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*Here it is, @Peacekeeper @Gamepaw @Purple @waaaaaaah !
(Hopefully that notifies you guys, I still do not know how to do that properly)

In the year 1000 AR(After Luna's Reformation), the land of Equestria had started to dabble in the likes of alternatives to magic, in order to benefit the other races, and allow for greater work to be done, beyond the limits that magic had to offer.

A key piece of this was none other than Manehattan, particularly a company by the name of "Tecnolomagika Inc." who had been on the frontlines of the revolution since the beginning, figuring out new ways to do tasks usually done by unicorns, alongside discover new methods of securities and surveillance. Many conspiracies surround the company, some noting disappearances and "living stone," in the night as of late, but nothing has substantiated those claims. As such, it is business as usual in modern-day Manehattan.

That is, except for Raven and his companions, who were suddenly pulled into this Manehattan, during a requested travel to the future by Sparkle, with Raven attempting to fight against it.

The roleplay begins after that incident, when the TARDIS crashlands into a park in the daylight, luckily with its invisibility functional, with the crew having fell onto the floor, since Raven was unable to warn them in time. With smoke inside the TARDIS, they start to get up.

*I am aware that this could be better, and I apologize for not being the best with initiating roleplays. Hopefully, it will work out. For now, time to initiate the start of the roleplay itself.
Opening his eyes after the crashland, and recovering from the dizziness that occurred as a result, Raven stands up off the floor, leans on the console, and looks around at his companions, who all suffered a similar fate, due to his inability to forewarn them to the eventual crash.

Through the smoke in the room, Raven inquires: "Are all of you alright?"
Welcome to Code Lyoko: Equestrian Shadows!

If you wish to sign up, we currently have the main case established, but wouldn't mind an additional member, and we may need some side characters down the line, though I'll update the sign up thread if that opens up to be possible.

For those who have signed up already, apologies for the delay, let's get this show on the road! Any questions can be directed towards the soon-to-be-made OOC thread.

Myself and @Fake Smile will be responsible for the initial exchange with the first few posts, the others can connect with each other or whatever during that time. With that said, here's the first post:

Spoiler: show

The city of Canterlot, the shining capital of Equestria and all its inhabitants, alongside the home of two of the princesses. Of course, those who live in the city soon grow used to all the glitz and glam of the place, and become just another pawn of whatever game they find themselves locked into.

One of the prime secondary academic institutions of this shining city is the top school of the nation, Lunar Academy, named due to the nature of the redemption of Luna, after a darkness overtook her. Such darkness is symbolic of the ignorance that ponies began to have after basic education, some never achieving their marks during that time, having nowhere to turn to for many moons, and some ponies never finding their true nature, due to lack of understanding. With the school, and others like it, came a similar redemption as that of Luna, dispelling such darkness, and allowing students, young and old, Mark or Markless, to continue their education, at a price.

One student of this Academy is a lad named Raven, a very technologically-oriented academically-focused pony who, though attempting to keep many acquaintances, rarely found himself making any actual friends, though he was content nonetheless.

With today, given some free time after classes, Raven sought to explore a long-abandoned and mostly-forgotten factory, located near the outskirts of the school. Though the school wanted to demolish it, the historical nature of it has kept it safe for many moons, nobody messing with it in an effort to keep it preserved.

As Raven trots forth to the factory, he checks his coat pocket, to ensure his items were in there, a flashdrive, his phone, a bible, and his wallet. Making sure they're all there, he continues his trot, until arriving at the factory.

Noticing a thankfully open entrance, he goes inside, and looks around in awe at the architecture of the place. Despite its age, it still looked incredible, likely due to the architects that have come out of this city and Manehatten throughout time. What caught his eye the most though, was an old but unique-looking elevator. Going inside it, he finds a panel with numbers indicating floors.

Deciding to see if it works, he presses the button for the floor right below this one, and is shocked as the door closes and the elevator starts its descent. Intrigued, he thinks about why it would be operational, but isn't able to think for too long, before the door opens, and he finds a big room, with a big machine, like a supercomputer, turned off.

Taking the elevator down to the next floor, he sees a room with pods, that upon further investigation would allow for a pony to fit inside.

