term "guy."  If someone walks up to you and your friend and says "Hey you guys!"  Do you get offended? Do you ask them to call you "gals"?

I prefer to think that "brony" is a gender-neutral term, despite its origins. :)

Did you never check back in that thread? Sorry if you didn't see my message.
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Actually it was an interesting question.

I've been quite an "isolated" brony until now, and this is only my third post on these forums. Except that, I only know 1 girl into MLP.

Because of this, I have no real idea what this community is composed of : mainly guys / girls ? Kids / Adults ? Most represented countries/continent ?

But this is also why I would want to be more active in the community now, to get to know you guys  :]
I'm actually not up to date with MLP...


I personally know quite a few girls and children alike who are bronies - myself included in the female population.  By majority, though, bronies tend to be males between ages 15 and 27 from my experience.


Ok, good to know, thank you for sharing your knowledge.   =D
I'm actually not up to date with MLP...


Additionally, if you are interested in the ratio of male to female users on Legends of Equestria's forums specifically, you can check out our stats page!

In the first box on the right side of this page you can find that statistic and more!
(I've seen the ratio fluctuate over the years too, from 1.2:1 to over 2:1...). :)
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Oddly enough, some people on this site don't even consider themselves bronies :) Some are just pony fans, or fans of LoE specifically.

But aside from that, most people these days use brony as a gender-neutral umbrella term for people that are into G4 of MLP. Most G4 MLP fans do happen to be male, but I wouldn't assume a brony is a male by default.

LoE is a place for everyone, male, female, and everybody in between! :D Even if you're just into indie games or if you're a big pony fan yourself.

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