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: Don't do this to your own graphics card. You'll probably break it and cry. I don't explain the whole process of it and it will most likely not work for your own graphics card. If you chose to bake computer parts, do so at your own risk and be sure to serve with salad.

Today, my friend's younger brother had an issue with his computer that I sold to him recently. He had squiggles on his screen like this:

Spoiler: I found this image on the internet • show

This isn't his computer, I was smart enough to buy windows 7 for him ;)

I googled this and it was an issue with the graphics card. I felt bad and since I had an identical card, an EVGA 8800 GTX, we traded. I was going to buy a new GPU soonish anyway, so it wasn't a huge loss for me; but I was determined to not return to the dark days of integrated graphics. I went back to google to see if I could solve the issue, almost everyone recommended baking the card in the oven at exactly 385ºF for 8 minutes, and they all reported that it was successful for them. So I thought this may be a good idea.

Spoiler: maybe not • show

40 minutes of cooking and cooling later:

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And after making a mess with thermal paste and reinstalling the seemingly brand new card, it actually worked!

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Exciting story, isn't it? Was there ever a time you fixed a dead computer part through unconventional means?
Team Biographies / Nitrouspony
2012 Jul 16, 00:37:36
Hello everypony! I'm afraid you've stumbled upon one of the least interesting threads on all of these forums DD:

I'm Nitrouspony, one of the many talented artists on Legends of Equestria. My name is Eric Zahn, I'm only 15, and I joined this project a little over a year ago when it was EO. That was the same summer I became a brony and decided to start doing digital art. A lot of things I did back then were very mediocre in my eyes, especially compared to what I'm pushing out today. In only a year, I've learned how to do vector graphics, make Flash animations, make video, and "program" in JavaScript/ActionScript/UnityScript. Indirectly thanks to LoE.

Other things you may want to know about me are that I'm a Christian, I am South Korean-American,  I'm a procrastinator when it comes to being productive or sleeping, I try to make mobile games on iPhone and Android (I do have one released but it isn't that great so don't try and look for it), I love my Mac, I can't decide between Android and iPhone anymore, and SweBow is best pony.

Here's my dA if you're interested in art I might do:

I hope I keep improving and pushing out content at the rate I am now and I hope Legends of Equestria is one off the best games you will never pay for.