Going back to the elevator, and finally descending to the last floor, he finds a room with what looks like some sort of power device. Going over to it, he notices a switch, in the off position.

"Let's see what this does.." He says out loud, touching the switch, before flipping it up into the on position, causing a surge that knocks him back into the wall, and causing him momentary blindness.

When he recovers, he notices the pulsation of electricity flowing once more. Remembering the computer upstairs that was turned off prior, he takes the elevator back up, to find it active and operational.

Heading over to a chair in front of a fairly big monitor, he turns on the computer itself, and the monitor, on, to reveal what looked like a sleeping pony.

Confused, he looks at everything and admires it all.

"Wow..this seems like a very complex set-up here..I wonder what all this is capable of. There's even a virtual avatar on here..a helper maybe?" He rattles, looking around the computer, trying to figure it all out, distracted from the virtual pony for the moment.

Not my best starter post, but for something typed quickly on a mobile device, shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully this roleplay goes well!
Team Biographies / Jcfraven
2015 Dec 09, 17:11:11
Good day fine fellows of LoE!

Many of you have probably seen me in the roleplay section of the forum, or chatting it up in the Chatbox, but if I haven't met you yet, my name, at least on the forum, is Jcfraven, and I'm 15 years of age.

Before I became part of LoE, I worked for a non-profit organization, for approximately three years, serving in a moderation position primarily, but also temporarily an administrative position as well.

I came onto LoE as part of the HR Experiment some time ago. While it was interesting, it eventually was determined that I'd be better in a different role, which ended up being Implementation and Client Testing, and thus is what you see me as now.

Though I'm still relatively new, I hope to continue to work towards making this game the best it can be, so you all have the best experience possible.

If you ever need someone to chat to, or simply want to say hi or something, feel free to message me! You'll probably find me in the Chatbox as well.

Have a good day all of you!
Note: This is the main thread for the "Code Lyoko: Equestrian Shadows" roleplay. If you're looking for the Jump-In, go to "Royal Crown University[Jump-In][CL]" Thread.

All information regarding the roleplay is in the Sign-Up Thread(Located here:, but the story is reposted below:
Spoiler: show

Many moons ago, in a now-abandoned factory in the city of Canterlot, a system was made by the secret order of the crown, that could be used to control the city and Equestria as a whole, which was to be used by the order and the rulers of the land to monitor and control whatever was needed. After a short time of it being active however, strange occurrences began happening, leading to the shutting down of the system, and the abandonment of the factory as a whole, for a reason never disclosed. As a new student of the Royal Crown University, and somepony interested in mystery, Raven Star decides to check out this old factory, and what he finds he may end up wishing he never did.

Note to the Moderators and the curious: This thread is only for Factory/Lyoko Sequences in this roleplay, thus this won't be as commonly used as the Jump-In Thread, so if it appears inactive, that's why.

Now, to start this off, here's the first post:
Spoiler: show

Trotting along a rarely-trodden-upon path, a stallion of grey makes his way into the old factory of Canterlot, on the hunt for any sort of technological equipment perhaps left behind when it was abandoned.

Soon he arrives, and finds that it's rather easy to get into, strange considering the possible danger. After spending some time looking around and finding nothing of any true worth to him, he was about to leave, before noticing an elevator shaft, that still looked in fairly decent shape. Curiosity consuming him, he proceeds to go into the elevator, and clicking the floor button of the floor nearest to him, unmarked. After a few seconds, the elevator surprisingly moves, carrying him down into whatever is below the factory.

Before too long, the doors of the elevator open to reveal a big room, a rather strange one at that. There appeared to be something in the floor, but otherwise it was fairly empty. He then proceeds to travel one more floor below, finding a room with four total unidentified pods. Finally, he goes one more floor below, and finds a switch, connected to a large machine, which appears to be a power switch. Looking at it, he thinks to himself whether or not he should flip it.

"Well, I won't know what it is until I do, I suppose," The grey stallion states, proceeding to grasp the switch with his magic.

"Let's hope I won't have regrets after this.." He says, before flipping it, turning on the mysterious device, blinding him for a few seconds from the bright light emitted from it. Looking at it again, he sees that it's active, and goes back up to the first floor he went down to, to see if something had changed. Sure enough, the before-hidden machine is now visible, and looks to be a sort of computer of sorts, a chair also present. Taking a seat, he boots into the computer.

