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Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Nov 24, 02:37:28
*-Hehe do the double take


Peacekeeper: Oh.

Peacemaker: Uh huh. You were sneaking behind us. * long sigh and facehoofing with a nod* Now you are stuck with us in the future. I just hope bringing you here didn't made this whole change in the future.

"I doubt that him coming with us did much of the damage, but I suppose we cannot be entirely sure," Raven says.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 24, 16:35:01
((sure thing ^^))

Nodding to Raven with a smile, Sparkle entered the café, the familiar smell of coffee roast and shortcake filling her nose.  As she walked up to the front counter with everyone, memories of her childhood days spent here resurfaced, bringing a grin to her face and a warm fuzzy feeling in her heart.

The mare at the counter greeted her new guests with a warm smile.  She had short, spiky red hair and was wearing a grey hoodie underneath her green apron.  "Welcome to Café Rose!  What can I get for you lovely folks today?" she asked in a pleasant tone, her emerald green eyes sparkling with charm.  Sparkle instantly recognized this mare as her childhood best friend, and quickly made her way to the back of the group.  Raven would probably know best what to say to figure out what they wanted to know, after all.

"Hello my fair mare, we were hoping to dine and chat some, as we just got into the area, and do not know much about it," Raven says to the mare at the counter, putting on his kindness facade.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 24, 13:20:47
Nodding to Raven and returning Game's nuzzle, Sparkle cheerily led the way down the street towards her favorite place to get shortcake in all of Manehattan: Café Rose.

The walk was a short yet scenic one, as the group passed by several floral and jewlery shops, as well as a few bake shops, specialty stores and recognizable buildings. 

Sparkle stopped in front of a small, friendly looking brick building with a rosy pink overhang and a forest green door.  Grinning, Sparkle turned back to the group.  "Tadaa!" she said, gesturing to the building proudly.  Café Rose had been like a second home to her for years, and she knew that she could always come here for help, or just for some great desserts.

Rubbing the brick, Raven admires the construction of the building. "An old and homey architecture, guess that some things do not change. I suppose let us head inside," He comments, entering the building, and holding the door for his companions.

*You want to control the cafe staff, Sparkle?
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 24, 11:37:34
Sparkle nodded in agreement, lifting Game again so the poor wolf wouldn't be left behind in the city.  Manehattan was huge and crowded, and you had to move fast if you wanted to survive.  "I know this great little café that's only a couple blocks down from here!  We can go there if you guys wanna!" she said, looking off in the direction of her favorite café.

"That sounds wonderful. Lead the way, my dear," He states.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Nov 23, 23:48:16
Peace: This is the future? ... was expecting to be sci-fi-ish. Looks about the same as other big cities. How far forward we went?

"I do not know currently, that is what we need to find out," Raven says, before Sparkle comes out.

Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 23, 23:53:46
Trotting outside with the others, Sparkle surveyed her surroundings, taking in a deep breath of fresh city air.  "Ah, how i've missed this place," she said, a nostalgic look in her eyes.  Pausing suddenly, she seemed to become more alert.  "Wait a minute.  Something's different here...." she said, skimming the area with squinted eyes. 

"AHA!" she declared suddenly, pointing at a random tree.  "That tree is new!  Yep, we're definitely in the future," she said, seeming to relax a bit.  It was amazing how quickly she managed to go from basically any emotion back to her regular self again.  One minute she could be angry, sad or anything else, but she would almost instantly go back to her default happy.

Chuckling at that, Raven says: "An eye for detail, I see. We should probably figure out what time we are actually in, and I think a good option for that would be trying to find somewhere to eat, and ask there, assuming you lot are hungry," He suggests.

*Okay, serious note for this moment: This is likely due to tiredness, and/or inexperience, but I am not entirely sure how to run a roleplay properly, particularly one like this, so I am a bit lost on what exactly to do, and we are only on Page 1. Sleep may help, but I may need assistance with it.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Nov 23, 23:23:11
Peace was laying on the ground from the crash still for a while before regaining his composure ang getting up softly like he just survived a plane crash.

Peace: Felt like we were inside a baseball moving at a long drive to a wall. I thought we would be done. I hope to not go through that EVER again. Scariest thing I've been on.

He carefully walks out to look around their new location.

Peace: So... did we really went through time?

Following his lead to the outside, he looks around as well, trying to estimate a time. "We definitely went through time, seemingly to that of the future. All I know for sure though is our location, Manehattan," He replies.
Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 Nov 23, 21:50:59
"Y-Yeah," she replied, coughing again. "Where did we end up?"

"Good to hear. To answer your question, we landed in Manehattan, though due to the crash, that is all I really know, until we check it out." Raven replies, looking over at Peace, who they are waiting for.

*Hey @Peace Keeper , just wanted to poke you, since you are the last of the crew unaccounted for in this scene.
Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 Nov 23, 20:41:22
Sketch picked herself up off the floor, feeling a little dizzy. She coughed, the smoke stinging her eyes.

"I thought you said you could fly this thing! " she wheezed, stumbling towards the entrance.

