The ability to "hide" our posts for a later date

Started by FelisLupus, 2015 Jan 23, 18:17:19

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I recently made a post wondering if you could implement a single player mode but sadly, you aren't accepting game suggestions at this time. Instead of deleting the post, I want to be able "store" it for a later date so no one could steal my idea. No one but you would be able to view it, kind of like storage for deviantART. I feel guilty for not reading the rules first. I know your busy and all, but hopefully you will look back at it and someday implement it in the game.

Perry The Pony

That ability would be more of for a blog style time released posts.  We are a forum.

Idea's are looked at but will be sorted out.  We have it archived.

-Closing log.

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