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Saw this image a while ago. I'm a bit confused, what exactly is this? As you can see, it says the location is Moonlit Castle, and obviously the character playing is Flufflepuff. I'm not confused about Flufflepuff, I know the story behind that, just the location. Is this a location in development or something? :s
Art / Savannah as kirin
2021 Jan 09, 18:36:49
Here is my fursona kirinified! My first time posting my art on LoE.

so I know the batpony costume is limited time and its a quest and Im pretty sure that shop items arent limited time but the halloween costumes like sphinx costume, kirin, windigo, manticore are they limited time or are they like the bare bones suit and blossom dress and are always there? Please answer because I know at some point I'm coming back to LoE. ;)
I just downloaded the Hallowtide update, but when I try to run LoE it doesn't open anything. :c   Does anyone know how I can fix this???? I want dat kirin costume D: DD:   also I havent been on for a while Im sorry ono I miss this game I miss going to crystal caves and I miss all meh friends...
This is another hide and seek game that will be hosted by me, the pony ill be playing as is called Sakura Chan

Time 1:00 AM central time
Date 8/23/2020
Host Sakura Chan
Game mode crazy, hiders run from the seekers and the seekers wear hats and throw pillows to tag hiders
Location Whitetail park
Server Amareicas

this will be fun hide and seek so come bring your friends everypony is invited, and as always no flying or teleporting. Have fun!!
this just started a few days ago, when i log in to LoE to play the game and it starts loading it takes a while and says not responding and then eventually it loads and then when i finally get into the game i start to lag and if i travel somewhere it says not responding and loads forever and then in my opinion its just complete chaos as if Discord himself had gotten into my game does anyone have an idea whats going on or how i can fix it because this wasnt happening a few days ago and i already got the cat hair out of my ventilators and im not sure if that was the problem or if i should keep Jaco away from my pc please help me i wanna play like i used to
can anypony tell me what the original game controls are because a long time ago i changed the controls and now i cant turn while standing still like everypony else pls help!!!
I AM EQUESTRIAS NEW FURSUIT MAKER!!! If you would like a fursuit in the game, write a reply saying what color you would like it to be, patterns, etc. and tell me when you would like it, and i will try to make time. Also tell me what server you will be in, where you are in Equestria, and the exact time i should see you. Each fursuit will cost 50 bits or more, depending on what you order. Have fun in the new furry Equestria!!
i know it say no game suggestions but where else am i gonna put this so plz add fursuits for the ponies cuz i there probably me and a lot of others are furries so plz add fursuits
Video Games / play kogama its fun
2020 Jul 12, 20:25:44
KoGaMa is fun game play it friend me my username is Miku Princess of KawaiiWolfs and my friends usernames are nighthart, Haato Sumiko, jameshomes, and DEATHGIVER2010 i have more friends but im lazy so i didnt list all 105
Sign-Up Threads / pet show roleplay
2020 Jun 28, 13:17:43
so sometimes at my school we would do these roleplays where 1 or 2 of us would be the pet trainer and everyone else would be the animals and we would do tricks and jump through hoops and stuff and get rewarded with "treats" which in the game could be the food items so i was thinking that we could do a roleplay like that in the game.

Roleplay Signup Form


Pony's Name:

Pony Race:

Pony Gender:

Pony's Favorite Food:

Pony's Color:

Pony's Mane and Tail Color:

Pony's Age: (foal or adult)

That's it! I hope you have fun with this roleplay!   
i think they should add mikus ponytails to the game so we can make hatsune miku ponies!!!!!!!!
Introductions / Konichiwa y'all
2020 Jun 27, 20:36:38
my name is AwesomePossum (real name is Savannah) and i love japan i am veeeery obsessed with so i guess that kinda makes me a weeb my in game best friend is Sayuki-Chan and my ponies are Sakura Blossom, Hatsune Miku (i am huge fan) , Nyan Kyatto, and Jazz Matazz. I am often seen in the Heartlands or in the blue flowers near the forest hut in Evershade. My fav clothing items are sempai dress and kitty socks. As Sakura Blossom and Nyan Kyatto i have a pet cat. Sakura Blossom is my main pony. See u in Equestria!
i have noticed that people arent playing as much as they used to. I have watched many Youtube videos about the game and in all of them there were lots of players. This is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, and it just doesnt really seem massivley multiplayer anymore. In each room either I am the only one or there is one other person there. Does anybody have any thoughts or reasons why the game is not popular recently?