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ATI Raedon HD
Quote from: FanofRainbowDash on 2013 Jul 09, 08:38:27
Yes. Servers are now closed for.... WHO KNOWS HOW LONG????  :c

Quote from: hypereddie on 2013 Jul 08, 18:43:46
Just sent in my application for programmer. Even though most of the stuff on my github ( is Java, C# is very similar. If they need example work for C#, I'll make some/post some  ^-^.

Funny enough, I'd barely touched C# or Unity before a few days or a week or something before I was interviewed and don't know barely any Java, besides that it's like a lamer C#. I just knew my way around some C++, python, javascript, PHP, some other stuff. Picking up C# was easy enough from there and now it and the rest of the .NET environment are definitely my favorite. Unity's pretty rad too.

Another thing is I wanted to apply a really long time ago, around 2011, but never sent the email because I thought I wasn't good enough. I wonder if I would've gotten in then.

It'll be cool working with a new programmer if we get one!

I coded this over the course of two days for the Crystal Gaming Challenge. The art's from Anya and the SFX are from Durpy. Try it out!  :D

would've been relevant to the forum heading if I'd've posted it in pony offtopic
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 Jun 16, 19:11:00
Quote from: Zbizo on 2013 Jun 16, 18:25:26
Quote from: Tekner on 2013 Jun 16, 03:09:30
Quote from: Zbizo on 2013 Jun 15, 18:32:02
If you're planning to pay for dedicated server I doubt if they have three days offer, otherwise what's the problem to keep it online any longer?
What makes you think we have to purchase dedicated servers just for the stress test? We already pay to host servers for our own purposes. The stress test just lets you guys log into them for a few days.

I thought that you're using dedicated server only to keep up game servers online and closed tests are like hosted on home PC for certain hours, but nevermind. Yours and Chrishio's post are explaining everything well.

Team members are able to log into the game to check things out and make sure that everything looks right and works right.

When the open server event is over, fans won't be able to log on anymore because the team will disable your account's ability to log into the game.

But I'll still be able to log in. Are you saying I'm not a fan?  DD:
Artist Showcases / Re: June Artist Showcase
2013 Jun 17, 00:48:28
Cool, I like the book
Resolved Issues / Re: Like a post Button
2013 Jun 16, 20:54:19
maybe I'll make it a part of my script that hides topics in the new replies / unread posts page
Quote from: Rikaria on 2013 Jun 07, 16:52:50
Sorry, let me clarify: I still have the files from the previous pre-Alpha event. Where are they located on my PC so I can delete them?

Check your user/downloads, my documents/downloads, desktop, and my documents folders.

Hey Ellowee, any news about a certain staff belonging to a pony who spawned from a pile of stupid? Or any fly traps? Have you met my friend derpyy the robot?
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2013 Jun 07, 19:34:08
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2013 Jun 02, 20:44:17
photon-absorbing horsefeet
Ozzy Ozbark
The Retirement Home / Re: Do you like sit?
2013 May 28, 14:49:24
public static void main(string[] args)
    Console.WriteLine("sugarcube pls");
Quote from: Jenzy on 2013 Mar 08, 20:09:50
I'm not sure if I'm legible...

I can read your text just fine
Quote from: Julius on 2013 Feb 17, 17:06:44
Holy Muffins it plays with 3G! O:

I'd love to chat and ask questions, but it seems this chat is limited to those using the app. :l

Oh well, I can still watch and listen! :')

Well that was fun! ^-^

Shame I couldn't really talk with anypony, buy I did get to hear some pretty interesting stuff!

I got a request though. Could you guys link me to the Twitter of... Oh man, I don't know who that was to be honest... X3

I assume it was... Blue Ink? Yeah, if Blue Ink is a girl! Thank you! :)

Chat might've worked if you had the browser request the desktop site
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2013 Jan 29, 18:36:21