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Quote from: Maple Melody on 2014 Apr 17, 12:14:46
I have a Mac and I don't know if this is just me being (not so) clever but, its coming up with an error message when I try to open it saying it 'quit unexpectedly'.

Will it work once the servers are up?

Please go to the Apple Menu > 'About this Mac' and click more info so that you get to a window like this.

Then take a screen shot of the window with Command ⌘+Shift+4 and attach the image here.
I wish I could click all of them. I have OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 7 HP, and Ubuntu 12.04 (Ubuntu is a linux distro btw).

Triple booting is fun, I can reboot quickly (each has their own SSD) and be in any environment I want to be in. I use OS X as my main OS and only use Windows for gaming. I occasionally go on Ubuntu when I want to play around with the OS. Out of these three OSes that I installed on my PC, Ubuntu was the easiest to install. I guess that's because they expect you to install it on a PC that comes with an OS.

For OS X users. The Mac version of the game was compiled with windows, which doesn't understand how the applications works, so that's why LoE isn't running. Your version of Unity or Unity Webplayer does not affect whether a unity game will run or not.

What you need to do is fix the permissions for the .app file. Here's a little command file that'll do it for you.

Just put the file in the same folder that you have the LoE_OSX application file in (and make sure it's called LoE_OSX or it won't work) and then open the .command file. A Terminal window will open and close and the game should work. Have Fun!
Spoiler: Disclaimer • show
: Don't do this to your own graphics card. You'll probably break it and cry. I don't explain the whole process of it and it will most likely not work for your own graphics card. If you chose to bake computer parts, do so at your own risk and be sure to serve with salad.

Today, my friend's younger brother had an issue with his computer that I sold to him recently. He had squiggles on his screen like this:

Spoiler: I found this image on the internet • show

This isn't his computer, I was smart enough to buy windows 7 for him ;)

I googled this and it was an issue with the graphics card. I felt bad and since I had an identical card, an EVGA 8800 GTX, we traded. I was going to buy a new GPU soonish anyway, so it wasn't a huge loss for me; but I was determined to not return to the dark days of integrated graphics. I went back to google to see if I could solve the issue, almost everyone recommended baking the card in the oven at exactly 385ºF for 8 minutes, and they all reported that it was successful for them. So I thought this may be a good idea.

Spoiler: maybe not • show

40 minutes of cooking and cooling later:

Spoiler: Best enjoyed with applejuice • show

And after making a mess with thermal paste and reinstalling the seemingly brand new card, it actually worked!

Spoiler: don't mind my bad camera • show

Exciting story, isn't it? Was there ever a time you fixed a dead computer part through unconventional means?
I built my computer recently and I wish my $650 budget was $1500.

He's a little awkward but he knows what he's talking about. Also the video is pretty old, so a lot of the things are outdated.

I don't know much about AMD, so if you only want to play games, get an Intel i5 because usually games only will use 4 cores in your cpu, and the cpu doesn't do much of the heavy lifting in games anyway. If you wan to do something like live streaming, you'd want to go with an i7 because hyper threading will give you plenty of threads to stream and play games at the same time.

If you do get an intel LGA 1155 CPU, be sure it's unlocked with a K at the end of its name and your motherboard has the Z77 chipset so you can overclock your CPU, RAM and some other third thing.

If you want SLI or CrossFire, don't do it. You'd get more performance for less money and power if you get a single high end card rather than 2 lower end cards. Unless of course you want 2 680s, but with your budget, I don't think that's possible. Although getting a motherboard that supports SLI is a good idea because rather than buying a whole new gpu in the future, you can just add on another card and you will be ok for the next million years. Even if you get a AMD card, get a motherboard that supports SLI because in general the motherboards that only support CrossFire will have much lower bandwidth on the lower PCIe slot.

But if you know you'll never do SLI or CrossFire ever, mini-ITX motherboard like this one are tiny and awesome, and let you get cool cases like this one.

RAM is cheap as noodles compared to your budget, so get all the RAM. 16 or 32, but 8 will be ok if you're budget becomes tight.

If you want a quiet computer, make sure to buy some PWM fans, because, like the motherboard I bought, I only have PWM fan headers with no voltage control. Chances are, your case will only have 3 pin fans like mine did.

And if you do do water cooling, I've seen that Thermaltake's closed loop coolers have better performance than the water coolers from corsair. The water2.0 pro I like because it can fit in the case's exhaust fan slot (which is pretty much every case) and it controls the fan and pump speed through the motherboard without Windows software intervention.

Final thought, get an SSD.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: SweBow has SANG!!!
2013 Jan 05, 21:54:13
Quote from: Kit on 2013 Jan 05, 20:31:28
SweBow did sing during the Skype call, but apparently livestream cut out at the time.  Such a shame.  Yes yes.  Most unfortunate.

