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As far as I know nothing like that is prohibited or something I've seen been banned.
I feel really proud over how much the team has accomplished! :D
To me it makes me happy the players enjoy the content the dev team produces.
I used to work on it a while back and had a good run at making new hairdos with a few others on the team.

I added a new hairstyle in and for some reason it didn't get pushed for the build.
I don't know what went wrong and I tried everything.

I gave up on it since it could take up to a day to get a proper hair in with jigglebones working and with the unknown reason why my hair implementations didn't get through I just gave up.

I don't believe anyone else knows how to add in new hairstyles with jigglebones who is currently active on the team so I am sorry to disappoint a lot of the winners and the fans who wanted more haircuts.
Video Games / Anybody who uses Switch?
2018 Jun 04, 17:06:49
I'm looking for more fun local party games to add to my Switch collection.

Mario tennid aces and Rocket league are the first two to come to mind.

Is there anything else?

Also, who here are hyped for the Octoling update in Splatoon 2?
It's like the batponies of MLP.  :D
Quote from: DrMurdershy on 2016 Nov 10, 23:57:42
I imagine LoE being one of the most popular MMO's amongst bronies and children.

     The game is built by a team that isn't a multi-billion dollar company like Blizzard, Wargaming, Nexon, etc. The people that have built this game has been entirely done by many people who volunteered to put in their skills to help the games development. I guess you would say it's a community effort that is directly team based.

     They use as much of their time as possible to continue to build the game. It takes so much dedication to build any video game. It's taken years for LoE to reach where it stands now as it'll come to be officially released I believe in early 2017??

     The Limited Access Release is basically a clean up stage. To hunt down bugs that still exist before games prior release. However, even games that we play today that have been out for years still have bugs in them but are very small and un-noticeable. But big bugs and errors such as script errors are serious and can give the player a bad experience.

     Since the game is Free To Play, there will never be any addons or special items that you could buy with real money. That would just ruin the game. Many games today that are MMO's have those options because it's what gives the company money to be able to create another game of that series.

     I'd imagine sometime years later when LoE has been out for awhile, I could probably see them creating another version of the game but on a top of the line game engine such as Unreal Engine 4 or whatever is updated at the time or they stick with Unity. They're both good game engines. I took a game programming class in high school. That didn't go so well but I still passed the semester for my elective credit.. somehow  :s .

     Anyway, since the first OSW which took place on July 5th, 2013, there have been many bugs that we as a community have been finding to be fixed. The game itself has come a very long way since the stress test which was the pre-alpha stage which I was a part of. Boy, it was a naked game! There was really nothing to do during that time lol.
But all that has changed! The game itself now is pretty solid even in the last OSW but there were still bugs and even some major errors that you had to do some looking in order to find them.

     This is really one of the only other projects that Hasbro has not tried to demolish because of the names of the cities, towns and villages and other stuff that were changed and didn't match what the show actually had. MLP Fighting is Magic was supposed to be one of the most popular fighting games in the brony community but we all know how that turned out... but there's a tribute version of that game so it didn't die out entirely. No one can stop the brony fandom. Which I'm glad LoE didn't get screwed on by them because of how much time and effort has been put into this game. So much love, care and dedication and the community has helped the game to where it currently stands and hopefully will be officially released in the coming months.

I certainly hope that this post can be agreed upon and given a hoof bump.


That was very nice of you to say. Things like this is what inspires us to keep pushing our limits and expand upon the game.
It's not as expansive as your typical MMO, but as long as there is an interest to help developing the game and play it then the LoE universe will keep expanding.
Quote from: Flittur on 2016 Nov 01, 22:51:39
I'm in a similar situation. I'm wanting to apply, but all of my stuff is drawn in SAI and i'm assuming i'll need to vector over it into an SVG.  >A<

Better get learning inkscape.  :l

Actually. Not everything needs to be vectored. We've had texture artists who don't have vectoring skills, but vectoring can help in case something need to be changed because then you don't need to re-draw it. 99.9% of the cases that won't happen though.

It is always recommended to know how to display your own texture on the finished model like in Photoshop Extended, but if you apply and do get in I can teach you how to do that. It won't take more than 30-50 minutes to learn.