"Wow, this is an incredible set-up," He says, typing on the keys with his hooves((which works, because you know, logic and all that), looking around in it. After a bit, a feed pops up, of a female..human?

"Woah, there's a virtual girl in there. Interesting how it was programmed like the humans of legend," He thinks out loud, the girl on the screen waking up in the process.

"Hello?" She states, making the stallion be taken aback.

"You can talk?" He asks.

"I suppose so, considering I currently am," She responds, making him rub the back of his head.

"True. So, who are you? Also, what is all of this?" He inquires, as the girl looks back a bit confused.

"I'm not sure what my name is, and I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to, but if you're talking about where I am, I'm in my home, a tower of sorts," She replies.

"Well, until we figure it out, how about I just call you..Leafa?" He offers off the top of his head, given the color of her hair and clothing.

"I suppose that should be alright," Leafa says. "What is yours?" She asks, as he realizes he never introduced himself.

"Oh, right! My name is Raven, Raven Star," Raven responds.

"Hm, I like that name, suits your colors," She says, making him blush a bit. He eventually finds a map of sorts of the area Leafa is in.

"T-Thank you. In any case, Leafa, is there any way for you leave where you are currently, and give me a visual of what you see?" He requests.

"I suppose I can try," She says, before looking around her resting place, the interior of a tall structure. Going to the end of one of the shorter legs of the platform she's on, she touches the wall, not able to locate anything.

"Raven? There's not anything her-" She begins to say, before finally discovering the "door", exiting into the world of Lyoko.

"Leafa? Are you alright?" He asks, a bit concerned.

"I'm fine, I'm trying to get you a visual," She responds, before allowing him to view what she was seeing.

"That's amazing, it's a whole virtual world of sorts," He says excitedly, pulling up more information found on the computer. In the mean time, Leafa was going around, before encountering two creatures in front of her.

"Um, Raven? There appears to be two..creatures in front of me," She states, worriedly.

"Creatures? Amazing! There's a system of life programmed on there as well, this is.." He rambles on, as one of the creatures takes aim at Leafa.

"Raven?" She states as he's rambling, before one of them starts firing at her. "Raven! They're attacking me!" She shouts, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Run back to where you were, I'm assuming that tower!" He states to her, who gladly agrees. After dodging the firing, she makes it back into the tower safe and sound, to the relief of both.

"Are you okay?" He asks.

"Yes, thank you. I don't know what those were, I can't seem to remember much of anything," She says, downcast.

"It's alright. I think I've discovered a few things worth noting. You're in a world known as Lyoko, a virtual world of unknown origin. In the world, there are different sectors, the Forest Sector, which I believe you're in, the Desert Sector, the Ice Sector, and the Mountain Sector. Each of these have towers like yours, but I'm unsure why. I'm also not sure how to access them, but we'll figure that out later, I suppose. I need to head back to my school, but I'm going to attempt to connect Lyoko to my computer so I can stay in contact with you and research the world a bit more. I'll try to find more information for you, alright?" He explains.

"That sounds fine, thank you, Raven," She says, smiling. Raven smiles back, and copies some files to his personal flashdrive he brought with him.

"Not a problem, I'll see you later, Leafa," He replies, before heading back up to the elevator, to go back to the school.

*I'm aware that was a horrendous first post on every possible level. The good news is, I shouldn't have to make a long one again for a while, so we shouldn't have another situation to that effect. This was to serve as a basic introduction to the story, simply to start it.

-To the "Royal Crown University[Jump-In][CL]" Thread until the time comes to use this-
Hello new students, and welcome to yet another year at the Royal Crown University, in the remarkable city of Canterlot! We have a rich historical background at this school, as you all know, being the first and most long-standing university in this fair city!

We have a wide range of activities and clubs for you to be a part of, even allowing you to make your own if you wish! In addition to that, the school offers trips and different events throughout time, should you wish to participate in them.

Be sure to follow the rules and guidelines, or you will have to speak to Principal Rose! Have a great year, students!

