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(I am not 100% sure everyone is entirely connected here, but it could just be how early it is making me kind of confused. As such, I am simply going to post a general reply, rather than a direct response.)

Galloping to the scene of what had just went down, having heard the commotion, Raven rushes to the side of who had been knocked out, and looks around the scene, asking "What happened this time?" as tries to carefully put the pony on his back, to bring her to the nurse.
You have piqued my interest with this roleplay, so much so that I am willing to try to be part of it, even though I technically "left" the forum part of LoE.

As such, here is my application. Finally a reason to use this character beyond my failed attempt of making a good roleplay.

Name: Raven
Age(around 11-14): 14
Role (Student, Bully{Be careful, regular bullies can be told on}, Teacher): Student
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Theme song: Weird request, I do not really have one for him. However, given the nature of how the character is, I would say "Monster - DotEXE," "Bad Apple," or "Angel of Darkness."
Info: Fascinated with history, and is defensive of those he cares about. While a student and not a bully, he is not afraid to target those who cause problems for him or others.
Introductions / Re: Leave of Absence Thread
2016 Dec 25, 16:37:29
I am assuming that this thread is still allowed to be posted in, since it is tagged, so I am going to do so.

In an effort to reset my priorities, I will be leaving indefinitely from these forums(at least, the thread side of it). This has nothing to do with any kind of drama, no situation, nor any of the people here, simply an effort on my part in real life to improve and grow. I am posting it here because it does not mean permanently, and I may hop back on every now and again to chat on the Chatbox, but otherwise, I am likely not to post on, nor make, any more threads.

Also, whenever the game releases, I will see about playing it, should anyone be curious on that note.

Anyway, that is the end of my post. I pray you all have a blessed one!

P.S: To Sparkle and Peace, you guys know how to reach me, should you want/need to. Those mediums will remain.
Well, the Talent Mark of an OC represents the talent or nature of being of an OC. To determine that, you must decide what you want your OC to be. Who is "River Dream"? Why is "River Dream"? What is "River Dream"? Those are the three questions you must answer.
Quote from: pfiutek1 on 2016 Dec 24, 18:42:57
iam 29 from europe experience in gaming i have and i can give a moderator opinion [emoji14]

I mean their opinion of you.
Quote from: pfiutek1 on 2016 Dec 24, 12:27:05
I didnt got it and it make me sad. Wonder what criteria was taken into consideration. ono >.<

Everything on the form was considered heavily, but four main factors overall, if I recall correctly, were age, location, prior experience, and moderator opinion.

The last one I can definitely attest to, the other three are if I recall correctly.
Quote from: Purple on 2016 Dec 24, 09:29:14
((Really sorry about that everyone x3 i'm currently out of town, and i'm driving home today.  Also, Merry christmas everyone ^^))

*Merry Christmas to you Sparkle, I pray you have a blessed one.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Dec 24, 10:15:01

Quote from: Thundergirl on 2016 Dec 24, 04:13:38
It isn't right for those to offer junk food to the kids (not me!!! :3)I think I am lucky they don't offer food in our schools. We eat whatever. In junior high school, too , I am not sure about senior high school.
Where is the country they "deliver" food in schools?

Isn't it bad for you guys  to bring something from your home to eat?

If you mean kids ordering food, such happens in the United States in some schools, pizza deliveries and other things being delivered to the school as though it was a house.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Dec 23, 17:05:30
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2016 Dec 22, 23:59:03
I'm getting fat, FAST. Something about having unlimited access to all the food I want and spending 8 hours a day sitting in a classroom causes weight gain. Who'd have thought that?

They really don't do us any favors with the food they give us access to. Somewhere between all the burgers, fries, hot dogs, tacos, chicken tenders, cakes, and pies I'm gaining my slicksleeve 15 (Yes, I made that term up on the spot). The hot meal line usually has junk like chilli Mac, lasagna, and fried chicken. The grilled salmon is delicious, but they only have it maybe once a week.