Streaming time! Join me as I work on an interior piece!
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Sep 21, 20:37:01
Every Pokémon gen being grass, fire, water and the fire starter constantly being fire/fighting in its final evolution stage.
People who try to figure out the best way to exploit the game instead of just enjoying it. Exploits are not necessarily bad, but when it becomes a meta and people hate you for going away from the meta then that is what stops the game from being fun.

When I open a game I just want to do whatever I want and still be useful. Making exotic builds is fun for me.
Winners have been decided and will be announced tomorrow.
Thanks everyone for submitting your designs. It was very difficult to decide between so many wonderful designs, but I hope with the new ones it will bring a lot more variety to the mane and tail choices.  ;)
Quote from: Vapid Pixel on 2016 Sep 09, 17:55:46
Stupid question, but are submissions still accepted through tomorrow (Sept 10th)?  I just found out about this little contest and would like to submit a proper entry, but I have to go to work shortly and may not be able to get something prepared before it technically becomes the 10th.  Hopefully I can put something together after work/before the deadline...

Submissions are okay until the date hits 11th.
Quote from: ToastGoats on 2016 Sep 07, 16:29:46
>No actual 3d base
>Suck at 2d

And you can't even green text here either.
Some nerve!  O:
Quote from: MK on 2016 Sep 07, 09:16:00
Here are my ideas and my sis on the haircut and tail . let small modify our ideas . ( I apologize for the errors , if there are any :P )
file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/praca/Pulpit/folder%20moni/pony.png , file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/praca/Pulpit/folder%20moni/ponz.png

I'm sorry, but you need to use upload it there and then post the imgur image link here.
Quote from: LuxxAndrofun on 2016 Sep 01, 04:16:45
:] :o :D :3 ;) ^-^

Please do not upload it to VK if you're going to have it private.
Quote from: molalla on 2016 Aug 31, 09:28:42
I have created a pony in Paint. How do I send it to you

You post it here using as your upload site.
Quote from: AllensBill on 2016 Aug 31, 08:15:38

Does this work? Can somebody help me with posting images please? o.o'

Oh no. You have to take an image you uploaded to imgur. Right click and "view image". Then you take the URL (the web address on top of the web browser) copy that and put it between the img code.
Quote from: Jcfraven on 2016 Aug 30, 20:01:55
I am not positive as to why this is, but those links are forbidden from viewing, thus are broken within the tags. You would need to upload them to Imgur or another hosting service, if you want to enter into the contest proper.

That's odd. I fixed them yesterday so that they were visible. I am not sure why the links broke because the preview was fine on my PC.

Edit: Edited the submission so you should be able to see it now.
Quote from: Featherdust418 on 2016 Aug 30, 01:23:48
An LoE mane-and-tail design contest? O: Time to get drawing! :D A couple of questions first though...

1. If I submit a hairstyle on this thread, will that one automatically be my entry? Do I have to specify that it isn't (not a problem if I have to, just curious if I need to or not.)

2. This is more of an idea, but also a question too x3 on General Zoi's pony creator (v3 version), there are many mane styles, that are quite unique. There is also the ability to turn the head, for three angles out of the four shown. Is it possible you could use those mane styles in the game? Unfortunately, the tails are only shown from one angle, so... that makes it a bit difficult to work around that. :\

Anyway, I can't wait to submit an entry (and hopefully just throw a few around lol) ^-^ it's difficult to get the hair looking right from every angle, but I'll do my best! :)

1. Yes that will be your entry.

2. You have to draw the hair on top of the template because it is not always 100% to scale to what other artwork out there look like. Do be aware that the hair designed should look like it could be in the MLP:FiM universe.
Quote from: Coldflame on 2016 Aug 29, 15:52:00
First, LoE is awesome :D
And this is my hair design...][IMG][/img][/URL]

greetings from Germany ^^

Hi there!

I am sorry, but the image is too small to preview and I only get a white page when I click the image.  X3
Could people please draw a tail design to your mane?
I don't want an uneven amount of manes vs tails to be created.  >A<