This is a Jump-In roleplay, part of the Code Lyoko: Equestrian Shadows Universe. Alongside those who decide to play solely on this end, the main cast of CL:ES will also be present here during times they're not present in the world of Lyoko or the Factory(if you don't know what either is, that's alright, anything you need to know will be stated).

As part of that universe, this is a universe combining the Pony and EQG Universes respectively, meaning that everyone's a pony, but the technology is like it is in EQG(in other words, effectively our real life level(if not slightly more so, from what I've gathered from it)).

In order to keep things a bit organized here, I have some information, alongside some rules/guidelines that need to be followed and understood:

  • Throughout the roleplay, there will be events involving a "character" named XANA. When an event of this sort is active, I will make a post saying 'XANA Activated', and explaining what's going on, and where, alongside a bit of story to start it(it won't just bang-happen, there will be some build-up). From there, if you are somewhere which this is active in, you must adapt your roleplay around such occurring. For example, if bees are starting to swarm, take note of it, and try to get away or fight them, that kind of thing.

  • When "Team Lyoko"(the main cast) completes their mission, another post will be made stating the following. When this post is made, in order to not cause anger and/or confusion, you simply move on not remembering anything done by XANA(any damage and the like is repaired), adapting appropriately(stung by a killer bee in a swarm? Stung by a regular stray bee instead, for example): "Xana: Deactivated, Return To The Past Complete"

  • You are not allowed inside the Factory or any respective passageways, in any capacity. You are allow to talk about it, be around it, reference it, etc., but not enter it.

  • You're allowed to make clubs in the roleplay, but you need to keep them appropriate in regards to the forum rules.

  • Don't pretend to know anything about the Factory or Lyoko, the only thing you know is that there is an abandoned factory. You can overhear the main cast, but you have to forget that information upon Return To The Past.

  • You're allowed to leave and be outside the Campus, except during the nighttime hours(which will be indicated accordingly), but you can't leave the city of Canterlot(unless by School Events/Trips).

  • Throughout time, different events and trips will be made available for the students to partake in. In order to partake in them, come to where the post will say for you to go, and from there, it'll be straightforward.

  • You are allowed to distract and hinder the main cast, but be sure not to overdo it(conversations and the like).

Also, additional notes:

  • No Alicorns

  • No superpowers/OP Abilities

  • Nothing violating basic common sense with roleplays

Additional Notes for "Team Lyoko":

  • This thread will be used for all communications and actions apart from during the Factory/Lyoko Sequences(if you're in the factory and communicating to someone outside the factory, you may use this thread).

  • You're not allowed to talk about Lyoko, or the Factory, to anyone outside the main cast. During cases of XANA, it is possible that you'd have to mention that there are monsters that want to harm them, and briefly state what's going on to an inquiring mind, and that's acceptable. Use common sense, basically.

  • You can do anything a normal Jump-In individual can during the "down times", even Trips/Events.

  • Be sure to respond to others of the crew if an attempt to contact is made.

If you are jumping in, or posting for the first time from Team Lyoko, list the following information:
Spoiler: show

Age(18+, since this is a university):
Picture/Visual Description:

Most importantly, have fun!

My information:
Spoiler: show

Name: Raven Star
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Introverted/Shy, with a fear of being alone. Few know his true self due to his seemingly extroverted exterior, and the passion and will he has to fight for those he loves and cares about, and for what he believes in.
Picture/Description Of Looks:
*Also with Prescription Glasses

Post Merge

Time of day: Afternoon

Raven Star sits in the outdoor sitting area, typing on his laptop, waiting on his three friends. He always enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, the fresh smells and the consistently freshly-trimmed grass and the like, and a sense of calmness about the place.
Hello to the OOC of a brand-new roleplay, Code Lyoko: Equestrian Shadows!

This OOC is to be used for both RP Threads relevant to CL:ES, which are "Lyoko Journies[Sign-Up][CL]" and "Royal Crown University[Jump-In][CL]", in order to address any issues, chat amongst eachother, and solve any issues that may come up within the roleplay.

In order to keep things organized, I'd like for those posting specifically about something pertaining to Lyoko or the Factory to indicate as such at the start of the post. Also, if you're in need of something specifically from me, either message me or mention me in your post.