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Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Dec 03, 02:14:11
*- You sure Aqua Fire? I mean you wouldn't be able to have any other interaction with any of us since you are in another timeline separated by us. If you change your mind, let me know ^-^


Push Broom to Raven: Go right ahead to the walls. There's nothing stopping you except if you try to enter the other races, good luck. And quite frankly, I really never heard of this Equestrian Unity Network, and I still think you are bluffing. What are you suppose to be, the peacemaker? The goodie tootie that believes in unity? We had the opportunity until the others decide to kill that relationship! You guys ALWAYS want something in your favor, and we are just trying to be fair. That's why all of the ponies can't live together peacefully. Can't even talk to one another without having somepony spying on us thinking it is treachery or conspiracy. Be happy I am going to give this friendly advice if you go to that city. Never travel in a mixed group. Cause then the pauponies would start throwing hooves and the world starts to rumble again.

Peacekeeper recalls something about not being in a mixed group, and something hits him. His family. They lived as a mixed group in their actual present time. What if his family was still around? What has happened to them? He comes up to Peacemaker to ask.

Peacekeeper to Peacemaker: Our family. They could be in trouble. What if they still exist here and we are still born? We need to get there.

Peacemaker realizes the situation now that can be affecting their alternate timeline versions of their family. To make sure if they are okay, he knows they have to go to Ponyville now. He comes up to Raven.

Peacemaker to Raven: We need to get to Ponyville now then. Me and Peace need to look for our family. Maybe we can find all the answers of what happened in the past to make this happen.

"I see. It is best we get on our way then, probably, as this stallion appears unwilling," He replies to Peacemaker.

*I would have responded to Push as well, but he is distracted, giving me an excuse :p.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Dec 01, 21:44:18
Push Broom to Raven: EUN!? Operation? I really not getting to you sir, but sounds like you are pulling some hokey pokey there. Seriously, why are they here? We despise seeing them here.

"I apologize good stallion, allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Raven Star, a representative of an organization that was founded many moons ago, known as the Equestrian Unity Network. Myself and this group came as part of an attempt to reach beyond the wall, to try to get communications to occur between the different races," Raven explains, trying to gain his trust, though Raven himself is an Earth Pony instead of a Unicorn himself.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Dec 01, 13:32:20
*0Gah. Forgot to mention to everyone here. Alright. Sorry for the sudden news. Everything at home went okay and is back to normal. Let us continue with the RP

*-Thank you Gamepaw. I really appreciate it.

*-Ah. Forgot to mention one thing. Nobody should have been able to hear the conversation clearly when they were outside the room.

Push Broom: Cooking. That should be easy to find. I'll help ya out.

Puch Broom enters the door and it is now he sees the entire group, but only for a short glance. He gives a wave of greeting before finally pointing to the shelf.

Push Broom to Marble: And these are the books. Has all the cooking you can read.......

He stood silent when he finally takes a good glance at the group of assorted races. His emotion changed to a more agressive tone.

Push Broom to Marble and the group: What are you pauponies doing here? You guys don't belong here or in my town.

*I am assuming that I am in the referred to group, and can respond. If not, tell me.

"Good stallion, we apologize for the assortment, this is simply part of an..EUN operation," Raven says, hesitating as he realizes the possibility that such would not hold any weight in this modified time period.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 26, 18:24:30
((I was out all day, sry guys XP))

Once Raven had finished speaking, the mare returned with several waters.  "Here you are everyone!" she said as she set down the waters for her customers.  "Sorry for taking so long, there was some trouble in the back," she explained, momentarily glancing at the counter before returning her attention to the group.  "So!  Is there anything else I can get for you all?  We're having a special on strawberry shortcake today!  Two cakes for the price of one!"

Sparkle's eyes lit up at the mention of her favorite treat.  It took all her might to not jump up from her seat and squeal for an order of strawberry shortcakes.  In an attempt to distract herself, she tried to initiate a staring contest with Game.

*It is fine.

Hearing the other mare say that she wanted one, and noticing Sparkle, Raven says, "Make that another one for the other lovely mare," smiling at Sparkle afterwards.
Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 Nov 26, 17:37:08
"Shouldn't we be getting out of here then?" Sketch questioned, stiffening at the thought of having to deal with those creatures.

