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Tara Strong herself will be appearing at Canterlot Gardens! Indeed, the voice of Twilight Sparkle will be in attendance for autographs, panels, and more! Tara has also more recently been heard as the voice of Harley Quinn in the Batman: Arkham City videogame, and of course as Batgirl in Lauren Faust's upcoming Super Best Friends Forever series. We couldn't be more excited to have Tara, and we can't wait to hear back from the community in response to her announcement!

That's not all!

First of all, John Joseco, most well know... Well, most well known for being John Joseco will be in attendance this September. In addition, Ohio local WillDrawForFood1 will also be in our artist alley! Finally, not to forget - The illustrious Traveling Pony Museum will indeed be set up at the Gardens!

One more thing. Everfree Radio will be joining Canterlot Gardens for our three day event, providing their talent and entertainment at our convention, so expect the chance to interact and have fun with the guys!
Canterlot Gardens is proud to announce Brian Brushwood!

Bringing along his caravan of tricks, Brian will be performing his stage show - A mix of magic, comedy, and insight into the world of magicians all with a unique twist that is sure to amaze! On top of that, Brian will be around for other surprises and events over the weekend. We're extremely excited to have him in attendance!
There will be no more posting of Ask <insert name here> threads.  This has been running wild and becoming and issue.  This is not tumblr and if you want to do that go to tumblr.

Applications are now closed.  The applications still left in the thread are the ones that are under review then they will be deleted as we go along.

Two new guests for this September! PMV contest!

    Created on Thursday, 05 April 2012 20:21

Quick, but exciting, announcements!

Pixelkitties, perhaps one of the most well known artists from the community, will be in attendance this fall.

Also - The well known musician Tarby will also be appearing!

On top of that, we are currently holding a PMV contest! Check out the forums for more information on upcoming contests.
Good job every pony I will have the mods vote on the winners there will be a round two this time with a theme.
Great work so far!  I cant wait to see what comes next!
Contest has been extended by two days.
Just announced, Mane 6 will be at Canterlot Gardens.
Quote from: Blaze on 2012 Mar 23, 23:59:44
OMG!!!! I live 15 minutes away from there!!!  :3
Too bad I probably won't go because of the cost!!! It'd be too much out of my pocket in my opinion!!  :I

Bronycon is like 65$?  Most anime conventions are 50
Canterlot Gardens would like to welcome ponies from every corner of Equestria to Canterlot Gardens, the premiere Ohio fan convention for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. On the days (and nights) of September 28thto the 30th, the Gardens will be open to present the top artists, musicians, and exhibitors of ponydom, as well as a multitude of special guests. Held at the Strongsville Holiday Inn, everypony will get the chance to mingle, mix, and party in the convention suite holding over 1,000 ponies! When Canterlot holds a party, we make it a party.

Registration to enter the Gardens will be open soon, with three-day and single-day passes available. In the meantime, come meet the team behind the Gardens, and join our forum for the latest discussions and calls for volunteers!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for the latest updates on schedule, guests, and attractions! We hope to see you on the green!
Draw it how you want group is fine.
Quote from: ShadowHeart on 2012 Mar 20, 16:36:15
Hey guys, its me from EO! anyways, I was wondering, will u mind if we draw it on paper and scan it or does it have to be drawn on the computer?

That is fine
Thats right the community gets to try its hand at drawing the Moderation Team's OC's.  They will post theirs here and you guys do your best to draw them how you see fit and how you know us.  Draw us how you see fit and good luck.

Mine is listed below the others will separate theirs.

(Wolfs Ghost / What isn't listed is the Cutie Mark, which is a Quill infront of a Scroll.)

(Ateren / Cutie Mark: Hammer with a yellow bolt of lightning going through it, the Hammer is on it's side.)

(Margin / Cutie Mark: File Cabinet Folder)

(Zilla / Cutie Mark: golden-rimmed monocle and a Cane, The monocle's chain and the cane forming an X The chain is also Golden.)
News Archive / Re: Welcome to LoE!
2012 Mar 19, 15:07:08
I would like to thank everypony for their continued support and understand the confusion and worry that most have.  The forum mods and admins are the same it will have the old home feel but a fresh coat of paint and a minor renovation.