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Wow, I just saw this post and now I want the time to pass quickly!
oh my,looking great! can't wait for the upcoming open-server-event.  X3
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Jan 24, 13:32:11
please its likely mostly all of us have that looking at a wonderful city problem too :]

Sup,I guess u're right.  :D
Quote from: supermarioraymond1 on 2015 Jan 24, 13:23:42
I'm had the exact problem for 2 hours now I tried pushing random buttons and my hud finally appeared but nothing else. I used the command /cc true but all I can do is look around the place with the sky box looking like that screen. I still don't have a character in the game spawned.

Same problem here,duh.For more then 2 hours now. :s
I am soo exited!I hope the servers will be open again,cause it has been more than 2 months.Thankiies  <3
This is so awesome!I really enjoy listening to this.Thankies. <3  ^-^
Hmm..Well,that sounds pretty good with the open server weekend.
I am afraid that we have to wait for the game  a bit more,cause it is not "done" yet.. :]  I wished that the game would be avalaible for ever.. :3