"And go where, exactly? The TARDIS is out of commission currently, and I doubt the Pegasi will let us leave easily," He retorts.
Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 Nov 26, 16:18:40
"And these...things...are here?" Sketch asked in a rising tone.

"Assuming the truth of what the waitress was saying to us, then it appears so. The question is, why, and what connection could any of it have with the company nearby? That is what we need to discover, whenever we are done here," He replies.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Nov 26, 15:48:30
*-Sorry for my quietness. Couldn't find a proper time to respond without throwing off the groove.


Peace all this time is just listening in to everything, marriage, Weeping Pegasi, all while looking around and the menu, which he only lasted a few seconds before putting it down and looking around. For sure the Weeping Pegasi got his attention.

Peace: Wait a minute... these statues move? Okay so you had dealt with these things before, and they are here. Do these things follow or something? Are they like foalnappers?

"They invade and inhabit for one sole purpose: Time Energy. They go after their victims, in an attempt to send them into the past, feeding off the energy of the time they spend up until their point of being sent back, where their life ends," He explains. "Also, yes, they move, but only when they are not looked at," He continues.
*I apologize for my silence, I do not really know what to do currently. For once, I am not being a spearhead xD.
Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 Nov 26, 14:07:48
"O-Oh," Sketch murmured. She dropped her head back behind her menu, embarrassed.

"It was a while ago, no need for that," He says, after turning back and seeing the end result. "The point is, there is something odd here, some reason they brought us here. The only way to figure out is to investigate it, I suppose," He continues.
Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 Nov 26, 13:27:43
"'Something else?'" Sketch echoed. "Like what?"

"Put simply, you will never get to meet my old companion," He says, shortly. He looks out the window at that, admiring the architecture once more, as a distraction.
Quote from: waaaaaaah on 2016 Nov 26, 12:13:27
(It's fine, there's not much for us to do right now anyways)

"They? Who are 'they'?" Sketch asked the Doctor, poking her head out from from behind her menu. The previous conversation was not really one she was interested in discussing.

*Point taken.

"The Weeping Pegasi..statues primarily in the form of Pegasi, which move when not gazed upon. They tried to take the TARDIS before, when I was with my old companion..they failed to reach their goal, but they succeeded in something else," He explains, closing his eyes in reflection.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 25, 22:31:43
Sparkle blushed even more at this, her expression softening a bit.  Raven was right; she was an extremely lucky mare.  Still, the thought that her future self was already married came as a shock to her.  She wondered what Keldeo would say about all this.  He'd probably get really flustered and stiff, and his face would probably turn that adorable shade of red...

Sparkle suddenly jumped, shaking out of a dreamy expression to one of alertness.  She couldn't think about this now, she had to stay focused!

Noticing her shift back to seriousness, Raven follows suit. "Assuming that what the waitress said is true, that would explain who caused the TARDIS to be forced here. The question is, why would they try again?" He ponders aloud.

*I just realized that we have kind of gone at this just with us two. It is going fine, I am just curious about the others.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 25, 21:49:32
"Certainly!  I'll be back in a moment!" The mare said with a smile.  Nodding to the group, she quickly went off to get some waters for everyone.

Once she had left, Sparkle shot Raven a dark, piercing glare.  ...Or at least, a piercing one.  She wasn't so good at looking dark.  "Did you have to ask about... That?" She groaned, her face still bright red.  She was so overwhelmed with embarrassment that she could hardly think.  Sure, it was amazing that she and Keldeo... Got married, in the future, but her brain wasn't ready to handle that idea at this point.

Raven chuckles at the mare's reaction, and poor attempt at a staredown.

"Come now, I was quite curious, after your reaction to it. Besides, I am quite happy for you, a happy ending fitting for a mare like you. Not everypony receives such happy ends, you know," He says, his expression faltering slightly, before going back to the joking smile of prior.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 25, 21:02:09
"Well, I haven't actually seen it myself, but rumor has it that ponies who go over to the Tecnolomagika building have been going missing lately.  Like, they'll enter the building, but they won't come out.  A couple of my staff members said they saw some stone pegasi walking around at night too, but most of us just think it was an illusion, since none of us have seen it."  The mare explained, thinking back on the things she'd heard.  She personally didn't really buy into any of this, but it was affecting her business, so it still bothered her.

