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Resolved Issues / Guest Account Banned?
2015 Apr 08, 10:23:08
Hey all, been awile... I was Lucky I had my old tablet still perma logged in to the forum but... I can not log in anymore to the forums. D:

All I get is the error of guest account is banned.  o.O
I have a new phone and I can't even get the register page to load... Even the user name / password in the upper right corner gives the same error when I type it in.
Is this due to the ddos attack or a mistake that the guest accout was banned?

I wont have my tab so if you could be so kind as to E-mail me back? If not I will have to catch the reply after work. Thanks  ^-^

Miss chatting with everyone   :c

Just wondering when the chat box on the forum will return?

saw no update on this so just thought I'd ask ^-^
As a New Year rolls in, another steps forward into the world of... My Little Pony... O:

At first when I thought of MLP, I was thinking, "eh, its just another girl kids show."
But I think the battle with Tirek (and a HUGE fan base  ^-^) was what got me into it. I was just thumbing through the channels and thought, "eh, why not. My daughter will love it"
The next thing I knew I was watching Twilight's Kingdom Part 1, then 2.... Then starting with season 1, episode 1 through to the very last episode of season 4.
So far Discord is my favorite (must be the whole Trekkie thing seeing John de Lancie play a Q like character in MLP).
As well as seeing Weird Al Yankovic as Cheese Sandwich in Pinkey Pride lol

So yeah... It's official... I have been branded with Brony by my friends but I guess friendship is magic because they are still my friends :D
After thumbing through Youtube for MLP stuff for my daughter (and myself  :P ) I found gameplay for Legends of Equestria and was pulled in.
Looking forward to its development as well as hanging out with other fellow fans here in the forums  ovO