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Introductions / Re: The screen is too big
2020 Jul 22, 21:13:28
C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria

You'll find a file called "VideoSettings"
Open it up in notepad. Under "Resolution", change the height and width to a more appropriate size. Save you changes and restart the game
Quote from: Neon McClure on 2020 Jul 18, 17:32:11Ok, i been playing LoE for quite sometime and for some reason it takes 4.0 seconds for everything in my combat hot bar to recharge. it has never done this before, can you plz fix it. I cant stand waiting that long for a recharge rate when im grinding in the evershade forest. I need it cut short so i can attack faster not wait 4.0 seconds to wait till i can use it again. please please help me.
Try to take resuscitation off of your hotbar and switch into a new room in the game and try it, that usually works.
The Canadia update.
The pony players models were changed to moosen.
There are a number of reasons why you are not seeing as many players as you may have a few years ago, but you can still find a decent amount of people today if you know where and when to look. The most active times you would see players (in U.S. time) would be around the morning when most Europeans would be active, and in the afternoon, where you would see the most amount of people (mixture of Euros and Americans). You're most likely to find players either hanging out near Sugarcane Corner, or fighting mobs in the Evershade. Looking out for events and updates is also important, you're guaranteed to find a large amount of players whenever they have a reason to get together.
Quote from: XxD4rk0rbxX on 2020 Jun 22, 19:28:30My version is updated but the game says ¨you need to update the game¨ but it is the most updated version, helpe meee
When you load the game, does it say "Build v 2020.03.02" on the bottom right corner? If not you don't have the most current version

that score has been positive for far too long
Most of the other options (antialiasing, vsync, anisotropic filtering) are other quality settings that improve the graphics of the game, such as smoothing out textures, rendering a more clear picture, etc. If you're looking to prioritize frames over quality, I'd recommend turning these values off.
If you go to Settings -> Video -> you can change things like your resolution and texture quality to whatever is more suited for your PC.
Quote from: Explorer Blaze on 2020 Apr 08, 21:03:16Hello, I'm new to this game and need a little help. The game wants me to use teleport but my hotbar is completely empty. It's been that when when I first made the character. Thanks for any help!
If you need to equip an action and don't know where to find it, you can search in your journal under the "other" section of the Talent page, or by pressing "k" on your keyboard.
Off-Topic / Re: *confusion*
2020 Mar 17, 23:21:54
For your safety, don't click on any of the links that the bots provide. Simply report the post to moderation so we can get it removed.
Quote from: supergamer_115 on 2020 Jan 15, 17:39:36so i downloaded the newest version today but it says build: 2018 v 10.01. how do i fix this?
Are you sure you downloaded it here?
Code Select
/stuck command will reset your position.
Quote from: nastya_sochi on 2019 Oct 15, 10:30:20Hi!
 I have the same problem. Game begin starting, black screen and game crashes with no errors.
Try 2 different PC - same behavior.
I use Launcher on Win10 x64.
Reinstalling doesn't help.

Please help.
That might be your problem.  The launcher does not currently work.  The only working method is to use the direct download for now.
Was it downloaded as a launcher, or direct download?
Quote from: FireShadow on 2019 Oct 11, 05:55:25my friend and i can't even log in to the game the launcher works and is updated but the game won't launch.
That's because the launcher does not currently work. The only useable method is to use the Direct Download for now.
I'm not entirely sure about your map problem, as it should be permanently located in the upper-left corner of your screen.

For your resolution, you'll need to open windows explorer (or you operating system's equivalent) and follow your files down this path:
C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria

You'll find a file called "VideoSettings"
Open it up in notepad. Under "Resolution", change the height and width to a more appropriate size. Save you changes and restart the game.