"I did, and I can. It is not my fault that we were pulled into another time and place than intended!" Raven retorts. "Besides, you are alright, are you not?" He continues.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 23, 19:48:47
"What, this little sweetie?  Not at all!"  Sparkle giggled, petting Game with a smile.  She had lifted plenty of heavy things before, so Game wasn't too difficult for her to lift. 

Looking around the TARDIS, she slowly made her way to the door.  "I'm ready to go whenever y'all are!" she said, looking a little too anxious.  Sparkle sometimes used the word "y'all" when referring to a group in spite of growing up in the north, simply because it was quicker and sounded better then "you all," to her.

"A bit of an understatement, calling him 'little'," He says, chuckling a bit.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 23, 17:43:30
"Well, I know Manehattan pretty well, so I'll probably be able to tell if it's the future or not once I see it,"  Sparkle replied, sounding a little too confident about it.  She had made this claim many a times before, and has failed to follow through 9 times out of 10.

Hearing Game's whine, Sparkle quickly rushed to the fluffy wolf, following the sound to this location.  Giving him a look of sympathy and worry, she quickly used her magic to free him, gently setting him on the ground.  'Are you okay?" she asked, still looking concerned for the wolf.

"Very well, I suppose we will explore whenever everyone is ready. Also, I am still amazed by unicorns, was he not heavy to you?" He asks, intrigued.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 23, 15:45:50
Coughing intensely, Sparkle stood up, brushing herself off.  "..Did we make it?" she asked, squinting from the smoke.  She seemed rather unfazed by the crash, appearing to be either unaware of what just happened, or she simply didn't care.

"For some reason, my dear, we actually ended up in Manehattan, if I understood correctly while we were crashlanding. Why exactly that is, I am not quite sure," He replies, starting to try to figure out exactly what time they ended up. After a minute or so, he determines that he will not be obtaining any useful information for a while. As such, he begins a system check, and turns back to Sparkle. "Apart from that, I have no clue what time we ended up in, nor why, so we will need to figure the former out the old-fashioned way, and the latter, hopefully, when the TARDIS is back to its proper functionality," He continues.

*The TARDIS does have a language module/system, that allows for communicating to alien species, so it would not be a stretch, to me, that we could communicate to you as well, Game.
*Here it is, @Peacekeeper @Gamepaw @Purple @waaaaaaah !
(Hopefully that notifies you guys, I still do not know how to do that properly)

In the year 1000 AR(After Luna's Reformation), the land of Equestria had started to dabble in the likes of alternatives to magic, in order to benefit the other races, and allow for greater work to be done, beyond the limits that magic had to offer.

A key piece of this was none other than Manehattan, particularly a company by the name of "Tecnolomagika Inc." who had been on the frontlines of the revolution since the beginning, figuring out new ways to do tasks usually done by unicorns, alongside discover new methods of securities and surveillance. Many conspiracies surround the company, some noting disappearances and "living stone," in the night as of late, but nothing has substantiated those claims. As such, it is business as usual in modern-day Manehattan.

That is, except for Raven and his companions, who were suddenly pulled into this Manehattan, during a requested travel to the future by Sparkle, with Raven attempting to fight against it.

The roleplay begins after that incident, when the TARDIS crashlands into a park in the daylight, luckily with its invisibility functional, with the crew having fell onto the floor, since Raven was unable to warn them in time. With smoke inside the TARDIS, they start to get up.

*I am aware that this could be better, and I apologize for not being the best with initiating roleplays. Hopefully, it will work out. For now, time to initiate the start of the roleplay itself.
Opening his eyes after the crashland, and recovering from the dizziness that occurred as a result, Raven stands up off the floor, leans on the console, and looks around at his companions, who all suffered a similar fate, due to his inability to forewarn them to the eventual crash.

Through the smoke in the room, Raven inquires: "Are all of you alright?"
At one point, that would be true, but not anymore, so false.

The pony below me watches anime.
I assumed something to that effect, but Peace is confusing me a bit with regards to my character. I guess I will eventually figure it out.
*Alright, I am confused now. Where is who?
*Wait, does Peacemaker not recognize Raven or something? I am a bit confused.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Nov 22, 14:16:56
Both brothers come back to the library to deliver the bad news.

Peacemaker: Guys....... The timeline got screwed up. There's a wall at Ponyville that wasn't suppose to be there before.

"I wonder what happened to cause it," Raven says, thinking about it.
Quote from: Kat the skeleton on 2016 Nov 21, 00:00:36
((Hey raven you said you are trying to start a crew?))

I said I was thinking about it. For now, however, I am going to try to get a roleplay of mine going properly, and enjoy it, before trying to do anything else.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Nov 19, 18:12:12
Has he shown online here? But it shouldn't be possible. Very strange.

Sounds good Raven. I'll let you know soon once I get a message from Loyal.

Strange indeed. Also, alright. If he is unable to organize a group like this now, then I might consider doing something like it, and see if there is interest.
Is he not? He is shown to be online though, for me. That would be nice though, Peace, if you could do so. Either way, I may try to form a crew myself, to achieve a similar purpose.