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The player who wins everything in Mario Party
1. The 6th concept is the best in my opinion but I hope they incorporate some parts from 4 as well. In the 4th concept it looks like Pinkie doesn't have a right wing, and I want to see that a lot, it would bring us right to the darker topic boat
2. I was a bit worried at first, but after (spoiler) finding out that race does not have to do with magic, I am actually very excited; I'm pretty sure we'll see earth pony magic from Twilight (imagine if it was from Applejack tho) since that was a vital part of her character in G4.
3. I'n not very surprised about the others, but it would be amazing if we got to see one or two of them not being one of the three basic races (maybe a hybrid) since it would create more diversity (particularly Rarity, although I like her design concept as well).
4. I heard that G5 will be going to more darker topics and I am absolutely willing to see that.
Introductions / Re: Hey there
2019 Nov 02, 14:36:25
Please help us get the forum going again, no one has posted on it recently and as a person who lurks around the forums it's very lonely here :'(
You're fine!!! I liked the idea of raising more questions, it gives more to find an answer to
Another question: How much of a chance is it that ponies will start to mainly rely on science and technology but almost no magic whatsoever?

Also, I'm now extending the topic from science to other questions. Are there multiple religions in Equestria? There seems to be only one religion in the continent, but there must be some ponies that branched off and created an entirely new religion. Were they excluded from the region, having to practice on an entirely new terrain? Were or are there wars that are based on religious beliefs?
Maybe because it was a really good question that somehow everyone knew the answer to but me?? I don't really know lol
Quote from: CleverCreations on 2018 Jun 20, 11:08:06magical mice.

what am i?
You're one of all reincarnations of you, according to Andy Weir's "The Egg"

Can someone elaborate on this?

It's called Neko Atsume and it's adorable

10/10 would recommend
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2019 Aug 24, 18:24:49
I downloaded the song but it's not available on YouTube, currently there's only covers

"馬と鹿" (Horse and Deer) - Yonezu Kenshi
I actually understand the lyrics since I know Japanese, it helps interpret the meaning of the song title since it looks irrelevant to the actual song
Hi I'm back after a few months of inactiveness
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2019 Mar 30, 07:12:22
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2019 Mar 26, 18:59:40I found this forum again :)
If any of you who remember me are still here, hi :)
One giant question: If Celestia raises the sun so everyone can see, and doesn't follow the normal sun schedule on Earth, then is Equestria and beyond a flat earth? Because it would always have to be night on the other side, or maybe there's multiple suns that others bring up.
But then who?? And wouldn't the planet not be able to support life, unless the planet is in both Goldilocks zones?

Whoever wants to answer they can :)
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2018 Dec 03, 18:20:57

This never gets old.  0:)
Yes, over the course of the time ever since the Big Bang

I wish for more time to finish my homework
Pony Off-Topic / The Science of Equestria
2018 Nov 28, 07:53:13
 Is there any science in Equestria? How were ponies made?
I personally think ponies were made by Celestia and Luna's ancestors, but they couldn't have just popped into existence, right? Was their fight for territory mostly by male unicorns because they have an advantage? (Probably)
But most of all, why can the sun move on other's will?
I'm calling this the Equestrian Paradox because I can. Is Equestria a flat plain of earth thrown out of orbit with an artificial sun and moon? We're changelings originally allies of ponies?
More to come because i wrote this in like 10 min
Least favorite sports: Field Hockey

(Muffled screaming from me and my OCs)
Unbanned for showing iconic friendship is magic vibes

It is possible to unban btw
(Can I get some art please? )

Real Name: Cynthia Alhart
Alias/Pony Name: Nightlight Shine
Age: 24-25
Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: (Pony) White coated with curly hair tucked into a pony tail. Has a violet streak through the left side of her mane. Violet eyes and has a four-pointed star with a blue ribbon as her cutie mark. 6'1" as a human, with ivory skin and same sort of appearance as pony form but without the purple streak. Usually wears sweatshirts.

Personality: A very optimistic girl who seems lazy at times. Clumsy but a very good planmaker, so she usually stays at the sidelines of the action when facing difficulty. Will try to help others as much as possible, and likes to spend her time alone reading.
Occupation: She now attends Celestia's School and majors in advanced magic and herbology. Originally (as a human) graduated with a minor in Mathematics and a major in Psychology.

Backstory (WIP): Cynthia was born on May 12th. Her life until graduation consisted of strict orders and efforts for good grades.
Eventually, she graduated college and it was about a month later. She was home for summer break and was taking a walk with her 13-year-old sister, when she saw a streak out of the sky, making way towards her. It slowly started to accelerate. Meanwhile her sister was unaware of this. Right before it hit, Cynthia covered her sister in efforts to save her, right before her world went white, then black.
She wakes up later surrounded by crystal,  rock surrounding her as if she just crashed though it. Her back hurt and her hands and feet were numb. She thought she could see an array of colors surrounding the hole which the sunlight was pouring through. Then her vision comes back, and she realizes that she doesn't have hands or feet. Then she faints. She finds herself in a nurse's room, and is treated well, but she had a mirror in the room, showing how small she actually is - about four feet - and her horse-like appearance. To prevent alarm from the others, she screams into her pillow. Actually, scream was an understatement. She slammed her confusion and her shock on that pillow. She finds out that the ponies there have names based on the marks on her flank. Seeing one on her flank, she decides to give herself the name Nightlight Shine.

She understands English, Japanese, and the basics of French. She knows some words in Gaelic.

Likes: Reading, her family, *cough cough* (Miru), hanging around with friends, drawing, violin (Yes, she plays the violin), good grades, the number 1123581321, art, Kurzgezagt in a Nutshell, music.
Dislikes: Scratching/creepy sounds, violent combat against her friends, asmr videos, Dora the Explorer, the number 66, the number 13, the red button.

Phobias: Thanatophobia (fear of death), Pinkie Pie, seeing a PTSD episode (she's seen it before, trust me), losing her loved ones, falling from heights.

Yep, that's pretty much my main RP character for now, hoping to add more