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Question: Help find a way to help them download the game
Option 1: try again to see if it works votes: 0
Option 2: find out why its having trouble votes: 1
Option 3: not sure how to fix that votes: 0
Option 4: i don't wanna help votes: 0
Option 5: no i won't help so use this website and mind your own biussness votes: 0
Title: send art,chat roleplaying and pictures of mlp always
Post by: perrykt1 on 2017 Nov 15, 16:35:41
hey every pony did you know that once i been so serious that i was pinkamena?!?!?  :)
well i did and if you can tell me how to find a way to download the game to play cause i can't download it some pony help me find a way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ovO
EHM!  >:O
send art,chat roleplaying and pictures of mlp cause if you don't you will be in trouble so ALWAYS post mlp things and do you have to sign in to play legends of equestria if you do help me download it cause im having trouble downloading it ok help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :'(