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Started by ChrisSun, 2021 Jun 10, 03:28:44

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How do I fix the size problem?

I don't know if is related to this topic: or

I wanted to adjust the size of the screen to reduce the amount of lagging, but accidentally select the smallest one and confirm it too quick. Now the game screen is small and I can't change it back as everything is cramped.  :c

Now I know that the problem has already been resolved previously in a simple way, but even with the location, I couldn't find VideoSettings.json (yes, I even check every folder that comes in the archived file), I don't know if is either because;

1.the problem resolve is for the old version
2.the type of OS I'm using (If it is, is Windows 10* 64-bit)

I don't need the answers now and if the problem can't be resolved, then is okay. In a meantime, I'm playing the game like normal but in a cramped, small screen.

I'm also taking notes and screenshots about the experiences of small-screen-problem on what can still show/see, another way using shortcut keys(like going to the password slot in the main menu) and what action/interaction that can end up getting you stuck, so bad that you have no choice but to close the game and come back.

Before posting this topic, I send an email linked from

Unfortunately, this was the result.


Just to make sure, did you use the path of: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria?
Those files should be in your computer somewhere in order for the game to run.

If you're still having trouble finding it, one last resort is to try and index your pc. Try this and see if it works:
LoE not working as it should? Submit bugs here:
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IT WORKED!!! Took almost an hour for my pc to find it, but it worked.
Thank you so very much. ^-^

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