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Steam Announcement

The game will be free from 2017-06-08 until 2017-06-21 just in case anyone is interested  :]
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I would stay away from the comments on the announcement since some ppl are kinda salty about the giveaway

For those who may want to get the Oni skin for genji or the D'va cop skin on overwatch and 10 loot boxes u can get it by completing the nexus challenge on Heroes of the storm until May 22 2017, the challenge is to play 5 games with a friend from your friend list each week until may 22, the first week can be done vs bots but the following weeks it has to be quickmatch, thing is that i don't have anyone added that plays HoTS heh, i barely add ppl on soo if anyone wants to do the challenge to get the skins for overwatch i would gladly add and play HoTS(it's either that or try to drag my friend to it and he hates blizzard
i haven't been that active on the forums for a while so i hope this kind of thread is not against to rules somehow  :I

This is the official blizzard site link with the challenge info

I will check this tomorrow after work to see if there is anyone interested of if the thread has gone cold  X3
I'm not the topic creator type but i wasn't able to find a topic solely for the purpose of the question( or maybe I'm bad at searching...ya probably the 2nd) so i decided to make a topic about 3ds game suggestion, i bought the New 3ds and got MH4U and i want to know what kind of games are good since i don't have much knowledge on nintendo in general, thanks in advance for any suggestion.
Give a reason to ban(or unban) the pony above you


1.Banned for resetting the game
2.banned for banning
3.unbanned for banning

an so on...

last ban game upload from Equestrian
Well I thought in putting my OC's backstory to have a better view of them( only 2 oc by the least for now X3)



Basic information
Spoiler: show
Gender: Male
Eyes color: light blue
Coat: Brown
Mane: black with a light purple color
Tail: same as mane
Cutie mark: [spoiler]
It will be related to literature but until I can make an original design, I will use this one  :s

Family:brother/unicorn(Cross), father/Pegasus(Frost Wing), mother/unicorn( bright flare)
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Spoiler: show
zsaszz is a very kind pony, friendly, he loves videogames, movies and reading, he's not a very athletic pony, never was too interested in sports or any physical area of some sort, he has a brother that he loves dearly, but because of bad plays of destiny his brother got away when he was just a little colt.
He's absolutely afraid of spiders and any eight legged insects, but that doesn't mean that he hates insects, he actually loves animals, since he was little he always had loved them, even those that scare him a little.
He know two languages, and he want to keep learning a few more, after all he's always been fan of literature and languages. He's loyal to his friends and close relatives and would never let nopony to harm them.

