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Video Games / Anybody who uses Switch?
2018 Jun 04, 17:06:49
I'm looking for more fun local party games to add to my Switch collection.

Mario tennid aces and Rocket league are the first two to come to mind.

Is there anything else?

Also, who here are hyped for the Octoling update in Splatoon 2?
It's like the batponies of MLP.  :D
Video Games Archive / Water worlds
2016 Jan 25, 20:12:03
Water worlds are the most boring and uninteresting areas of the game one tends to avoid.
You get the choice to fix it so it's fun and engaging.
How do you do it?  :/
Which do you prefer?
Team Biographies / BludSpammd
2015 May 07, 20:01:53
Yo! I'm BludSpammd. 3D modeler for Legends of Equestria and have been since early 2012.
I joined this project since I needed something to inspire me to start 3D modeling again after being burnt out from 3 years of studying.

When did I join the fandom? During a dull summer night on the 16th of July 2011 I watched all 26 episodes in the course of three nights. I was a bit freaked out because "if this show is supposed to be for little girls then why do I enjoy it so much?".  ovO
Either way I was hooked by the artstyle and the main characters colorful personality.

A few months passed and I got more and more involved with the Brony community. Until one day I mentioned I wanted to contribute and show my appreciation of the show by using my modeling skills. So I got told to apply here and I showed LoE this and got into the project. I've been happily enjoyed improving my skills through joy, tears and mental breakdowns:  ovO

I didn't seek fame and fortune or any of that stuff. I just wanted to learn, and grow in my capability to 3D model. The best part about being a part of this game is how much cool stuff people have taught me over the years. One might ask "Hey Blud. You've been working on this for so long. How can you still keep going?". Over many OSW events I've been through it made me want to do more for the game since it made people happy. As long as people enjoy the game then it's always fun to keep working on the project.

If you have any questions about me then send me a tweet. I'll try to reply whenever I can:

I also occasionally post my work here as well:
It's confirmed a couple of weeks ago on Equestria Daily that they're making a movie. What do you think the movie is going to be about? A grand adventure traveling far distances?
Lots of back-story?

For me I feel like it would be great to see a lot of scenery with a lot of orchestrated music like in:

Everyone probably wants a villain in it, but I could definitely see more fun in it like traveling across Equestria for a treasure or to look for medicine maybe to heal someone who is sick. Maybe Granny Smith If another villain is introduced I think it would end up being too predictable and would just end up letting the mane 6 use the Elements of Harmony or Rainbow Powers.
For me it feels like there is only so much character development one can do to a character until they finally hit the goal the character was reaching for.

Rainbow Dash finally gets in the Wonderbolts, the CMC's gets their cutiemarks, etc.
From there I feel like all of their character arcs have ended and could then give room for other characters like Trixie or any of the other background ponies. Even though it might be sad, I would like to see the character age as well.

I feel like that would flesh out the worlds lore a bit more and would make all the characters have depth to them. Plus it would give Hasbro the chance to sell more toys as well.

What do you guys think? Is that the future of MLP: FIM you want to see or do you have something different in mind?  ^-^
Doopliss from Paper Mario - The thousand year door
Video Games Archive / How fast can you go?
2013 Nov 10, 03:03:15
Alt + Enter to switch to full screen.