Weeping Pegasi.. He thinks to himself, causing him to frown temporarily, before returning to his normal expression.

"Interesting. Sounds like a solid prank, but something that should probably be looked into regardless. Any chance we could all get some water, my fair mare?" He inquires.
*Actually, scratch this post. I do not think it would be good for me to join another roleplay right now.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 25, 15:38:27
Sparkle resisted the strong urge to glare at Raven for bringing up that topic.

"Well, if you listen to any music than you've probably heard of Sparkle Chord," the mare said, chuckling a little.  Sparkle completely froze at the mention of her name.

It couldn't be...

"It's unlikely you'd know the stallion she married though.  Sparkle said he's 'from another world,' whatever that means.  I always just assumed that she meant he was just that awesome.  Let's see, I think his name was... Keldeo?" the mare finished, thinking hard about the name.  She had always had trouble pronouncing it, since it did sound rather foreign. 

Sparkle nearly fainted from all the pressure at the mention of her coltfriend.  She couldn't believe they got married in the future!  Her face was glowing strawberry red now, although she didn't seem to notice.

"Ah, yes, I have heard she is a lovely singer, though I never really heard of the coltfriend," He replies, looking over and noticing his companion's reaction, which leads him to move on from the topic at hoof.

"Anyway, let us move on to the other topic. You mentioned that ponies have been talking about disappearances and moving statues, and that the alleged origin area is nearby, care to elaborate?" He asks.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 25, 10:35:17
"Ah, well let's see here... If my memory's correct, it should be the 27th," The mare said, looking over at a conveniently placed calendar.  Thinking about what sort of gossips she had heard, the mare racked her brain for anything interesting she could tell her customers.  "Well, my best friend just got married last week, but i'm sure you're probably not interested in personal business," she chuckled, smiling a little.  Sparkle stiffened a bit at this news, her cheeks turning a bit red.  It couldn't be... could it?  Or, n-no, she must've been talking about Sonnet... right?

"Recently i've overheard some customers talking about weird disappearances, moving statues and whatnot.  Business has been quiet lately because of it, since the supposed source of these weird occurrences is just a couple blocks away from here."

Noticing the reaction of Sparkle at the initial comment, he decides to pursue the first topic initially, as they have plenty of time. "Regarding the first, that is wonderful. I am always one for a good marriage. Who is the lucky mare and stallion? Perhaps we know them," He questions.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 24, 20:26:46
The mare let out a small chuckle.  "Well, you came to the right pony then!" she said, smirking.  "I know this city like the back of my hoof.  Any questions ya have, I can probably answer."

Sparkle continued to quietly observe the group and her friend as they conversed.  Upon their initial meeting, her friend had seemed... different, somehow although she couldn't place why.  But now that she had gotten a good chance to look at her, she noticed that she appeared to be older.  This confirmed any suspicions she may have had; they were definitely in the future.

"My appreciations. I guess the best first question is what are the latest rumors and/or gossips around here?" He inquires. "Oh, and also, we have not been keeping good track, what is today's date?" He adds.
*Question: Since this is an "Elemental" high school, must one have a power involving the elements, or can it be a different power? Also, any limitations/restrictions, save for not being a Mary Sue or Gary Stue?
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Nov 24, 17:27:09
The mare at the counter nodded with a smile.  "Well then, allow me to be the first to welcome you to Manehattan!" she said in a friendly tone.  "I'll lead you to your table; the cafĂ©'s not too busy right now, so there's no need to worry about the counter!  Right this way please."

The emerald-eyed mare led the group over to a decent sized table, laying out several menus for everyone.  Sparkle slipped into a seat, making an attempt not to be seen as she set Game down next to her.  "So, what brings you fine ponies to the big city?" the mare inquired.

Sitting down in his own seat, Raven replies: "We like to travel around, investigate matters of intrigue. We heard from word of mouth that Manehatten was a spot of interest, so we wanted to come by and ask around."