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Her expression went downcast for a moment, then went back to normal. She writes out 'I was born a mute, this tends to be my primary form of communication.' in reply.
"..." Sonata ponders if she should continue this conversation, eventually deciding to not to be rude. Using her magic, she writes a message, stating 'My name is Lunar Sonata, charmed to be of acquaintance.', then nodding her head at him.
Sonata simply nods and smiles in understanding, putting the Violin in its case.
Sonata, finishing her performance, looks up to see a pony before her, startling her a bit. She ends up falling from where she sat, saving the Violin with her magic just barely, a silent sigh coming from her.
A midnight blue pony, with a mane of white draped slightly over her face, by the name Lunar Sonata, walks down the streets of Ponyville, an activity she does quite often when not performing for her various assignments. She relaxes on the steps of the Ponyville Town Hall, takes out her Violin, and begins to play a smooth melody, a tune quite loud, but not awfully so, soothing and silent enough to not disturb the sleeping residents. She plays like this for a time, getting lost in the performance, not noticing her surroundings any.

*Meant Violin, I may change it back to Cello later, once I listen more to both.
((Nobody really has argued differently, that's probably why she went ahead and stated it, to advance the story easier. If we decide against it, it's a simple modification.))
A Raven watches the one Madame Aurora, a scroll of ownership latched in the claws(talons?). The Raven decides to wait and watch, instead of interrupting what seems like a vital interaction, unless it turns hostile.
((Nobody yet? I'll give it until Friday before I come in as another pony instead <3))
I'd only be a past pony if nobody wants a familiar, hopefully there's no need for me to meaninglessly take a slot.
Alrighty then!
*If more than one do, it's a simple "Master Duo", or they can decide amongst themselves.
If nobody decides they want a familiar, I'll bring on another past pony character with a familiar, and just roleplay both(still as support), but hopefully someone will want it [emoji14]
-Just making this post to keep track of the OOC on Tapatalk-

Glad to see this is open! Be sure to look at my In-RP OOC, so that we can determine who I'm going to be the assistant of <3
((About what I am: Basically I'm an assistant with lots of knowledge regarding past/future, ever-present, able to blink in and out of existence when necessary. If attacked, however, the conflict must be dealt with or escaped before the ability returns. The form can be several different things, depending on the need, however primarily being a Raven or a "teen" equine.

I don't know who wants to be the one I'm the assistant of, so I'll leave that up to you guys. It might make more sense to be with a "past" pony, but that can be dictated by Peace.

One last note, I did sign up, but since I'm not really a character of past or future, I'm not listed.

Hope this ends up being a really fun time! I'm going to wait for someone to decide they want me, then I'll be roleplaying and such.))
((This is Nocturna, though my proper account instead of the one I utilized for the roleplay. I'll just put a message here to nudge this along a bit))

The box vibrates slightly, as though reacting to some magical force engulfing it. The Peaces notice the box finally, questioning its existence, since Gracie held the letters.