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Resolved Issues / Guest Account Banned?
2015 Apr 08, 10:23:08
Hey all, been awile... I was Lucky I had my old tablet still perma logged in to the forum but... I can not log in anymore to the forums. D:

All I get is the error of guest account is banned.  o.O
I have a new phone and I can't even get the register page to load... Even the user name / password in the upper right corner gives the same error when I type it in.
Is this due to the ddos attack or a mistake that the guest accout was banned?

I wont have my tab so if you could be so kind as to E-mail me back? If not I will have to catch the reply after work. Thanks  ^-^

Miss chatting with everyone   :c
This is why I personally think EG movie series really has nothing to do with FiM with all the tweak and changes of the characters and randomness story lines wrapped around music playing humanoid pony's... Yeah, I really don't care where this derailed train is going...

Spoiler: show
Plus no soccer? Well then again they did not play any soccer other then when Twilight and Rainbow Dash played really... Maybe they cancelled it due to the budget cuts from the repairs from Sunset Shimmer demon tantrum?  :3

I just want to see where DJ-Pon3 (aka Vinyl Scratch) is going in the EG series, I mean at least they did a good job with the short "Music to my Ears"

All I can say is being yourself is the best possible outcome.

I for one have been a closet brony from season 2 on, I felt that not letting anyone know was kinda a bummer as I was afraid on what they might have said or done. But now I just don't care what anyone thinks.

There are 7 billion people on this planet, why let a few million make you feel any less of who you are?

Quote from: Zsaszz on 2015 Mar 12, 03:32:33
Heists were recently released on GTA Online(March 10 to be more precise) and they are really fun to play, several missions of planning before the big one, and a really nice amount of money if you complete them.

Still waiting on my 1.2mill pre order PC version  lol
As of right now, been messing around with Space Engineers, Minecraft, Euro Truck Sim 2 MP, and Skyrim mods  ^-^
I figured they were gonna do something about "equality" and how all being the same takes the magic out of friendship...

I think they could have gone without the...
Spoiler: show
Okay with all the "Spoilers" looked over I only have one thing to say about all this...

Spoiler: show
MLP Season 5 is totally Spoiling Equality

Also I already figured this episode out... (I think)
Think back to Star Trek... The Borg? I sense John De Lancie is behind this

Yup... I went there :P

Also here are the Mane 6, Season 5 Teaser Trailers all wrapped up into 1 without the silly "buy our stuff" at the end.
For those of you who have not watched them or needed a refresher  ^-^

Off-Topic Archive / Re: Valentine's day
2015 Feb 08, 19:05:01
Quote from: LaptopBrony on 2015 Feb 08, 18:54:54
I'll be at work, naturally.  It's Saturday.

Which works out perfectly because this so called holiday depresses me every year and it's better for me to be at work not thinking about it X3

Then you look around the office and see flowers and candy and want to just go Discord on em lol.
Quote from: Crescent Sun on 2015 Feb 08, 08:49:44
Luxray, you little evil!  ovO i had to make an answer just to copy and paste this to read it  lol

You mean Hash?  ovO

And I was getting tired of all the post for when OSW was going to be again so... I posted and edited my forum sig...  lol
well if it is a FiM movie vs a EG movie then it better have a epic battle (like Tirek vs Twilight)
When that battle happened, even some anti-brony's started watching O:

I want to see Discord too, could be funny if they had a plot twist of the mane 6 getting trapped or something and its up to the CMC to save the say... With the master of chaos as the babysitter lol

But yeah if its just to tie together EG and FiM then eh... its just another FUBAR.
It's very simple...

[glow=red,2,300]LOE WILL NEVER GO OSW AGAIN!!!!!!! AHHAHHAHAHAH![/glow]  O:

Until the LoE team tell us when they will be open again  ^-^
Quote from: Stuff on 2015 Jan 27, 18:37:39
... and by the way, is Fluffle Puff still going to be a thing later?

There can be only one Fluffle Puff, but the test of it ended up finding a exploit and every pony who ended up getting a costume of Fluffle Puff ended up spamming it and the real Fluffle Puff rage quit  lol (so to answer your question yes, but prob only the real Fluffle Puff will get it)

Also I kinda had a idea about the 3 classes of pony to balance it out so no character could get OP more then another.

Just do this

Mind you the stat system could be tweaked as getting a cutie mark could be your bonus... But a age system vs getting your cutie mark (or a level system) would be much better, also you could wait on getting a cutie mark or maybe unlocking all of them and choose the one that fits your special talent best  0:)

But I think the 3 main class should be this:

Pegasus = Flying (Evade Bonus) (Mid Def/Low Magic Def)
Unicorn = Magic (Energy bonus) (Low Def/High Magic Def)
Earth = Physical Strength (Str and Def bonus) (Low Evade/Mag Def)

But if anything LoE needs 2 Defense: Magic and Physical instead of just one (from the looks of it anyway).
I could not see any real balance without it as you have Magic attack and Physical attacks the same attack just as a stat number of how much HP damage it deals.

With both Magic Attack and Physical Attack separated with a Magic Defense and Physical Defense it will give LoE more of a MMORPG and less of a simple attack/Defense system.