It was true, Swebow's singing was the best thing I've ever heard. I'm still curious as to how he got that orchestra to play in his home for him.
Quote from: ComputerDeathglare on 2012 Dec 25, 19:10:17
Is it bad all I understand is that the Balloon Party album art is in the background?

But what about the eagle? That's the most important part!
The only think I got was a Samsung.

Spoiler: So shiny and new and I need a better camera • show

I knew SSDs were fast, but this is just ridiculous.

Spoiler: show

The only thing I had on my old hard drive was Windows 7. Maybe next year I'll get a SATA to USB cable. :(
Done. I didn't study, I hope I did well.
Video Games Archive / Re: Forza Horizon
2012 Nov 10, 02:17:02
I've only played the demo, so I can't give an accurate opinion, but I agree, that game is fantastic.

Although the simulation is still there, I can tell the game is geared towards the arcade style, for example how much easier it is to drift on those huge sweeper turns in the Mustang vs. Mustang level. But despite that, the game still makes me feel like I'm actually driving. A lot of the Need for Speed games, even simulation games like Shift, are simply flat out through turns while you push the control stick in any direction so that you can be right on the racing line.

So mixing Forza's simulation with the action racing style that it has in this amazing balance of awesome makes it one of the best games I've played. I especially enjoy how they kept the manual w/ clutch and the cockpit camera, those were actually my favorite new things in  Forza 3. :3

I'm definitely going to buy this game.
Every time I want a new desktop, I make one. Unless of course I'm feeling exceptionally lazy and I use the default wallpapers :P

I had this one for a really long time.
Spoiler: I should use 16-bit color next time • show

This is the one I have now because I like how it turned out.
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Quote from: Darckwar on 2012 Oct 09, 18:20:32
BOO i cant get in  DD: D: (internal exception: java,net,socketException: connection reset)
I have not be on minecraft in some time so i for got what to do.

You can't connect to a tekkit server with the stock Minecraft. You need to get the Tekkit client/launcher thing from the site in the original post.

Click the big green button that says "Download the Technic Launcher" then select your OS.
The Retirement Home / Re: Colts vs Fillies
2012 Sep 30, 21:10:17

Is this how you math?
2x2GB of PC3-10600 RAM...

How did this get on my desk?
The Retirement Home / Re: Car Enthusiast
2012 Sep 04, 21:33:02
Quote from: McSleuthburger on 2012 Sep 04, 18:54:30
current drive: 98 Grand Cheerokee Limited w/5.9L engine (probs has a faster 0-60mph than the porshe :3 )

Against a standard 911 and with an engine that big, I wouldn't doubt it :]

I don't drive, but I've always liked Asian cars, and the Lexus LFA is one of the best looking cars I've ever seen on my life.
Spoiler: show

I remember when this car first came out as a concept and it didn't look as awesome.
Spoiler: Concept car from 2005 I think • show

I also really love the Subaru BRZ, because not only does it look very much like the LFA, but it's the best at finishing drag races [link].

But if I could secure more money than I will ever have, I'd love to get a Subaru WRX STi when I get my license :P But I'd really be happy with anything that has manual transmission and a good A/C because it's hot in Texas :c
Some of my other favorites are the 1984-1997 Nissan 240SX, Acura NSX, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 459, and 2010+ Ford Mustang <3
Team Biographies / Nitrouspony
2012 Jul 16, 00:37:36
Hello everypony! I'm afraid you've stumbled upon one of the least interesting threads on all of these forums DD:

I'm Nitrouspony, one of the many talented artists on Legends of Equestria. My name is Eric Zahn, I'm only 15, and I joined this project a little over a year ago when it was EO. That was the same summer I became a brony and decided to start doing digital art. A lot of things I did back then were very mediocre in my eyes, especially compared to what I'm pushing out today. In only a year, I've learned how to do vector graphics, make Flash animations, make video, and "program" in JavaScript/ActionScript/UnityScript. Indirectly thanks to LoE.

Other things you may want to know about me are that I'm a Christian, I am South Korean-American,  I'm a procrastinator when it comes to being productive or sleeping, I try to make mobile games on iPhone and Android (I do have one released but it isn't that great so don't try and look for it), I love my Mac, I can't decide between Android and iPhone anymore, and SweBow is best pony.

Here's my dA if you're interested in art I might do:

I hope I keep improving and pushing out content at the rate I am now and I hope Legends of Equestria is one off the best games you will never pay for.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2012 Jul 11, 01:25:08
June 1, 2011 a date that is very easy to remember. :D
I've been a brony for more than a year. :3
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2012 Jun 07, 00:09:11
There's only one thing really...

Why do I hate this car so much >:(
The Retirement Home / Re: Ballon Party!
2012 Jun 06, 23:53:35
I've been listening to the album non-stop for the past two days! So many awesome songs but I have no idea which one is my favorite! DD:
But iTunes tells me its either Boooring! by Assertive Fluttershy, New Fluttershy by Fooz, or Melody by Aviators. B)