Spoiler: show
zsaszz born in ponyville, he lived there for the most part of his life, he lived with his parents and his big brother Cross. He and his brother were very close, they played together, zsaszz always felt admiration for his big brother, and like some little ponies he always looked him as some kind of hero, when they went into trouble  together Cross always took the responsibility, even if it was not his fault, sometimes even when zsaszz was willing to take the responsibility for what he had done cross always took it, he just cared too much for his little brother to let him get into trouble.
They went to the everfree forest from time to time with their father in excursions, sometimes when his father needed to go far, he always took the time to share with his two son's.
Even with Zsaszz being younger than his brother they rarely got into any kind of argument or fights, Cross always tried to find a way to cheer up his little brother or he even make paces with him even when he didn't had the fault, Zsaszz as the time passed grow feeling a great respect for Cross.
Life was good and happy back then, but as they say, sometimes good things never last forever.
Even if the family seemed very close, the true is, that his father and mother went into arguments too often, at zsaszz short age he never truly understood why they started to shout at each other that often, but Cross always knew why it was...but he cared too much of his little brother to tell him so...he never told zsaszz, most of the times that their parents started to argue Cross usually took his little brother upstairs, away from all the shouting and arguments and started to play with him in their room, he played with Zsaszz and some of his little brother many toys, little trains, chariots, etc..., also played videogames with him, Cross at that age already had some knowledge in magic, and he usually used it to entertain his brother, making things levitate or producing colored light or glowing shapes, anything that could make his little brother happy and could keep him as far possible from their parents problems.
One day, in an argument between their parents, Cross took Zsaszz to the upper floor of the house, Zsaszz thought that they were going to play again, after all that was one of his favorite things to do, but sadly for him...that wasn't what Cross had in mind that time. When they reached their room, cross told him that he was leaving, that it was for the best, and that he hoped that zsaszz were able to forgive him one day, Zsaszz thought that his brothers was just joking, but when he saw his face, he saw the pain in Cross's eyes, he saw how his brother was making a great effort to maintain his composure, he said to him that one day he was going to explain everything to him, Zsaszz jumped and hugged his brother in an attempt to avoid him from leaving, but Cross told him that he wished that things didn't had to get to that point either, but that it was for the best,after Cross said that he hugged his little brother one last time and told him that everything was going to be okay, then cross left.
Zsaszz cried for months, he was sad that his big brother left, the one that he loved and cared for so many years was...gone, and his parents were...devastated because of that, they stopped all the fights and arguments for the sake of Zsaszz, after him losing his brother, they knew that their little son couldn't take all that drama of them. Maybe its true, Cross indeed knew something that Zsaszz didn't, and leaving was the only way to make their parents to stop arguing every night, he gave zsaszz a better ambience to grow up, at a higher cost, even with Zsaszz hoping for his brother to return, the time passed, and the faith slowly started to fade.
The years passed and zsaszz grew, he went to miss Cherilee school, and after that to the canterlot university, he was fascinated with literature and languages since he was little, so thats what he studied.
After zsaszz finished his studies in Canterlot, he returned to his parents house, when he arrived, his mother greeted him and hugged him, then she said to him "come zsaszz your dad is upstairs, he's gonna be so happy to see you" said she with some tears in her eyes, when zsaszz entered he saw his father laying in the bed, he seemed weak, then he knew that something was wrong.
Her mother told him that the doctors said that his father was sick and it was only a matter of time, zsaszz was shocked, he didn't wanted to believe that, when he left he saw his father in good condition, only to come back to find him like that, it was too hard for him to accept, when Zsaszz was trying to process what was happening his father called him, so he went upstairs to his father room, his father told him that he didn't had to be sad, that it was normal  and a part of life itself, that he was proud of what his little boy had achieved, he also told him that he only wanted one thing before the end, he pulled zsaszz closer and whispered to his ear "I found where is living Cross", Zsaszz was surprised, his father spent a long time looking for Cross but after some years and no making any progress, he thought that his dad had gave up on the search, but after many years he really found him, "please go, and tell him that a want to see him one last time", Zsaszz agreed and went to where his father told him.
Zsaszz arrived at Fillydelphia, it was where his father told him that Cross was living, when he arrived to the address that his father gave him, he took a deep breath and knocked the door. A gray pony opened the door with a very serious look in his eyes,"Can I help u?" Said the gray pony, Zsaszz started to feel a tight knot in his stomach he recognized that face, even after that many years he didn't forgot a single detail, he asked the gray pony if he was cross, the pony answered "yes, I am, is there something I can help u with?" answered Cross, "Cross!??, Zsaszz do u remember me?" Cross eyes opened wide,"Zsaszz??, it is really you,??,time has passed huh" answered Cross, Zsaszz was starting to had problems to avoid the tears from falling, Cross noticed this too quickly, "so... what are you waiting?...are you not gonna give ur brother a hug?" Said cross with a smile on his face, Zsaszz got closer and greeted his brother the way he used to do many years ago, "you haven't changed a bit, u could send a letter at least u know" said Zsaszz, while cleaning a few tears from his face, Zsaszz stood there from a few hours, while they catch up on the things that happened to both along the years, then, Zsaszz told him the request of his father, and in the state that he was, Cross was shocked at first, but then he agreed to go with him.
When they got to the house her mother was upstairs with their dad, Cross then walked up the stairs, still hearing the shouts of his parents echoing throughout the house from many years ago, like if he was there just a day before, when he was at his father room his mother saw him and immediately jumped and hugged him, she didn't hesitated,  she knew that he was Cross, her long lost son, at the end, a mother always know, "oh Cross, I missed u so much" she said while crying, "im sorry mom, for what it must had been to all of you" said Cross, then they entered to their father room.
"Cross, my boy, so happy to see u again", said their father with a few tears starting to roll on his cheeks, "im sorry far what we put u and Zsaszz through, ur mother and I had always loved u both, and since the first day that u disappeared I've been trying to find you, I thank u for coming here, it is the best gift that I could get" said their father, "don't worry about that dad, the past stays in the past, I came here to let u know that I love you and mom too, and that nothing will never change that", when his dad heard that, he started to cry with a smile on his face.
Cross stood in the house a few weeks, Zsaszz enjoyed that time, it was just like the old times, all together, his parents and his brother all together once again.
A month passed and his dad had already passed the doctor expectations, he started to go out again, to get some fresh air from time to time, he recovered in a way that even the doctors were surprised, but maybe his dad just needed a little of happiness in his life...true happiness, the kind of happiness that he had before all the family troubles started,before...he lost his son long time ago, a true moment of joy in his life, with all his family together.
Their father was declared out of danger from his health condition, and with a few medications and treatments from the doctors, they told him that he was going to be fine, all were really happy that him was fine again, his wife and his two son's, all was going fine at the end.
Cross moved to his parents home and found a job in ponyville, they were all together again, after so many years, things were finally working out for all of them, in all sense  of the word.



Basic information
Spoiler: show

Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Coat: gray
Mane: black and gray
Cutie Mark:

Tail: same as mane
Eye color: dark brown
Magic color: Navy Blue
Family: Brother/Pegasus(Zsaszz), father/Pegasus(Frost Wing), mother/unicorn(Bright Flare)
Spoiler: show


Spoiler: show

Cross is very introverted, serious and lonely for the most part, but this doesn't mean that he don't like to speak to other ponies or hang out with his friends.
He's very loyal to his friends(when somdone actually take the time to know him better, and see through his serious outside,they can see that he is a very reliable pony), and always try to help them whenever they need help, or when they just want to hang out; he always had loved his little brother(even at the point of having to leave him when he was just a little colt, for the sake of Zsaszz).
He likes clasical music, to read, and to go to the everfree forest from time to time.
Amongst his fears is to let any of his family her harmed, losing his little brother again, certain insects, and the darkness(he has already seen enough darkness for a lifetime), he's very skilled with his magic, after many years of been practicing it, and knows how to play various musical instruments, being the guitar and the piano two of his favourites.

Spoiler: show
 gonna write it, if someone is interested of Cross story 0:)

Spoiler: show
Cross is my Ponysona, Zsaszz have many characteristics that I have too, like his love for literature, knowing 2 languages and the fear of spiders, but, the personality of cross is the one closer to my own, Zsaszz story is like an abstract and *nicer* way to put some different real life experiences, feel free to ask if have any questions  ^-^
Hi everypony im new to this forum, found the game like 3 months ago while searching stuff of mlp  ^-^ but sadly missed the open servers last month ono, so there's nothing more to do but to wait till next event, gladly i'm not new on waiting, Valve has teached me to wait.....and wait....and wait( ya Half-life 3 im talking to you  >:O).
So... Yeah glad to be here and hello to everypony 0:). Brohoof /)