Also Magic Defense could also be a elemental defense as well... I mean if you think about it... Unicorn's should have a better elemental defense if you understand how to defend vs it. Pegasus and Earth Pony's would not have this but have a general Defense vs the Physical attack. (Unless a item could help or something... need more MMORPG info)

Okay I am rambling on and on but think about this... If any pony was to win vs a Dragon or Hydra or maybe a Manticore , I would place my bets on all 3 together to have a chance... (Unicorn spam Magic Attacks and Heal, Pegasus would have quick attacks and evade (fly off and back in) and Earth Pony would draw the attack and take on damage.

Friendship is Magic (maybe if they really are friends you get a bonus too like overall time playing together in the same area and leveling up together could add stat bonus if your together? Yes I know, the ideas are endless and the programmers are limited)
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Valentine's day
2015 Feb 07, 21:22:05
Seeing as it falls on a Saturday and I happen to be off on Saturdays... Cooking a cowboy thick bone in rib-eye steak and eating with my wife  ^-^

Also we cook a desert for one another, this year I am cooking up some cheesecake... Not sure what kind though... I am thinking about a chocolate swirl cheesecake  ;)
well when they fix all the new bugs and tighten up security to the server, prevent the DDos attacks, and have time to monitor for another weekend...

Then yes, they will have another one. Who knows? Only the LoE team knows.

I think the best cutie mark would be if all 3 (or if 3 other from Manehattan then all 6) would intertwine with one another.

Like each cutie mark would have something to do with one another, at least then the CMC 3 (or 6) would then have a permanent placement in finding or helping others to find there special power/skill/hobby.

The Mane 6 are for Friendship, so why not the CMC 6 be for cutie marks? Heck for the sake of (yes going there) Twilight Sparkle going all Alicorn (glad they did this for the Tirek battle) Then the CMC maybe could be the ones to help all Pony's unlock there magic or maybe (also going there for the shock factor)...
A pony could have more then one cutie mark, or maybe change there cutie mark for a talent or skill that is more special?  O:

The possibilities are endless  ^-^
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 31, 06:01:50
and yes it does get your "gears turning" ^-^

Sometimes the hamster falls off the wheel, or runs too fast and then smoke billows out but its okay, I have insurance  lol

Having a hard time finding any comics thus far, but I did find a website that sells digital copies, little expensive right now, will have to wait till they go on sale or something (real copies are ranging too much from first run to re-prints but eh, not that into it yet.

Oh well Season 5 will be out soon anyway, hope it ties together some loose ends, not all, need season 6 right?  ovO
Quote from: the fifa brony on 2015 Jan 30, 11:42:06
well have some hope, the download links are back, so lets hope its coming back :3

The team was off for the week, so prob overlooked is all, that or a surprise? (just hoping but trust me, don't give ya hopes up yet, the servers will be back when the team posts about it)
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 30, 11:46:22
it seems good to "you" but its seems unplanned least to "me" and i would totally watch "The Magic of Chaos" lol

I can't help it, Discord is my number 1 favorite character... Maybe it's because I'm a huge sci-fi fan of Star Trek, maybe because Q is the longest running chaos master of the universe... Maybe it's because Discord is Q in pony land?  lol

Naw it's because I'm a huge fan of John de Lancie  :3
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 30, 04:28:37
To be honest i haven't read the comics yet but i have already heard that Sunset Shimmer's backstory is pretty much explained in them and i see Celestia as someone who doesn't like talking about her past inless its with somepony close or theres a real reason to mention it so until Equestira girls happened Celestia had no reason to mention her so probably kept it to herself besides hardly anyone mentions there mistakes just like raising a child others hate to admit raising them the wrong way and i could bet thats exactly what Celestia thought about the Incident

i'm gonna mention something you said "Celestia has been around for thousands of years" there for she has a HUGE backstory that should be explained yet isn't in the show itself as far as i know (not to be mean to her cause i also like Celestia) she is kinda the Princess Bubblegum of Mlp as well given her life length and the little info on her we have...we know shes reasonable and very knowledgeable but thats about it but is the reason they don't explain her backstory is because all that matters and needs explaining is how she takes care of the kingdom? and if thats the case Sunset Shimmer's backstory does not "Need" more explaining but sure would be Pleasant

Well I kinda got a idea and see it now (talking about it gets your gears turning in thought)

If they did go over this info before in short it would have been easier to understand... But then there would be less "shock and awe" and more "oh that's cool, I guess?" Or maybe "I saw that coming"

I think I will have to check out the comics to get some back stories and more info to tie up loose ends ^-^

Love these discussions, slowly understanding the whole Equestria Girls, even though I still don't really like how there doing the storyline... But eh, gonna have to just accept it... ovO
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 30, 04:36:42
and about them crossing over here is a little line "Yeah Lets All Cross Over To Other Dimensions And Cause Wide Spread Havoc :3" (if they do they have the right to take there time and make sure there prepared aside from that the other thing i mentioned explains it all too)

But then that would actually develop a good plot line. Plus I am kinda scared how they are going to tie the two together... It better be good  :/

Besides, I don't know about you but replace "Havoc" with "Discord" and you get this, Season 5, "The Magic of Chaos"  lol
Quote from: Night Pony on 2015 Jan 29, 14:24:29
You do know there's a perminant stable portal between the two world now, yes?

But any talk about a permanent portal (or anything for that matter) in FiM series is void. As if it does not exist in FiM  O:

Plus why have the 5 from the human world crossed over to Equestria or anyone from Equestria (other then Twilight Sparkle) cross into the human world?

Seems the whole paradox is void of a good plot  lol