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Because you knew everypony was a changeling and that they're out to get you.

Why does almost everypony like Fluttershy?
Granted! But the only thing you can wish for is a plastic bag.

I wish LoE came out sooner :P

The pony below me loves cupcakes.
The animation seems pretty nice, except for that green screen part, that just seems like they forgot about it lol. Though if I'm honest, this just seems weird for me, not sure why but it does.
idk, maybe the reason why a lot of ponies like Fluttershy is cause we're being scared into it with The Stare cause she's a cute and lovable character.  :D
Introductions Archive / Re: Hello! :3c
2017 Aug 30, 01:24:00
Nice to meet you! :D Welcome to the forums and at the very least, the release is so close you can almost taste it :P
Love the trailer! :D I really do hope LoE has more group content, last time there was an OAR, I was able to get to max level by myself by grinding monsters in Evershade Forest and most of the monsters I fought could easily be defeated by a single pony without too much effort.
I use Wallpaper Engine for my animated background so I ended up picking this wallpaper cause Princess Luna is best Princess :P
I've mostly just been playing Disgaea, Payday 2 and Yugioh! Legacy of the Duelist. I've only recently started to play Disgaea again cause I have the urge to grind recently and once LoE has the OAR, I want to try and get my night armor(forgot what it was called) as quickly as I can again.
Oooh, it's hard to list my favorites since I love all my games. I guess I'll just list my favorites that I've played recently. XD

Stardew Valley
Payday 2

I will always love Jubyphonic's work and possibly never stop getting addicted to her stuff either. XD
Personally, my favorite pony is Fluttershy as I was really bashful when I was young, so I can relate to her most.

As far as favorite character might be concerned(other than Fluttershy), it's tough choosing between Luna and Discord XD
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2017 Jul 02, 03:23:30
Can't wait to grind to max level again  :D