Somehow I've got to get my diet in check before I pop out of my ABU blouse. Raiding the salad bar every meal will get bland fast, though. It's ridiculous they don't give us access to more healthy foods. The food is delicious, but it's not helping my pt scores.

I have always heard that the food they offer tastes amazing, the fact of there not being much in the way of health though gives food for thought(pun intentional).
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Dec 20, 08:33:52
Quote from: Ryo_D_Disk on 2016 Dec 20, 08:29:45
No No you are correct my copy paste introductions do need updating and yes I agree that it's standardised post is a bit stale. However two points I would like to counterpoint in my defence. First I find it useful to give all users a nice introduction in some form rather than leaving nothing its more unwelcoming to have no responses and not feel welcome than have someone take the time even if its a copy paste to respond to them.

Second it's designed as an informative post leading users to sections of the forums that I've found in the past get overlooked and not many people are aware of how much we do offer.

but as I previously stated you are correct my introduction is a copy paste and since I have been absent for some time I chose to spend my time catching up with introduction content and while working I don't have enough time to write a personalised message for every user this is true. 

My argument is why can't more users post on the introductions thread we are a good strong community I remember a time where I struggled to be the first person to greet someone and now I'm able to welcome a user who is over a month old with no issues about being first.

Everyone just saying hello would be good for people it makes new users become regular users, even makes them stick to be veteran users. If it wasn't for the kindness of when I first joined back in the old days I wouldn't have stayed for all these years.

I do want to say that I hope I did not come off hostile, that was not my intention. You have good points, it is mostly my past that makes me more annoyed at it then I probably should be.

It is sad that there is not more in the way of replies to those threads nowadays, perhaps that will change in due time, who knows.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Dec 20, 08:21:46
Quote from: LunarDusk on 2016 Dec 20, 08:20:54
Ah, so about most of the intro posts that new users make are too similar?..That reminds me...I still didnt make one myself lol

I meant the people who reply to the threads, my bad :p.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Dec 20, 06:46:08
When you see that all the recent intro posts, and most every intro thread, have the same copied and pasted message as the last one. Nothing more welcoming than having the same message mass-produced and given to you. I still remember helping to get such an act banned somewhere else, albeit with a few other reasons than it not being a welcoming gesture to the community(most notably, it being effectively spam).

That may seem like a dumb complaint, but I refer you to the first post, where the original intention of this thread exists.
*I may join this, but it will be a few days.
*I actually asked for Sparkle(Purple) to take over the reigns, but she appears to be inactive(from what I can tell).
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Dec 15, 13:31:49
No. Well from what I believe.

haven't gotten responses from Lunar, Misty, and Aqua on my side. I still yet to hear one word from SSP and Kat the Skeleton. i added them a grace period because of winter break exams and finals. so i will see if the can return by monday. if not, unfortunately i will have to drop them.

Just as a note: for some people, they have exams during the coming week, so making the deadline Monday may be a bit unfair in that regard, to some people, even though personally, the weekend should provide ample time to at least say "Sorry, I will be gone until_____." Just wanted to mention it.
Original Characters / Re: OC
2016 Dec 11, 21:35:46

There is the non-broken version. For future reference, you have to get the direct link.
"May a better day fall upon the land," Raven says, as he follows suit with Peace.
I think that has an add-on you can use for your browser, fionnafire.
Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2016 Dec 03, 19:39:06
Peacemaker to Raven: *Close to ear* Yea... Seems Heartswarming Even never happened, and this guy is pretty discriminating. Let's just talk about outside cause I don't want anything more to happen, especially to ya guys and Keeper.

"Worry not about me, but I agree. Whenever you are ready, we should try to find a neutrality area," He replies.
Introductions Archive / Re: Umm... Hi
2016 Dec 03, 18:38:15
Welcome to the Legends of Equestria forum!

We accept all individuals with open arms, and as a former introvert myself, I can tell you that this is a good place to be, to interact in roleplays, play the game(when it is open), and chat in the Chatbox.

Hopefully I see you in a roleplay, and if you ever have any questions, or need anything, feel free to message me, and I will try to answer to the best of my ability(though do note that my information may be outdated).

Have a blessed one!